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  2. It's so nice that everyone is honest about it in this thread. I chuckle so much when people get all fussy about their scopes.
  3. This is good advice, and the lads at Bespoke are well nice.
  4. Yes mate, whipped my phone out while you had your back turned when we were on defense.
  5. I mostly stay away from the M4 platform too. Just a personal preference. I have, among other things, a Krytac Vector and I love it. Pros: Looks different Fun to shoot Very customisable For the past 3 years it has been VERY reliable Maneuverable in confined situations Cons: Mag sizes. 120 round mags, or smaller, or a drum Mag pouches. Finding pouches for a Vector mag can be a pain. I've gone kydex, from Deadly customs as their kydex SMG holsters take Vector and KQA smg mags (I also have a KWA QRF MOD2) Upgrading: I have never opened mine up, I run it stock, but I hear people hate working on them as they are so different to other RIFs internally (Luke Neg Air won't even touch them) Weight. For a "CQB SMG" it's pretty heavy. Not awkward and cumbersome, but it's not as light as it looks. Overall I really enjoy my vector, and it is a head turner of a gun. Can't speak to the AUG, never used or owned one. Vector in action. Also: Welcome back.
  6. I don't think you can casually drop taking a glaive to they eye into a conversation without explaining the circumstances.
  7. No, none the wiser mate. What is intended to actually do, because from your video all I am seeing really is a glorified stopwatch. Not trying to shit on it, just not understanding what this is.
  8. Red Alert again yesterday, with @Sneaky Great sportsmanship all day, and really excellent hit taking all round. Was chatting to the staff afterwards and I commented on this, and they confirmed there had been one complaint throughout the day, and that was a bout a rental kid who didn't know hand shots counted (Really mate?) And the vein in my head was about ready to pop from running around in the heat.
  9. Looking around and the Golden Eagle gas models are still catching my eye 🤥 Anyone else got any experience with a GE gas shotgun, specifically do they suffer from much leaking issues?
  10. I remember you getting the cam870. It is bloody gorgeous but I don't think I can be arsed with picking up/losing shells.
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