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  1. I totally agree with your opinion on the VCRA in regards to air guns. It's absurd. Just to add to that absurdity; I have permission to shoot on a farm, and because of that I am eligible for a firearms license. I could, in theory, obtain a Firearms Certificate, and then buy an air rifle of any power capability, or an actual rimfire rifle. But then I would STILL need to wait to be able to buy my Airsoft guns. Absolutely crazy. Mucking about with my air guns has really filled time during lockdown. Can't wait to get out onto an Airsoft field with a crappy rental 😁
  2. Nah, Druid, I'm realistic in my expectations. I just want to add at least a little water wicking to the items, not expecting full proofing.
  3. Righty ho. Ordering some of this concoction. I shall report back. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B001R18DBO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_lOYKFb496BQ6X
  4. Blimey, that all took a turn 🤣 Thanks for the replies, you pricks. Time to do it before game day is limited, so I'll go with nikwax for now then try Roger's recipe. I've got a big waterproof poncho that packs down real small, in case game day is really wet. Cheers all!
  5. Some Airsoft YouTubers do manage to make the videos entertaining. If their editing and voiceover is good. Unfortunately they're rare and also tend to be questionable on their honesty.
  6. Hey folks, I want to do some waterproofing on a couple of items. Namely a boonie hat and a pair of Viper trousers. Has anyone found a good brand for cottons? I've been recommended Grangers and Nikwak by horsey types but I thought I'd consult the AFUK gurus before buying anything. Any recommendations, tips etc? Thanks in advance.
  7. He's actually educated himself somewhat on Airsoft, and in another video is pretty spot on about it. This kind of presentation is guaranteed to get me to turn off your video. 🤮
  8. I know what you mean. There's a disturbing amount of camo and molle in my wardrobe. No idea how it got there 😏
  9. I imagine this level of dickhead isn't too fussed about who he's selling to either.
  10. Hey man, at least you're not Australian!
  11. Well, that's my bonfire pissed on. 😆
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