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  1. Well, packed up a nice lightweight loadout with the intention of getting a game in today after a night of getting some sleep at work…. To then spend the whole night running around the M25 because everyone and their mothers/daughters/fish were breaking down 🙄 Whats the saying? Best laid plans … 😂
  2. Glad to hear you enjoyed it and that the amount of kit wasn’t unmanageable! I’ve found as you attend more weekend events you learn what you do and don’t need, and tailor your kit as such.
  3. Jacob Wright

    MP5 Midcap x2

    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    10.09.21 Found a second one, so now you’ll get two for the listed price! This sale is for two MP5 metal Midcaps. Not sure of the brand or capacity, but suspect they may be Nuprol. Have been kicking around with my kit despite the fact I’ve not owned an MP5 for a little while now! Theres a few marks where it’s been put in/taken out of the magazine well a few times. Other than that looks brand new. £5 plus shipping.


    - GB

  4. Jacob Wright

    TLD GR20


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    02.09.21 Price dropped to £60 + postage 10.09.21 Price dropped to £55 + postage Selling my TLD GR20 and a spare fly-off lever. I’ve used it once in the entire time I’ve owned it and tend to bulk buy disposable pyro as a team so it’s just sitting gathering dust. Comes with the main body, 2 pins, 2 heads and 2 levers. Will not come with any charges. These are getting harder to find I’m lead to believe, current RRP about £90, and another £10 for the spare head. I’m asking £70 posted, will accept offers.


    - GB

  5. How did it go?! Did you manage to carry everything okay?
  6. I’ve gone full circle, simple kit —> all the kit —> simple kit! No messing about, just a rifle, magazines and some bangs! Cheap(ish) and cheerful!
  7. This is my planned loadout for Sunday. Nice and simple, Arktis chest rig with my magazines, Safariland for the Glock. Will be the first run out of my NGRS Mk18 too! Only things I might add are some belt mounted pistol pouches and an LBX sling if it arrives in time.
  8. Yeah I know about the magazine size difference, in the past I’ve stuffed bits of cardboard into the bottom of the pouches to make M4 ones sit higher. Good shout on the better retention though.
  9. The only thing I found with these rigs is that the M4 magazines tend to sit quite low down in the pouch, which can make getting them out in a hurry difficult unless you’ve got ranger loops or Magpul’s on them.
  10. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    19.08.21- Renewed and price drop. Now includes postage. £250 all in. 25.08.21 - Price reduced to £200 + postage. Please help fund my NGRS magazines 02.09.21 - Price reduced to £180 + postage. This sale is for my Well L96 spring bolt action rifle and parts. Bought from here a while back but having used it I’ve decided that sniping isn’t my play style, and it’s too nice to just hang on the wall! Previous owner upgraded it with the AirsoftPro cylinder, trigger set and hop unit. I’ve added an ASG strike 4x32 scope and the Nuprol bipod. Last chrono was 470 FPS with 0.36g BB’s. I’ll include a bottle of these, along with 7 magazines. The rifle is in great condition with no marks, and is the folding stock variant. All parts work as they should. Will include the necessary Allen keys for take down and rebuilding. Postage will be expensive due to weight but happy to post at buyers expense, or you can collect it! £200 as is, a fair amount has been spent getting it to the standard it is and it’s got a few brand new extras too. Rifle - £130 Magazines - 6 @ £47 BB’s - £10 Scope - £35 Bipod - £25 =£247 So even as the base rifle with scope, magazines etc you’re saving as it’s had the money spent on the upgrade parts. Comes with the original trigger group and cylinder etc as well. I am open to offers, am in the market for NGRS magazines as well so if you want to P/X let me know.


    - GB

  11. I see, fair enough! A FOB bag sounds like a good shout, and tbh bandages won’t be that hard to carry, I normally just stuff them in a pocket so they’re easy to get at; nothing worse than having to dig through pouches when someone needs one!!
  12. Make sure if you cut the inner barrel you either buy a new correct length one, or crown the cut down one with the correct tool; otherwise your BB’s will he be randomly deflected about by the end. I did it on a rifle and took me ages to work out what was wrong 😂
  13. In my experience at this sort of game, less is more. If you’re on a ‘raid’ with the world packed on your back you’ll start to feel it and probably won’t take long to regret it! Most events tend to have an area where teams can drop sleeping/cooking/spare gear. This will save you having to try and carry it round with you all day. Ive really cut down on what I carry, and have got it down to the following; - Primary magazines (4-6) - Grenades (Mixture of smoke and bang) - Radio - Secondary magazine (if sidearm carried) - Water and a couple of cereal bars - Map It was only through time I discovered most of the stuff I carried on me, or even took with me to the event wasn’t used. I tend to leave a spare gun in the car, with its magazines etc. That said, see what works for you! The event looks interesting and I’d love to go but I’m training that weekend! Have fun!
  14. Nope, I always try to write proper messages with the appropriate greetings etc! Manners cost nothing!
  15. @baku911 did your Arktis one arrive yet?! I’ve dug mine out and can’t wait to use it!
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