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  1. Not so much about the guns, but I just bought a coffee table with display top. So what goes in?
  2. One of my first RIFs, sold it to a friend for his son, still going strong after years of use and abuse.
  3. You guys know he's probably reading this, right? And, narcissist that he is, loving the attention.
  4. SO SRS! Was a bloody great day, and I finally played instead of marshalling, for the first time since the end of july! Some really great fun, with Santas Vs Elves, an AMAZING lunch of Chicken, mash, sprouts, carrots, yorkies, pigs in blankets, and delicious gravy, followed by mince pies, hot chocolate and mulled wine. Was knackered after lunch, cos I'm an old git, so went back to marshalling and live streaming to the facebook group. The only downside to the day was @Lozart being there Here's both the live streams in one youtube version. Crappy quality, cos I was streaming from my phone in a wood in the middle of nowhere. Some funny business at the begining, or skip to 30:30 for mortar fun.
  5. How do you get a country girls attention? A tractor.
  6. THAT IS LITERALLY THE POINT OF WEARING EYEPRO! Have you not worked out how airsoft works yet? 🤦🏼
  7. Second hand Cyma (metal and wood version) AKMSU, with a butt load of upgrades including a Warhead. Owner offered me a dong foregrip with it, but I like the one on it. Shooting like a dream, he was only selling it as he needs the money 🙁 I'll probably field it this Sunday for the annual Santasoft game.
  8. Damn, CF just outed himself as having a lil rif! Meanwhile...
  9. Not been airsofting in weeks, life has been very lifey. Hoping to get back to being shown up by rentals this weekend, all being well 🤞🏻
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