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  1. @LEGXGPF Dropped you a PM dude
  2. Super 6 to respond to my email....
  3. That would be the "when you want a desert eagle look". Honestly tho I cant say I've ever seen that before. 3d printed maybe? Gunsmith Bros two two slideset probably the 7" version. IF you can find one in stock. https://www.redwolfairsoft.com/accessories-metal-receivers-slides-gbb-gunsmith-bros-aluminum-two-two-open-6-inch-for-tokyo-mauri-hi-capa-5-1-gbb-pistol-2-tones.html
  4. Some people just need patting on the head, with a brick. This fairly obviously is one of them.
  5. Hive mind assemble, After finally managing to remove the rail system and barrel from my mtr I'm considering a new, less janky looking front end. I have a BCM type outer barrel, looking at 13" and up handguards. Ive got a built up 9inch BCM set up for cqb, what I need/want is a decent setup for woodland that has decent inner barrel length (unlike the stock set up) and will provide relative consistency and accuracy. Ideally short dotted and capable of .28s. Suggestions for inner barrel accepted. Im hoping to use a stock marui rubber with super six g nub and at the moment I am deeply unimpr
  6. I've always found McNett OpsDrops to be really good
  7. Somehow only just noticed this thread...... Not a fan of the dead man's walk as discussed in here. IMO it's a slippery slope from this to "oh I'll just go use that respawn point behind the enemy lines" (yeah I have seen that). See also the concept of DBAD, the general guide I've always worked to is "does doing this make me a dick?". If so don't do it and therefore Don't Be A Dick.....
  8. As a belated comment on this...... Badlands is a really good little site and I'm very fond of playing there. They are very good at controlling the day and the play. It's one of those little gems. I'm just hoping that the average level of play doesnt get dragged down by the influx of new players. (Don't get me wrong, I really liked CSW but I have witnessed some 'interesting' play there.)
  9. Finally got the chance to run the full length stock MTR upper at UCAP green ops on sunday. On R144 and .25s colour me impressed. Had a really good day and made some very surprising shots considering the stock internal set up. Now to acquire a longer inner barrel and sort out a little more range and consistancy.....
  10. Wow. Just got mine secondhand. Mags seem a bit of a weak point 4 of 6 mags DOA tho the previous owner says he serviced them before posting. That said a little bit of ptfe tape wrapped around the mag base under where the oring sits seems to have short term solved the problem. If it continues I guess I'll be looking at hylomar/liquid gasket..... Anyone got a link to a decent tear down vid in english? Need to get the barrel out as from a lokk through it its possibly never been cleaned. Plus going from the state of the barrel any recommendations on hop rubbers as I suspect that might b
  11. Army Armament R501 available brand new for £80-90. Guys asking for offers and already turned down £65. Aaaand this kids is why we have Macks. A quick google might have told him that £120 wasn't a bargain price.........
  12. In my experience angrygun kit is pretty solid. I've been lucky with my mtr and not had bad stock wobble. That said don't forget there are 2 real specs of ar15 stocktube.... commercial and milspec as well as "eh close enough" airsoft clone specs. https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/angry-gun-mil-spec-cnc-6-position-buffer-tube-marui-mws-version
  13. Angry gun do a milspec buffer tube that doesnt require rethreading your reciever.....
  14. hunter511



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    As above looking for a TM MP7 package. Unadulterated tm internals preferred. Black preferred, tan considered, painted maybe...... 2tone laughed at. Please note I'm after the TM gas blowback, not the AEP and definitely NOT the WE Small Rice thing. CASH WAITING


    portsmouth - GB

  15. hunter511

    MWS Front ends

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    For sale I have 2 drop in MWS front ends. SOLD! 1 original TM CQBR with all bits. Not used by myself but second hand with some scuffs. Inner barrel etc not included. SOLD! 1 madbull and laylax Spikes Tactical Compressor style front end. Long enough to run the stock TM barrel and makes for a different look to the normal effectively an m4sd. £75



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