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    TM P226E2
    TM G19 Gen. 3
    TM Recoil Mk18 Mod 1
    ASG M4
    A&K M249 Para
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    Chest Rig, Bucket Hat
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    Anywhere I can get to without getting up before 6!
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  1. Time Left: 6 days and 12 hours

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    A pair of bipod adaptors for a bipod I no longer own! One attaches to a RIS rail, the other into a plug type fitting on an L96 and has RIS rail at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. £5 + shipping!


    - GB

  2. Time Left: 6 days and 12 hours

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    MAGAZINES NOW SOLD IMI HOLSTER NOW SOLD Up for sale is a pair of Marui P226 magazines, and 2 holsters. Both magazines are gas tight and feed. They are marked on the rear with paint marker and some signs of use. One holster is a leather ‘CQC’ branded item, the other is a plastic ‘IMI’ retention holster with belt and molle attachments. The IMI holster is in very good condition, the leather one is more worn. Holsters are £10 each Magazines are £15 each SOLD The whole lot is yours for £45 shipped!


    - GB

  3. 11th June - I’ll be at Combat Airsoft in Thetford. Come and say hello!
  4. Action shot courtesy of the RIFT photographer 👌🏽
  5. Good day at RIFT The Ridge! Years since I was last there (in a 4x4) so it was interesting to see it from an airsoft perspective. The site is massive, but due to the extremely undulating nature of the ground and thick vegetation, I think 90% of all engagements throughout the day were at no more than 20m. At one point I was the opposite side of a small ridge line to the enemy taking potshots, but because of the bushes they just couldn’t find me 😂 Kit wise I had my TM recoil, decided to run my battle belt along with my chest rig. If it wasn’t for the fact that the belt kept undoing itself as I was crawling around I probably would have been tempted to just use that all day; it was only in the final 20 minute game that I actually used more than 3 magazines. So for now at least I think my shooter belt build will be shelved while I try to justify it! RIFT ran a tight ship and good game as always, there was the normal moaning but non-hit taking but as I only seemed to be getting shot by our own team I can’t comment on that! Not sure we’ll rush back in a hurry as the steep hills have completely knackered me, but it was a great one off for a bit of variation.
  6. Loadout for RIFT The Ridge today! Ended up cutting down the kit I was carrying by the end of the first game but all worked out!
  7. @Skullchewer glad to hear they finally arrived!
  8. I’ve got an Inforce WML on my Mk18 and mount it on the left hand; 9 o’clock rail. Never had an issue with shadows being cast but then the light head only sits about an inch short of the flash hider.
  9. I think it’s a good idea and could be of use to those trying to build specific kits. However, as mentioned be prepared to be told that you’re wrong by the loadout and experts.
  10. I know the site are active-ish on here, possibly they might welcome the feedback?
  11. @Albiscuitthats a shame, it was my regular site for a few years when it was run by RIFT and we always had a good time there. I have attended once since it changed hands and didn’t experience what you have, other than it being a bit slow to get going on the day (but the weather was awful).
  12. If they’re cheap enough, I’d be tempted to buy an A&K one and see if it works?
  13. Just to update, I’ll be at RIFT ‘The Ridge’ on the 15th!
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