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    WE P226, TM G17, ASG M4, A&K M249 Para, ICS MP5A5
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    Multicam Trousers, OD Shirt & Heli-vest
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    WE P226


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    For sale is my WE P226 (Railed Version). Never had a problem with it, selling as I use my TM one more and trying to shift stuff I don't use. Will come with one gas-tight magazine, recently serviced. Signs of wear and tear on the slide and frame but otherwise in good condition. Functions and takes down as it should. 16.2.20 - Bumped the listing and I’ve dropped the price £10. Postage is included. 23.2.20 - Bumped the listing again, price dropped another £10. 2.3.20 - Bumped the listing, dropped another £10. 9.3.20 - Bumped the listing, dropped another £10. Obviously I'll check your UKARA before posting.


  2. Company: Gunman Airsoft Site: Eversley Camp Bravo Event Type: Filmsim Site type: Woodland Shop: Yes (BBs, gas and small selection of accessories, a few AEGs and Pistols) Catering: Yes Covered safe zone: Yes Today me and one of the team went to Gunmans Camp Bravo for one of their monthly filmsim days. This will be about the 4th or 5th time we've been to a Gunman event so pretty much new what to expect. Josh and his team of player-marshals are always friendly, helpful and well organised. We arrived at about half 8, signed in and set up
  3. Went for a nice lightweight load out today at Camp Bravo. Ditched the plate carrier and just ran the Minimi and my P226. Excellent day popping up and ambushing people!
  4. How much for the LLM-01?
  5. Finally got round to painting the rifle, need to pick up some darker paint tomorrow to add the stripes. Probably won't do the MP5 as that looks better in its natural colours?
  6. TM Sig P226 to replace my WE one, and a CNC Hop unit to add to my upgrades for the M249
  7. Ah I see, maybe it'll be a little cheaper than the VFC one too but I won't hold my breath 😂
  8. I thought the VFC was the licensed version?
  9. Mines definitely all plastic bodied, I think the sliding stock rails and the cocking tube are metal but that's about it. A hell of a lot lighter than my M249 anyway!!
  10. Yeah I can't seem to get it just to attach as a photo. So you'll have to visualise it; the kit and guns I've listed, but with trees and stuff in the background?
  11. ICS MP5A5 is the way to go; lightweight, accurate and a decent rate of fire I'd say you can't fault it. Plus they can be picked up for pretty cheap both new and second hand.
  12. Fairly straightforward load out for this Saturdays filmsim at Gunman Eversley. Dickies dealer boots, jeans, lumberjack shirt, multicam drop leg, Helivest and a ball cap with team callsign patch. Weapons wise I'm running my TM G17 and ICS MP5, which was absolutely spot on. IMG_0463.HEIC
  13. @XanderShadow I only tend to use the ones on the back if I'm playing urban so my team mates can get to them. Otherwise all I'll have on there is the radio pouch. Although saying that I've got long arms and can quite easily reach the speed loaders 😂
  14. So on my Helivest; Front Triple ammo pouch; will carry 6 M4 or MP5 magazines, or even my pistol Admin pouch up top if I'm going to have a map on me A mixture of either pistol magazine pouches or pistol and smoke either side of the M4 triple Back Radio top Left Double 40mm top Right Double ammo for speed loaders bottom if I'm taking them First aid pouch at the bottom again if I'm likely to need it I can chop and change the pouches around pretty easily depending on the game day or event, I do normally run my pistol in
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