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    Chest Rig, Bucket Hat
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  1. Quick loadout update! This is pretty much my go-to now, instead of just using it for woodland and a plate carrier for CQB. Up top is my stock TM Mk18 Mod 1 which normally has an Inforce WML, and two point M81 woodland LBX sling. Secondary is the TM Glock 19 with repro X300 and Blackhawk lanyard. Spare magazines in a Blackhawk belt mounted plastic pouch. Holster is a Safariland. Arktis chest rig carries 6 primary magazines, normally a speed loader and comms gear if we’re using it. Bum bag for pyro and bucket hat for style.
  2. Good choice! I had one years ago, very nice looking.
  3. Thanks, I take that’s any standard AEG upper then or would it have to be TM?
  4. I wish TM made an NGRS carry handle upper, that would make my week I think 🥵
  5. Tokyo Marui also make one, but it would need changing to a proper barrel instead of the suppressed one it comes with. The advantage of the Marui is it already has the magazine in the correct place.
  6. Nice build! I’m not a fan of M14’s generally but this is really cool!
  7. Based on what you’ve said, I’d say probably around £200-250 as it’s got the steel trigger set which is a bonus, and the suppressor. Obviously that is assuming that it’s in full working order, the magazine doesn’t leak and it’s in good external condition. These are reasonably hard to come by.
  8. Is it in full working order now? Does it come with any extra magazines?
  9. It’s definitely a skill that you can improve on, I used to be shocking but after a few months of practice my solder joints are now neat and strong! Patience is the key!
  10. Is this supposed to be in the classifieds section or would you like us to value it for you?
  11. I have often wondered, like you say; avid collector or selling off boneyard kit? I guess if it’s declared as boneyard then I wouldn’t see an issue, but I’ll admit I’ve not looked into his sales posts.
  12. Yep constantly convincing yourself you definitely need something else 😂
  13. Is there a point to be made here; ’If you buy a gun and it doesn’t do what you want it to/you’re not sure how sound it is internally; buy a different gun?’ (Apologies if it’s already been made and I’ve missed it 😂)
  14. The only guns I’ve had issues with are the ones that have been opened up and touched by ‘techs’. It could be a coincidence but me and my brother both bought our rifles on the same day about 5 years ago. My ASG M4 has never given me a problem ever. His G&G Mk18 was in and out to the local tech after it was ‘serviced’. Both I would consider to be reputable brands that aren’t known to have inherent issues. So would I give a brand new, or even error-free gun to a tech just to service? Nope and I’d probably advise others against it too.
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