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  1. @Rogerborg You're missing the fact that in the woods you’re going through grass and bushes, and these will be mostly up to your knee, so the purpose of gaiters is to repel the water from these below your ankle line, away from the fabric and boots, at worst prolonging, at best preventing your lower trousers, shoes, and socks from getting damp/wet. It’s not about being able to step into a bog or a big puddle; it’s to prevent "the death by a thousand water drops."
  2. My little nipper wants to play with my pistols, and while I taught him basics of safety it takes time to ingrain this in his mind. Kids have great imagination, but little understanding of consequences of their actions. Right now, he can play with his nerf guns and we shoot the shit out of each other, but I always try to make sure he understands the rules of the game. I think it may be good to demonstrate to them the “power” these Airsoft GBBs have compared to a nerf. This may (or may not) put a little respect in them towards firearms, imitation or not. I always treat any gun, Airsoft or otherwise, as it was real, loaded and ready to go. You should see the face of my mate when I’ve cleared the weapon three times before handing it over to him. “It’s just a toy!” Famous last words…
  3. I asked Luke about some advice on maintaining the PDR, this is what he replied with: Sounds a ton more involving than I thought, but then he definitely knows his shit. That said, if the gun only needs a new piston… why a full rebuild?
  4. I have initially thought that it’s misfeeding because of the hop unit, but after testing this thoroughly that turned out to be a false assumption. After testing some more, I noticed that the air nozzle randomly stays retracted after cycling, which kind indicated a stripped piston (apparently, very common after several thousand rounds on this thing). I was going to give it to Luke, but he told me to pack it into a display case somewhere, yet apart from that little issue it’s firing perfectly at 340 fps, so I can’t just give up, right?
  5. @RostokMcSpoons Don't forget to get good gaiters. They’ll save you despite having waterproof boots. Whenever it’s supposed to be proper damp or raining, I never leave without my gaiters. You can get a good pair for less that £20 these days. Best advice you may hear a lot: keep your feet dry at all times. You may be soaked to the bone, but as long as your feet are dry you’ll be more or less fine. Pay attention to how the straps are attached and what they’re made of. My mate made a mistake and bought a pair of “reinforced” ones, and it turned out that the strap that go underneath your boot were made of steel wire, while the seams holding them in place gave way after two trips. Now, the other question is, how the heck we’re supposed to protect our shitty AEG from wet weather?
  6. So, in the wake of Luke from Negative Airsoft dissing PTS PDR-C and vowing never to touch one again, I need to perform a piston swap on my vanilla PDR-C. However the last time I touched a gearbox was a long time ago (5-6 years), and I’d love to learn a bit more about precautions of disassembling this particular one before I actually do it. What should I watch out for? What type of piston should I look for? Any specific models I should consider? Are there any parts you’d recommend I should upgrade while I’m there? Any videos I should check out before performing an open heart surgery? (apart from NA ones, I watched all of his PDR ones) Any other suggestions, warnings, I’d appreciate, because quite frankly, all I want is to bring it back to life and improve its reliability. It has never failed me before and it’s just wear and tear I presume.
  7. Hey, @leadly, fancy a mention in the “featured creators” section of the next PlayAirsoft newsletter issue? If so, gimme a shout. I’ll be happy to sort you out, since no one yet has sent me their recommendations. You’ll be first! The newsletter has quite a few subscribers now. Got an instagram? Shoot me a link too. If you guys know of any more indie channels, please let me know! PS: No sponsored clickbait bullshit content a la “n00bz gEt pOUndEd. sEe hIM rAGe!!!zzz”, plz.
  8. Am I the only idiot who actually thought his plate carrier was too light, and so went out and bought 2 × 2.5kg plates to weigh it down for the next skirmish? 😅
  9. @willi_338 You're giving me too much credit mate. I’m just a guy who decided to do something about the way people go about planning their airsoft outings, because it’s utterly broken and nobody seem to give a toss. While I do work on aspects of PlayAirsoft that would next year bring the ability to organise into squads/teams, it’s not gone beyond planning right now, and I’m relatively new to the forum myself, so as much as I’d love to point you in the right direction, I’m as clueless about team play as you are. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to improve this... 😉
  10. Thanks, @Voodoo.! I might do a bit more editing to make it flow a bit better, but I’m glad you enjoyed it. There’s more coming for sure!
  11. I wrote a little about my recent outing to Anzio Camp (with photos) and a little problem I had with my beloved PDR-C: https://playairsoft.uk/blog/the-disaster-that-turned-into-the-most-fun-one-could-have-with-a-pistol I wonder what you guys think about this type of content (“Battle Stories”), would you like to continue reading stuff like this, or is it not your cup of tea? Let me know!
  12. Hey folks! Another update that went out of testing: 5-day weather forecast for each location. Now, you can check whether to pack gaiters or shorts! Enjoy!
  13. If you’re looking for some more info on each site (game types, facilities, prices, weather, location, etc), you can find it here: NSC Airsoft No Limits NTACentre Dirty Dog Airsoft District 23 Adrenalin Airsoft If you happen to find any more that aren’t on PlayAirsoft, feel free to send your suggestions.
  14. I started marking my gear with UV pens two years ago. Each RIF has an inconspicuously placed mark that serves to identify it, in case it gets stolen. Touch wood 🪵 I hope it never happens, but this can help speed up detection and recovery. Nevertheless, it’s a shame people prefer to steal instead of going to work to earn a few good quid, especially when there’s such a huge demand for low-skilled workers (stealing doesn’t require any skill). My mate says the company he works for pays £15/hr for picking and they’re short on staff, so may go up soon. It’s the best time to get to work.
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