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  1. Utter bollocks! The guy's gun was within limits on the weight he was using; chronoing him on a heavier weight than he was using and them booting him off site is out of order.
  2. Interesting; there is nothing on their website about chronoing with anything other than 0.20g BBs.
  3. If your friend was using 0.25g and was under the limit with them, that should have been enough to meet the site's requirement. Testing on heavier BBs and failing him when they took the power over the limit is ridiculous and unfair. Please do state which site it was so that we can avoid it.
  4. I am not sure if this is common across sites in general but, at the woodland ones where I play, there has been a significant reduction in the number of DMRs. I am not sure why this is but, on talking to a few players who have stopped using a DMR, a common factor seems to be that, given the limited lines of sight at woodland sites, there is little or no advantage to running a DMR against well tuned weapons running 0.30g+ BBs at 1.05J with, for example, a Maple Leaf Macaron rubber and Omega nub with no MED and full auto.
  5. I had a hot and sweaty day at Tower Airsoft in Essex. This was one of the days run by Camo, who always put on a great day of airsoft with solid but relaxed marshalling and games that make good use of the site and its structures. I went on my own today as my second eldest is away having far too much fun in MTP, some of which involved an L129A1 and a GPMG. I am not at all jealous (honest!), but it was quite scary to think that my first shots with a GPMG were 40 years ago; where did the years go? However, the site had its usual quite large number of experienced and sensible players and I had a great day sneaking around the site turning up where I was not expected to be:). Unfortunately, the heat seemed to get to people and both numbers and energy levels dropped off a bit during the afternoon, which was not really surprising. However, the games were still good, just slower. Overall, another very good day at Tower; many thanks to the Airsoft Plantation and Camo guys, the players and the catering staff, who had a good supply of ice lollies.
  6. Guts? All that you have done is to show anyone who reads this thread that you are an arsehole. You really do have a massively over-inflated view of your own capability. Dunn Kruger? You cannot even get that right. Ok, your left hand then;).
  7. I hate being the one to have to tell you this, but your right hand is not a "hot woman".
  8. So, now you are claiming to be a hard man; easy to do on t'interwebs.
  9. You don't quite get how this forum software works, do you?
  10. As I said, the Dunning-Kruger effect is strong in you. Sorry, I ain't that sort of guy; if you are after a "stroke" you might do better on Grindr than here.
  11. Reading comprehension is not your strong point, is it? Anyway, what's up with you? Did your mum refuse to buy you the new RIF you wanted? It cannot be the school holidays already. Nice strawman argument; come back and have a proper discussion when an adult has explained it to you.
  12. Go back and read your own posts bragging about how smart and wonderful you are; pure Dunning-Kruger. You are the perfect case study.
  13. Yep; you are. Like most stupid cunts, you are too thick to realise that you are a stupid cunt.
  14. You are a prime example of the Dunning-Kruger effect in action. Keep it going; you are rather entertaining.
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