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  1. Sorry, very much a pet peeve.... along with 'deagle'.
  2. How do you get a "sniper" custom built? A sniper is the result of 18 years of (arguably) growing up, several rather intense and specialist training courses and a greater than normal interest in crawling at approximately 1 metre per hour and looking like a bush.....
  3. hunter511

    THE TM MWS thread

    Uggg Was hoping to avoid the green gas mod. felt like it was more the return stage of the cycle than the initial recoil. meh.
  4. hunter511

    THE TM MWS thread

    Just run my CQB upper today for the first time, on .25s with a gunsmodify hop set up, modify tan rubber and laylax arm (built up from scratch) it's impressive range and accuracy wise beebs were going straight like lasers and point of aim was basically point of impact at CQB ranges. The fps consistancy is a bit here and there (not bedded in yet tbh at this point a total of 12 mags through it) but I'm willing to attribute that to the site chrono as otherwise my 416C has magically lost 50fps since last being checked........ I did however find the bolt cycle "lazy" particularly the return stroke into battery, its a stock MTR lower with a stock bolt, weather was 16degrees c and gas was 144a. is it worth looking at a lightweight bolt carrier for the winter months and if so whats the recommneded option?
  5. @clumpyedge I would suggest that anyone who charges £450 for a review and then says anything negative about the product won't see a great deal of repeat business. Especially given that I can't think of a single airsoft product that I could describe as 100% flawless.
  6. hunter511

    THE TM MWS thread

    Yyyyyyeahhhhh Given with spare upper etc I'm already over a grand into my MTR that's a pass. That said I'm surprised TM haven't dropped a MWS based 416 yet. The gold blinged MTR was I felt a touch weak as a reveal.
  7. hunter511

    THE TM MWS thread

    Wait............ there's 416 kits available? In fact wait...... there's 3rd party bodies for these that are available without having to sell a kidney?
  8. For me...... Well thought out and balanced reviews. No UKAC style "I just bought this £30 pistol from Jbbgnus4less and it is the best sidearm ever" from someone who has been playing for 2 weeks....... Tied into the above........ impartial reviews of kit and sites. If you're saying good things about product/site X back it up, conversely if saying negative things the same applies (incidently slamming a site cos they refuse to worship the ground you walk on despite you being an 'airsoft celeb' really not cool). When reviewing kit/guns say what you're comparing it against and try to do like for like. Obviously a Haley D3CR is ALWAYS going to beat a TMC one on everything apart from price. I for example would love to see an unbiased like for like Bolt Recoil Vs TM Recoil review that goes into more than "teh Bolt is cheaper and betterer bcos all tm fanbois are wrong". Gameplay videos, I could not care less, especially with clickbaity "OMG airsoft cheaterz get pwned" type titles. Loadout videos..... you do you, personally I honestly couldn't care if someones wearing last seasons SEAL kit or this seasons. That said if you ARE going to do a "definitive how to do Loadout Y" make sure your information is correct. I've lost count of the num,ber of times I've seen BHD loadouts in the wrong camo, using helmets from 10 years in the future etc....
  9. Not my image: but here's one such build And in a (slightly melancholic) blast from the past here's Aitch's build.
  10. Platatac on ebay. Just snagged a pair of brand new Tac Dax 3 in RG for £60 including postage, making them the same price as viper etc. Sizes are limited as they look to be overruns on a run for the DEA but £33 buy it now plus postage is ridiculously cheap........
  11. I'm pretty sure people used to use the g36 m4 magwell converters and the use short VN 20rd style mags as battery packs. IIRC there was a team of airsoft/larpers that did Imperial Guard as a loadout.
  12. Incidently if you aren't aware that TM A) supply .25s and B) TM BB's are about the best available you PROBABLY shouldn't be reviewing airsoft kit....... Plus MtM is an absolute thunderc**t. But yeah, I don't get the whole Uber-upgrade before playing mentality.
  13. Oooops sorry 475.....
  14. Or that cheapsoft companies are more than happy to cram a bus suspension spring into the cylinder ensuring silly fps even on the leakiest internals..... which is fine til you get the one they accidently did a good job on putting together. Many moons ago I recieved an A&K SR25K from RSOV. Consistant chrono result of 725fps on a .25..............
  15. See I'm not a huge fan of speedsofters. On a walk on skirmish they are generally a more challenging target granted. Thing is I've NEVER seen milsimmers turn up to an advertised speedsoft game and complain about mags, gear and that everyone should conform to their kit. I have however seen Speedsofters turn up to a pre-booked milsim game with limited ammo, non winding mag, teams based on kit colours etc and seem surprised that a 300 rd limited game wouldn't let them use murder-box modded pistols, their kit didn't conform to either of the teams listed set ups and insist that the organisers should change the rules (they had actually scrolled past to book) because otherwise "he was being elitist"...... Granted I know all speedsofters aren't like this, but honestly in 20+ years of playing airsoft that stands out as a spoecial level of bell-ending.
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