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  1. Yeah. Just wish they'd thought to put a railed lower frame on the DOR rather than the legacy 'Capa punch holes in your new gun approach which looks bork when fitted IMO. The more I think about it the more the FNX looks like a better choice as a skirmishable pistol.... Plus I'll not get tempted to impulse buy a £350 gunsmithbros kit for the FNX unlike the HiCapa which tends to have far too much shiny stuff available.
  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand now I'm thinking this rather than a TM HiCapa DOR. Especially given how much I liked my mates FNX, was just put off by 1) "cybergun", 2) blingy silver mags, 3) said mags being apparently manufactured from a combo of hen's teeth, unicorn poop and unobtanium to judge by the price and availability. Also helps that the RMR mount looks a LOT better on the FNX than the DOR's incredibly goofy looking mount. On a related note is there any info on whether the TM FNX mount plays nice with RS RMR's, the M&P 9 performance centre certainly doesn't.
  3. Tanaka did. WE IIRC just literally cloned there's and made it out of metal. Sadly they didn't however think to clone the upgraded version with the adjustable hop.....
  4. hunter511

    THE TM MWS thread

    My intention is to replace the rail with something a bit sleeker anyway to be honest. I'm hoping to get the MTR specific barrel and ris mount assembly off un-brutalised but if necessary I'm willing to move into the realms of "extreme prejudice".
  5. hunter511

    THE TM MWS thread

    There's threadlock..... then there's the barrel nut on that solidly I suspect its been welded. Anyone know how cerakote handles heat? Thinking about getting a blowtorch on it......
  6. hunter511

    THE TM MWS thread

    MTR specific question, how in god's name do you get the barrel nut off? Seriously even with the correct tool Ive had stop before I mangle it..... On a related note what the hell are the wierd not quite Torx screws on the MTR as well?
  7. @Musica So far the only thing I've tried that won't lock in is a punisher style compensated MEU. Due to the design of the holster 5 minutes work with a dremel cutting disc would sort that out....... but since I don't generally use the compensator I haven't bothered.
  8. @emilianoksa I got to the point where I just picked up a Blackhawk Omnivore and a Streamlight TLR1. So far it retains every pistol I've tried with it.
  9. @Rogerborg From what I understand most Soviet war plans involved nuking the UK back to pre-jurassic times in order to prevent the US from using it as a giant jump off/frp/fob. Recently declassified info has IIRC basically shown the Soviets didnt't really picture any scenario in which they wouldn't use at least tactical sized nukes and chemical weapons should the cold war have gone hot.
  10. @Jester_UK Fun fact neither of the 2 patterns you mention are designed to be used in the UK. DPM was designed for stoogeing about in german woodland whilst waiting for the 3rd shock army to come steaming through the Fulda Gap... MTP is pretty much DPM in an arid/multicam colourway suitable for use in the middle east. Ive had very good results using russian SS-Leto in the UK either the summer or winter variants, I have had it described as dissapearoflage before by some. Also... it looks cool and there aren't a lot of people running it. Edit 2. That said airsofters are a bit special at times, I've been known to succeed in being sneaky whilst wearing a very loud hawaiian shirt due to the inability of some players to maintain situational awareness.
  11. hunter511

    THE TM MWS thread

    problem with ACM stuff is how "variable" it can be. I know of people who've run 1000s of rounds with ACM eotechs on gbbr's and recoils with no issues and others who've had them fail on the first trigger pull. The vortex Sparc is more expensive than ACM red dots.... but will survive stuff like this...... https://www.recoilweb.com/vortex-sparc-ii-the-dot-that-would-not-die-67267.html
  12. hunter511

    THE TM MWS thread

    @UKCYukarin IF your budget can stretch to it Vortex do some very good budget sights aimed at the RS market but with an unlimited lifetime warranty that will be honoured for anything short of deliberate abuse. I'm torn between running a RS eotech and a Vortex Sparc AR on the CQB upper I showed off earlier
  13. I see this as good. Stops them from turning up to local sites whinging that games involving multiple objectives and more technical gameplay than 'shoot the other team' are too milsim. See, stereotypes are fun.
  14. @StayOnTarget Probably a bit late, however the Madbull Gemtech .300 blackout can is over 100mm long and 38mm wide. Seen here tucked inside a Spikes 9inch Bar rail
  15. hunter511

    THE TM MWS thread

    Technical question, the screw that holds the hop base into the upper reciever (m2.6 x 6) is it just a normal machine screw thread on it? I ask because frankly Eagle6 can go eat a dick asking £4 for it and I'm not keen on shipping a 75p component from impulse101 in japan.
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