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  1. Hey guys. PDW stocks. Really fancy the Troy style one but G&P seem to have discontinued it. What other options are there that work well. Seen the B.A.D. one that RWA are offering. Tempted by the 5KU but I recall 5KU not being the best on build standards/quality. Ideally I want a semi drop in option that won't stop the bolt locking back etc
  2. Been to 2 AI500 events, Rype Village and the Sandpit. Both of which were marked by a lack of marshaling (including AI staff stopping the UCAP marshals from calling people on poor hit-taking etc). I have a theory that the winner is predetermined before the weekend starts as from the two times Ive attended it would be 'challenging' to actually accidentally run a game as lopsidedly as the AI staff seem to. Either way its pretty obvious that despite the rolling shitshow that the AI500 routinely is people will still pay £90 to attend.
  3. Oh yeah I forgot about that. Prommy gears, stock tm hop and internals. Mainly been used for low round count games
  4. Price check. Going rate on a TM 416d with BTC Spectre. Dytac RAHG rail and original rail. Freshly serviced by combat south doing 345 on .2sl. Would include 4x pts PMAGs
  5. Coming next Licking Mustard being Guiness Certified as the world record holder for "most obnoxious airsoft personality"
  6. @Dentonboy I had this last weekend. Ended up last minute.com ing my kit and running round in the woods with a ngrs that really needs a service (240fps on .25s) and had the time of my life. Was competing with hicap heroes using low fos and midsize and getting some brilliant kills through field craft and thinking rather than eying on kit. Was a lot of fun. (Not as much fun as sneaking up on an oblivious Player whilst using an m60 but y'know)
  7. I figured that however I know it shares a lot of DNA with the cz shadow series.
  8. I've been offered an absolute steal of a deal on a B&T USWA1 with a broken hop part. I'm making the assumption that it's the same as the unit in the shadow etc but can anyone confirm? As an additional before I go down the rabbit hole of new gun, new mags etc are these worth the effort?
  9. @AK47frizzle not to argue but have you seen the range TM tm trishots typically achieve when fed .25s despite them being fixed hop?
  10. One final question if I may. Has anyone tried the firefly hop rubbers with the MWS, I know that soft is normally the option for sub DMR FPS guns but is there a limit on what soft will hop weighhtwise. Or (After all that) is the modify tan a better option?
  11. So omega tensioner, yellow autobot and a 410mm barrel should be good to go then?
  12. Just got back my Costa Carry build from a service with these guys and they are fantastic. Good comms, good service, good price. If you need parts or work done definitely a good place for it.
  13. Evening gentlemen. Been a while. Finally built up a longer second upper. 350-400mm inner barrel. What brand and diameter and why? Eyed up an EdGI stainless... But £130 notes is a bit strong to say the least. An ML crazy jet (£50) seems okay procewise but my previous experience with them suggests they aren't the "bestest barrel evah" that I've seen them claimed to be. Stock TM VSR barrel any good? Honestly all I want is an inner barrel setup that doesnt stop half way up the outer. Ideally allowing a slightly tighter group out to woodland ranges on .28s/.3s or similar
  14. Further down the line.... desired customer base. No point in running a site with planned out complex multi-objective games if 3/4 of your customers just want to play capture the flag and vice versa. I remember a few years back showing up to what was supposed to be a milsimesque skirmish at Longmoor (£50 game fee) to find that the company had had a brainfart and literally expected the clientele to be happy with "flag in the middle of the street needs to get to your base and not the opposing teams" type games. Suffice to say that pretty much everyone thought this was a waste of the sites possibilities and a damn shame given the games the operators in question normally ran. Game flow....... as an example nothing more tedious and game killy than someone sat on a choke point with a chest full of hicaps or a drum mag.
  15. This can happen but in later versions there is a buffer in the lower reciever. I've not experienced it with mine. IIRC it was also linked with whether on not people were using the stock when firing.
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