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  1. Chopper92

    PTS Ergo Magwell Grip

    Time Left: 5 days and 7 hours

    • For sale
    • New

    Hi all , Here i have rubberised PTS Ergo magwell grip, came on a rifle i bought but didnt like how it looked and have never used it since therefore you lucky sods have the opportunity to buy it !! Any questions feel free Cheers

    5.00 GBP

  2. Chopper92

    B&T GL06 Launcher

    Time Left: 5 days and 7 hours

    • Wanted
    • Used or new

    WANTED B&T GL06 Launcher platform, plenty of places have them new but wanted to see if i can pick one that is no longer wanted and save myself a little cash ! Yes i know i sound like a cheap skate haha Cheers

    100.00 GBP

  3. Chopper92


    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
    • New

    For Sale i have my barely used Thompson , i believe its King Arms but unfortunately it doesnt have any identifying marks. I bought this about 2 years ago on a whim and have used 2 times max, far too nicer gun to just have sitting doing nothing , shoots like a lazer at 330FPS (ish) and ive never had any problems, fully cleaned and serviced comes with full thompson trades as you would expect. Faux Wood, Thompson Trades 1x high cap stick mag Tamiya wired to the stock.

    100.00 GBP

  4. Chopper92

    Dboys RIS mounted M203

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
    • New

    For sale Dboys M203 for your standard 40mm grenades This has had moscarts, tags etc through it and works perfectly fine just getting a different grenade platform therefore no longer needed comes as seen

    35.00 GBP

  5. Chopper92

    RIS Offset torch mount

    Time Left: 17 hours and 21 minutes

    • For sale
    • New

    Something that i dont used therefore need rid off , Great little item of offsetting the torch and getting it out of the way of the optic etc, great for keymod and lvoa platforms. Thanks

    5.00 GBP

  6. Chopper92

    Railed 4x ACOG Clone

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
    • New

    Got this clone acog in part of swap deal ages ago , never used and magnification and lens are perfectly fine. has side and top rails if you want to attach laser etc.

    10.00 GBP

  7. Chopper92

    Madbull Gemtech G5 Flash Hider

    Time Left: 17 hours and 16 minutes

    • For sale
    • Used

    For sale Gemtech G5 flash hider with is compatible with the gemtech QD suppressors. This particular Flash Hider is CW threaded. Bargain £10 Sold as seen Thanks

    10.00 GBP

  8. Time Left: 17 hours and 14 minutes

    • For sale
    • New

    Wisport Cordura Sparrow 20l day sack for available, bought a while back brand new for £80 but have barely used it. In great condition and as you can see is in the very unique pencot badlands camo. Thanks

    40.00 GBP

  9. After roughly a year, without a visit (not intentional) ive decided to come log back on!

  10. TAG rounds...worth the investment ?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Albiscuit


      They do however look like fun :)

    3. Sacarathe


      Until one explodes in some poor fools mouth.

    4. CaptainDumbass


      Worth the investment 100%, buy the new PRO shells if youre using a 3rd party launcher (like an EGLM, M203, or Madbull launcher for example), and buy alot of dummy projectiles before you star messing with any pyro rounds... i cannot stress it enough, you will need to practise your accuracy and placement of shots until your placements are dead on. No-one wants to be that guy that gets tag rounds banned from all sites because they shot a pyro round or smoke round at someone and caused burn (or worse) injuries!

  11. Chopper92

    Daves custom airsoft

    Ordered from Daves before and everytime they have been brlliant , prompt postage and reasonable prices , whether you are buying a unique scope to give your rifle that operator look or to some smaller unique attachments at parts it always the best quality \!
  12. www.componentshop.co.uk chaepest i come across tbh

  13. Ideal 7.4v lipos for a PEQ box ? ideally wired to deans, any suggestions?

  14. Anyone wanting rid of TM recoil mags ?

  15. wanting a recoil, suggestions people???

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Chopper92


      yeah sorry was talking about AEG recoil, dont want the hassle that seems to come with a GBBR. Had a go with a friends TM 416d and was really impressed , certainly adds a bit more fun to a traditional AEG. I think the secondhand market may be more sensible than buying new

    3. Georgeturner2001


      Lots of second hand TMNGRS on weaponcrates! 


    4. Chopper92


      is that live for IOS yet ?