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  1. Jacob Wright

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Photo from Urban Assault last month, nice simple load out. Looking forward to getting back down there next weekend.
  2. Jacob Wright

    L119A2 Rail

    I had a quick search through other threads before posting this, but feel free to point me in the right direction if I have missed what I was looking for. I'm thinking of buying an Angry Gun L119A2 short rail but just wanted to see if anyone thinks it will definitely fit on my ASG M15A4 before I do? It's the Armalite model with the crane stock and full length rail. Thanks in advance
  3. Jacob Wright

    First Game Booked @ RAF Upwood.

    Glad to hear you enjoyed it! I went with my brother and one of his mates and it was a good day with exception to the heat!! Will we see you again there?
  4. Jacob Wright

    Safari land Pancake Holster with Glock 17

    That would probably explain it! I suspected it might be!
  5. Jacob Wright

    Safari land Pancake Holster with Glock 17

    Cheers that's what my current plan is. I'll see how it works on Saturday for me.
  6. I've recently bought a leather Safariland holster for my Marui Glock 17. Its pretty tight fitting, is the Marui bigger than its real-steel counterpart and is there anything I can do to stretch the holster? Or should I have bought a bigger holster? 😂
  7. Jacob Wright

    WE P226


    • For sale
    • Used

    WE P226 Includes: Pistol, 4 magazines (2 working, 2 not working) Condition: Used but in good working order FPS: 310 last chrono (Urban Assault) Price: £100 + Postage For sale is my WE P226 and 4 extra magazines. I have owned it for about 2 years and never had a problem with it, aside for 2 of the magazines which are currently not holding gas. This may be because seals need replacing, which I will attempt to do shortly if I have time. It is a good pistol but I don't get the use out of it and would like to put the money towards something different. Feel free to PM me with any questions.


  8. Jacob Wright

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Finally my Evike order arrived, and everything else I ordered! 5:11 Waistcoat (although its too big so I'm going to sell it) Inert Smoke Grenades 2 Surefire G2 Lights Offset light mount Angel Custom Steel Charging Handle 2 WE G36 Magazines Multicam single point sling Ebairsoft MBUS Sights G36 Flat top rail
  9. Jacob Wright


    I'm a training Deck Officer in the offshore oil industry, and while I have no contract I'm a ground handling agent at a London airport.
  10. Jacob Wright

    Airsoft Tool Kit

    NPAS Key, mini screwdrivers, big screwdrivers, small hammer, silicon oil, duct tape, pen knife, letterman, pull through. Packed up in a nice little DPM pouch and keep it all in the boot.
  11. Jacob Wright

    WE Europe Announce GBB Mk17 SCAR Heavy

    I've never had too much of an issue with my G39, only time I remember it slowing down was at STANTA Easter '13 when it snowed. Since then I wrap the mags in a thin sheet of foam and sniper tape, seems to work for me when it starts to get cold and nasty for GBBR users between October and April.
  12. Jacob Wright

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    My Evike order has cleared customs and I haven't had to pay a handling fee! First time for everything eh?! Other than that I picked up a Peli 1450 case off eBay for £2!! And a Surefire G2 for £26. So in all its looking pretty good!
  13. Jacob Wright

    How do you choose a loadout?

    I wear what works for me. So my boots, combat trousers (MTP/DPM/OD), a multicam thigh holster and a tan magpul polo shirt. If its a bit colder I might throw a shirt or jacket on over the top. I've got a set of PLCE for milsim games and a lightweight chest rig for when I can be asked to carry all the magazines for my rifle.
  14. Jacob Wright

    WE AK74UN Magazine leak issue

    I managed to somehow use a flat head screwdriver on my WE G36 ones. But if its leaking then oil up the O-rings with silicon oil, and wrap some PTFE tape round all the valves then screw them back in. Then you should have a nice leak free no problems magazine
  15. Jacob Wright

    WE f226 holsters?

    You'd have to do some serious filing, more like dremelling to get it to fit. Better to get a side-armor holster or one that isn't made of plastic.