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  1. True, a lot of it comes down to availability, which is a topic in and of itself. It actually shines light on our perception of what's available and what's not. G&G I know that SIG55x-series isn't being retailed, and I reckon its because it also hasn't been manufactured anymore. I also own 553, so I can relate to the pains of hunting down mags, especially the low-cap ones (for some reason I like changing mags on my SG553 quite frequently). Some halo guns, like the PDR-C, have come and gone in very limited quantities and PTS Syndicate definitely doesn't make them anym
  2. From mine and my mate's experience with UKARA renewals, it's all up to the club/site you register with. At the one we're registered, you can set up automatic renewal each year as long as you're a member. You still have to get your first three games with them initially, but as long as you've been previously registered, they should renew it for you at their discretion. Also, unless the rules have recently changed UKARA is a valid defence from purchasing RIFs from retailers, not owning or playing with them. If you already own a RIF, you don't technically need UKARA. That s
  3. I'm not an expert on this, and this may be out of date info, so please someone correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't we permitted only to discharge RIFs outdoors within a mile from residential areas? Like I said, I may be wrong and I don't have a citation to hand to confirm this, so if anyone can clarify, please do. I have set up a simple target practice in my garage, using bell targets and for simple pistol shooting drills is perfectly fine, doesn't endanger anyone but me. I'm shooting all three of my pistols (all gassed, two GBB) and sometime rifle when I'm practicing transitions.
  4. I'm looking to provide the community with some reporting tools, but for now everything is static, so if you find anything that is incorrect, feel free to email me at [email protected] I'll be happy to make amends. In fact, I've done so just today, as Anzio Camp's GPS coordinated were a bit off. I'd appreciate if mods would consider sticking this in a relevant place, as it provides people with helpful and accurate information about places to play in the UK.
  5. The map is in the works, and I started scraping some of the data from AirsoftRanch as well, but lots of this data leads to nowhere, so it's a slow process. For example, yesterday it took me about an hour to find all the info I needed for 3 sites from a single organiser. As for the roadmap, I can share a little bit: More filtering options Countrywide map of airsoft sites to browse and pan around Support for location services to show what's near you Grading system to establish "recommended" sites
  6. I'd get a new house and build a proper armoury so I could store all the new shiny toys I'd get after, and a dedicated pickup truck for airsoft days. Another option would be to buy a plot of land and make my shooting range with an obstacle course.
  7. I’ve been working on this project for a few weeks, where I’ve started to gather info on airsoft sites from all over the UK. I have built a database of these and created a website where you can browse and find information about these sites, all in one convenient place. PlayAirsoft UK People who want to have a website for their airsoft locations/clubs are not generally well versed in information architecture and they don’t typically have a budget to spend on professional services to make their websites or even basic information well designed and accessible. I'm hoping to
  8. There's never enough S&W handguns on the market, I'm afraid. That reminds me, I know this is already on the market, but I'd love a proper sturdy replica of FN FiveSeven, because those by TM and CyberGun are just poor substitutes. The slide is so prone to damage in skirmish, it's a wall piece at best.
  9. I honestly never seen one being available, same for XM8. Must be super rare in the UK, just like my Magpul PDR-C. As for FAMAS, I think TM discontinued them (F1) a while back and nobody even makes the FAMAS G2 at all. At least I couldn't find one for my best mate, who has the old TM FAMAS F1. Same for SG550-series. If you find one, it must be quite old and not even supported anymore. I could be wrong, but I don't think I am.
  10. I'm keen to see more original pistols, such as: CZ P10c SIG P320 RXP (full-size) HK P30/L HK45 IMI Jericho 941 As for larger weapons, I think we've got enough AR-15 style variants on the market to satisfy even the most peckish of us, right? I long for bringing in stuff like: SIG CROSS Rifle FAMAS B&T APC9 SMG XM8 (hell, yeah!)
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