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  1. Probably more of a skirmisher than a collector, only up to 4 AEGs, 2 pistols and a shotgun. Then again, currently planning a DMR build using a gun I have yet to buy, really tempted to get a TM FN 5-7 (especially since I realised it was the sidearm used in BSG) and also quite fancy a G&G ARP9 because, why not? 😂 Unfortunately I have a wife, and now keep getting the question "why do you need another gun?" along with the comment "you've already got x pistols/rifles" every time she sees me browsing! I'd like to be a collector too but it seems I'm not allowed. 😭
  2. You might want to check their feedback on here before you go there!
  3. Sorry folks, all sold out. No doubt we'll be doing the same deal next year though! 👍
  4. No problem, happy to make the offer available to everyone on here. As I write this there's only 17 tickets left so if anyone wants one (or more) then you'd better move quickly!
  5. Hmm, maybe this should be renamed "The Airsoft Map Update Thread"??
  6. Hope you're feeling better soon, not being well can end up quite an expensive thing when you're browsing new toys! 😂
  7. Hi folks, I know a lot of people on here are bikers, being one myself I tend to notice it! 😁 One of my other "hobbies" is being the webmaster for the Honda Owners Club (GB) and we're currently offering discounted tickets to this year's Motorcycle Live at the NEC in Birmingham. The show runs from the 16th to the 24th of November and the tickets are valid for a single visit on any day. Prices are £16.50, saving £3 on the advance price and £8.50 on the "on the door" price! We always give our members first choice at buying these but if anyone here is planning on going and wants to save themselves some money then click here to grab a bargain. I'll be at the show all week on stand 3B52 (rear of hall 3 to the left of the Black Horse Stage) if anyone wants to drop in and say hello. Cheers, Phil
  8. Sorry to hear about your Nana and all the other crap you've got going on - and I'm sure no-one will begrudge you coming on here to vent, punctuation or not! I lot both my Nanas 15 days apart when I was 14 and grandparents always have a special place in our hearts so they're always a hard loss. Really hope things pick up for you soon and just wish I was closer to lend a friendly ear when needed. As Tackle said, keep the pressure on your GP, they're only human and it'll slip down their list of priorities otherwise. All the best, Phil
  9. Aaaannnnddd yet another item added to my watch list. This place costs me a flaming fortune! 🙄
  10. Shock & Awe is a great site - if only for the ice creams! You've got: OTT on Anglesey, huge woodland site; Alpha 55 in Holywell (not played here, can't comment); Ex Site near Mold, 200 acre woodland site, massively varied terrain, plenty of buildings, my "home" site; Outpost Airsoft, Chester, not played here but some of my friends have and speak pretty highly of it; And if you don't mind a bit more of a trek there's SWAT in Knowsley. If I've missed anywhere then my apologies! 😁
  11. This definitely raises more questions!! 😂
  12. Now that is absolutely awesome!! 😁 Damn shame I can only hit "like" once!
  13. Not an expert myself but if they're the genuine TM M4 (82/30 capacity) in black then they're £23 from FireSupport new so I'd guess somewhere around the £15 mark? Maybe offer some sort of deal price for anyone who buys the full set?
  14. Excellent news! Glad you got it in the end. 👍
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