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  1. Ok, who's gonna send their MTW's out? They are training weapons after all.. 🤔
  2. Shoutout to those absoloute lads who unironically use spring shotguns as their main gun, you guys are awesome. 😁

    1. Rogerborg


      What if they're being secretly ironic, and you're not in on the joke?


      Agreed though, keeping it pure.  There was a lad choosing to use a springer pistol at Biohazard CQB a few weeks back, peak performance.

    2. zwez


      Secretly ironic and not in on the joke? Entirely possible, Entiiiirely possible.

      And honestly at Ironsight from what i saw last it's all just on the norm.. None of this rare, exotic breed of player unfortunately. ☹️

  3. I'll give a couple things depending on budget here as a straight answer: If you are considering just HPA and not wanting any form of AEG in your mits, go with a Tippmann HPA M4. Or you are ready to slap the cash down for a top of the line BB Hose, then try looking at the Wolverine MTW's out there. But if something in the middlegrounds is what you are after, i'd say check out something in the Polarstar range, the engines are more like mods / upgrades than entire guns, but they are worth it honestly, especially the fusion as it replaces an entire AEG gearbox; so you can keep your guns original gearbox and swap them out for games as you please. oh also wolverine do engines alone like polarstar do
  4. Forgot to say the bag and tracer adapter arrived, now my Bifrost fits snugly on the end of my rif and has a place to live that isn't a clunky box.


    Think im gonna go with a skeletonised pistol grip as my next upgrade.. One of those shiny colored metal ones; blue to fit the blue SSG barrel i have.. 🙂

  5. Damn this is actually awesome. I love it. ...Hey, I should make my own.. Just mayyybe not a mask from etsy, but if one of those ones does get selected definitely a pair of wiley X underneath or something. ....ITS SO COOL BRO
  6. Ah, well, this is airsoft, so you'll be able to upgrade / mod / change it somehow.. ..After you recover from the ~~£450 financial blow 😅
  7. I feel honoured knowing i contributed to a dude on a forum vomiting his money into a hpa gun now.
  8. I've seen the Tippmann HPA M4 floating around my local field, but never tried it. It isn't one of those "BB hose" type things but the RoF seems ok. Other than that I personally would say go have a look at High Pressure Airsoft? They fit engines and you can buy a Line / Tank / Regulator all together I believe. Or just buy an engine yourself and get the job done DIY-Dad style. Dunno.. Personally never tried any of the scorpion-type guns ever, the M4 has everything you could need in the aftermarket so I never saw the point in changing things up.
  9. Yessss, buy more.. shovel more money into the industrial fire of polymer m4 bodies and cruddy 6-point stocks.. 😈 In all seriousness, people say that you can just adapt / mod one m4 to suit whatever you need, but sometimes just having multiple is good. Different brands can have different.. Well, everything.. From practical gameplay to just the stereotypes / styles based on or around them. So no, in my opinion they aren't redundant by any means. Heck, maybe even just keep them in your room on a gun wall as a flex or sorts.. Or just for storage. The.. uh.. airsoft market (?) is your oyster? sorry, i tried the pun and failed.
  10. I just ordered a new padded carrying bag for my SSG, it'll come in about 3 days. Was sick of carrying it in it's cumbersome, flimsy G&G Shartbox.
    Also ordered a 3d printed """carbon fiber""" (Yeah right 🤣) G&G SSG Tracer adapter from Ebay, for ten quid. will arrive sometime after the bag, and either in pieces or just not at all im guessing.


    1. Druid799


      Me personally I’d have gone for a hard case not a soft bag for a sniper just to avoid the possibility of knocking it out of true when in transit .

    2. zwez


      Oh mate, forgot to mention, its the SSG-1, not an SSG24 or a Scout-type thing 😅

  11. Hey, so i've got what i could probably consider half an answer for you.. So i'm a huge tracer nerd, of course i will have come across these sooner or later Gut feeling ways that you're talking about the Acetech Lighter BT? if so, then let me elaborate i've had a few issues with it, yes, but overall it seems to pump out reliable numbers. The "BT" part means bluetooth, as its not big enough to fit a screen on the BT. its not practical either 😂 if you weren't talking about this tracer in particular i believe some of what i say can still be applied to other brands / units for reccomendations, i do reccomend Acetech. the BT and the Itracer are both products that act as chronographs. Decent overall build, rather robust, but the Itracer does include this big ol' peq box looking thing which sits on your rails. hope that clears a tad of it up brother
  12. For a russian millitary surplus I reccomend Grey shop, but their stock is rather expensive, but from what i've seen / used of it, its really high quality stuff. They don't do guns but they do clothing, vests / carriers, helmets / masks and probably way more that I can't name.
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