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  1. Yes, I have read them; in order to enjoy them, one would have to be either strongly supportive of the views contained therein or so stupid that the overt racism and white supremacism was entirely missed. Therefore, the logic holds up.
  2. So, you read two badly written books in which the protagonists revel in killing "niggers" and "yids" and hanging young white women who sleep with black men, and found them enjoyable and engaging, but are not racist. You are either lying or are just terminally thick.
  3. You do not have to hear voices or see things that are not there to be schizophrenic. I accept that you are unwell and believe that you are delusional. I regularly deal with people who have mental illnesses and you are showing clear signs of something that is way beyond ADHD. You really do need some professional help. However, I have one, possibly last, question for you; if you are not racist, why do you list The Turner Diaries and Hunter as two of your three favourite books on blogger.com? These openly racist books were written by William Luther Pierce, founder and chairman of the
  4. http://www.ukclassifieds.co.uk/online_counselling-o1938148.html
  5. Newspaper Article Link Redacted - Moderator Hipocritical Newspaper Article Link Redacted - Moderator Forum Link to potentially NSFW Site Link Redacted - Moderator On his blog, he lists The Turner Diaries, a book written by a racist and highly popular among racists and neo-Nazis, as one of his favourite books.
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