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  1. It has a hell of lot to do with Brexit; while UPS may carry some responsibility, most of this is down to entirely predictable issues around border controls and being outside the single market. Entirely predictable to everyone except the UK government, that is.
  2. It seems that TG may have stopped selling to the UK for a while again until UPS/HMRC get themselves sorted out. The bulk of the problem is not due to UPS; it is due to those who prepared the "oven ready" deal not only forgetting to buy an oven but also not knowing what an oven is. Expect things to get a lot worse if the European Parliament does not ratify the deal due to the UK government unilaterally altering the Northern Ireland Protocol.
  3. Also, be aware that your purchase has to have a minimum value of £140.
  4. The guy on the right is clearly overcompensating for something.
  5. Tokyo Marui CM16? Really? G&G make the CM16. For each item, you need to give: Make Model Condition Any upgrades Any issues Come on, make an effort.
  6. That is why we have the Classifieds section of the site:).

  7. The Communist Party is Communist in name only; the Chinese are natural Capitalists and the Party has given up trying to turn them into Communists. If anything, China is almost pure political Fascism.
  8. Indeed it does; I fitted my second one yesterday.
  9. Given that TG's UK prices change as the exchange rate fluctuates, I am not sure that they are skimming anything off. If the item was put in his basket a while ago, there may have been enough fluctuation to account for the difference.
  10. Taking off 23% VAT would have resulted in a price of £107.94; the reduction is approximately 20% of the non-VAT price (£110.59) Exchange rate fluctuations may have had an impact.
  11. Orders above £135 also attract import duty, which can range from 0% to 25% of the item’s value depending on what it is, what material it is made from and its declared value.
  12. Sadly, I agree; a friend who is a rather well-published virologist is not exactly optimistic that we will beat this at all unless we lock the borders, take much stronger action within the UK and get the vaccine distribution sorted out. The recently reported mutations are really worrying virologists and immunologists. As he also pointed out, even if we get on top of it in the UK, it might be many years before it is really under control in other parts of the world.
  13. I hope that his family can take some comfort from knowing that he was a truly remarkable man who inspired an entire nation. Respect is earned and he certainly earned it.
  14. I cannot read your mind, only what you write. A friend of mine was the guitarist in Sigue Sigue Sputnik for a while.
  15. That is one of the most ludicrous statements that I have read in the last hour.
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