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  1. I ran ASG blasters for years, but in the last 2 have moved across to Valkyrie. Even found they do .29’s which feed really well in my NGRS. Never had a problem with consistency with them that I used to get with Blasters either. Unfortunately I don’t buy them in massive quantities!
  2. Ah shame, the EPM ones don’t seem to have any grooves. However, maybe I could bodge something up ..
  3. Do the Magpul maglink couplers work with any of their magazines? Wondering if they’ll work with my PTS NGRS magazines … 🧐
  4. Just wondering if anyone has any info on any 1-day Milsim/Battlesim/Filmsim/Shoot-at-people-with-Midcaps-only-sim events on the 15/16 or 22/23 October? I’ve done a check of all the usual organisers but found nothing as of yet ☹️
  5. @proffrink is this something you could look at? Still no notifications for me.
  6. Glad to hear you had a positive experience of it fella, I’m thinking I may do similar next time I’m at a woodland game!
  7. First time visit to The Gaol nr Oakham. Really good CQB site with well thought out man made cover and barricades. The site owner and marshal team set a tone of professionalism and are efficient. As a team we had a reasonable day, only really hampered by the high temperatures. I think it’ll definitely be one to revisit later on in the year when things are a bit cooler and perhaps players are a bit more engaging with the objectives. All that aside, we did have some really good moments clearing buildings, getting the drop on people and just general airsoft banter! I personally didn’t see or hear or a single instance of non-hit taking either! If you’re in the Midlands and fancy some great CQB.. give it a go!
  8. ASG Ranger M4, bought 5 years ago when I started for the second time. After a short period gave it a paint job (courtesy of Halfords), and a few extra add ons. Now relegated to being spare/loaner rifle but still going strong!
  9. If it gets me a ticket then I’m sure I could be persuaded 😉 when’s the next event?
  10. I’ve noticed over the past few days that I no longer receive email notifications when I get a DM. I’ve had a look through the settings, turned them on and off again but still nothing coming through. Anyone else?
  11. Sounds like an interesting event, must try and jump onto one!
  12. Done MTP because I had a fair amount of it sitting around, not a fan though. I’m a fan of woodland DPM and M81, but find they’re a bit too dark for British forests etc - apart for sometimes in the winter. However after the other weekend at Reforger it looks like we’ll be picking Flecktarn tops for the team camo.
  13. I run 120’s, purely to take account for the number of shots I miss/get stopped by foliage. If I practiced my aiming I could actually probably get away with 30’s 😂
  14. Yeah I built one years ago, sold and subsequently regretted it 😂 But yeah I’ll probably change the flash hider, grind off the bayonet mount, then a DIS or replica, and a PEQ 15. To begin with anyway…
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