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  1. My AW338 gas bolt took nine days from HK--I thought that was fairly good.. Hey, just a thought --we should start a AW338 users group/page.
  2. Since I can't find the gas version of either the Ares or ASG AW338 at a US dealer, I am looking at the spring versions of both the Ares AW338, ASG Proline AW.338 . As a far as I can tell the ASG IS the Ares with "trades" and cheaper. Is there any advantage to paying a bit more and getting the Ares over the ASG. I know they are both "wall hangers." and I plan on using it as a back yard plinker. Thanks for any input. (Hopefully this is the right forum, if not, mods please move.)
  3. Ed; Well, that is disappointing. 'Sorry to hear you had to give up on the rifle, but thanks for your response. Cheers.
  4. Necro-post I know but, I was wondering if Airsoft-Ed (or anyone else) had any long term observations on this rifle. I am looking at the ASG version and I am trying to decide if it is worthwhile. Thanks for any assistance.
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