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  1. It's why I went for them over the E&Ls! They are unfortunately a little scarce these days.
  2. Gas shotguns with mag adapters? 😄 I think they weren't allowed at the Mall.
  3. Boat squad unite! The new G&G F2000 with hunter scope (Post piston replacement after 50 shots :/) With the Cyma/JG F2000 tactical.
  4. Brand new G&G F2000 with ETU just arrived. Within 50 cycles the piston sh*t the bed! My luck! 


    The Cylinder head pad was loose inside the cylinder. Reckon that's what happened! 

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    2. Steveocee


      Send that bad boy back! (Then buy my Perun ETU++ as it's unskirmished and coming out this evening)

    3. Asomodai


      All fixed now! Definitely the Cylinder head pad caused the piston to destroy some teeth. Replaced it with a CYMA White piston and superglued the pad in. All good now! 280 FPS on .28's. Gears need reshimming but will wait until I get a new motor, ZCI Piston, cylinder head and cylinder (Seriously G&G uses a 3/4 Cylinder in a 430 mm barrel??) 


      Needs AOE corrected, but it will probably survive a skirmish! 


      @Steveocee, is that just the Perun mosfet section that can be used on the G&G ETU? I missed a brand new one for 40 quid the other day. 

    4. Steveocee



      Yeah that's the one, 2 spades and total removal of the monstrosity G&G issued you with.

      Have PM'd you 👍

  5. *Breathes in* From Fire Support: 4x ASG UltraAir gas 1x WE 3.0 Red gas 2x 3 Laylax Marui Gas inlet valves From Ebay: 1x 3W Cree LED star board for MK23 LAM Unit From Skirmshop NL: 1x STTI MK23 Feeding lip in case I screw up the HFC lip mods. 2x Overige TM MK23 LAM unit upgrade lens 1x Rapax Modular 2+J SRS Spring 1x Silverback SRS 60 Degree rubber 1x DTD MK23 Retention Holster 1x Hadron Designs H-Arm for Mk23 1x Hadron Designs Twin Screw plate TDC 1x Maple Leaf Autobot 50 degree 1x Amomax Bel
  6. I am counting for just myself though I will probably getting a lift with Albiscuit and I am not sure how many he is bringing. I am available Feb: Sat the 6th and Sat 27th I am available all of the Saturdays in March.
  7. Grey Shop can get very expensive. But snagged these on the Black Friday sale. Mordor Tech Gorka-1 "Afghan" Repro. Gorka 1 can be used in almost any conflict from the Cold War onwards. SSO/SPOSN AK Smersh 2x SSO/SPOSN SVD Smersh pouches to swap out the AK ones as needed.
  8. Personally I wouldn't pay anymore then 250 myself.
  9. 2x HFC MK23 Mags 1x Hadron TDC Single screw mod 1X Hadron H-Key 1x Nineball 135mm MK23 6.03mm barrel 3x Jefftron Basic Mosfets 1X Chub nub v2 for SRS.
  10. Catalogue (airsoft-entrepot.fr) This one stings. Ares Soc-AR for around 260 quid! Thats a lot of rifle for the money! The TM MTR with gold and GHK Aug is a fair price too!
  11. Tokyo Marui MK23. Yes I am gonna join the other snipers.
  12. Defcon have a decent sale with some TM Pistols cheap. I picked up a TM Mk23 for just 104 shipped. Black Friday Deals » DEFCON AIRSOFT
  13. Bunker 501 has some great deals going on, but these two are fantastic. 119 Euros for an Arp9 in multiple colours. G&G ARP9 Ranger Series, buy them now at Bunker501 for discount prices 122 Euros for a PCC9 if you arent keen on an Arp9! https://bunker501.nl/product/gg-pcc9/ Edit: PCC9 is out of stock. They had 40 odd of them before! They also have G&G F2000 Hunters with ETUs for £266 with shipping. Cheaper without the Hunters
  14. Personally I don't think it will sell at that price.
  15. I'll hopefully be rocking my new F2000 ETU, so you best do similar!
  16. The PPN-3 that @Sniper780 is selling is significantly less desirable then the Russian one linked here. The Polish ones are worth quite a bit less from what I understand. How much? Not a clue!
  17. Echoing Albiscuit, Saturday is my preference but will also take a day off work if need be. Any month should be fine given enough notice.
  18. In truth I only realised these existed the other day. I kinda wish they were GBBP!
  19. I am not fully sold on the looks, but I knew it was pretty rare and for £99 quid brand new I couldn't say no! It's incredible front heavy and quite quiet due to the weight/mass of the body.
  20. I am all AKed out. I think I'd like something where the weight goes in the stock. I here the Gen2 Bolts are much better then the Gen1s but the Lonex Baws are just better in general along with the LCT LCK series.
  21. Hello gents. I haven't got anything that recoils. Not interested in GBBR as I trigger spam. I am looking at pure recoil as the major positive factor here. Lonex BAW vs TM NGRS. Tm is a TM, but I actually hear relatively good things about the Lonex Recoil system and I have a bead on some relatively cheap ones. Lonex internals are objectively very good as well. Can anyone comment on the Lonex BAW system? I was thinking of going for a shorter widebore barrel so I can up the spring inside which will boost the
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