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  1. Okay, I'll admit that I've skimmed some of the comments on this thread but I'm guessing that something like this might work? Alternatively there's this link instead? Simple web page integration that works well and if you click on any of the branch names or icons you'll see details that can be stored (including links to site specific pages) This is zero cost from Google but does require curating - unfortunately this is usually where these things (especially via social media) fall down. Updates are not difficult but I'm not sure if it can be set up to allow multiple editors. Editors can be quite keen initially but that wears off extremely quickly when they figure out that it is actually unpaid "work" - and this is the point that pretty much all social media attempts fail, these things only work due to the effort of a committed group of volunteers. If we've got enough of those on here spread around the country then maybe we could put something together ourselves that might actually last more than five minutes? As far as events are concerned there are simple website plugins with excellent functionality and the capability to output directly to Android/iOS calendars to provide reminders. Maybe the admins/moderators could look into if the board software for here would be able to integrate some of this stuff? If not then it wouldn't be too difficult to find some free hosting somewhere (i.e. Wordpress?) and set something very simple up? I'm sure there are enough of us here who could chip in some time to help get it set up and keep it running, at least for our local areas?
  2. I bought a couple of these from Component Shop, obviously HobbyKing will be a lot cheaper though. It's still a bit fiddly getting them in but they do fit and work well.
  3. Just looked it up, one glance at the cast list has got me interested! Cheers! 👍
  4. Thanks for asking. Of all things, cutting hedges by my driveway. I was stood on a wall, only 5 foot high, stepped back a little too far and ran out of wall. Probably wouldn't have been too bad but I hit the wall and the stepladders on my way down! Broke two ribs, one of them in two places. Just over 4 weeks now since it happened and everything seems to be healing up well, still aches enough that I know when my next dose of painkillers are due though. What's now annoying me is that I've finally got the split front chest rig that I wanted to complete a PMC loadout I've been building most of the year and won't be able to use it until at least the end of the month! 😖
  5. Placed order during the evening of the 1st of October (so obviously wouldn't be processed until the following day), UPS left it in the agreed place today. Stupidly well packed and absolutely no issues. B***** is going to really screw this sort of thing up.
  6. As @Sawyer says, it does depend on the user, some love them, some hate them. I have a G36 that I've thrown £200+ of upgrades at, phenomenal range, excellent ROF (but not stupid), high accuracy and tight groupings at range - even on full auto, my TM M4 still outdoes it on all but ROF straight out of the box - all I had to do was set the hop. The recoil isn't strong, absolutely nothing like the real thing, but it does add to the fun factor, as does the bolt stop. I love using mine and it's pretty much always my first choice (apart from when I've changed something else on the G36), I run it on 7.4 lipos but other than that won't be changing anything else on it other than the hop rubber when it needs it - they don't need upgrading and can give years of use if they're not messed around with. Slight difference with me, I specifically wanted a Sopmod, spent ages looking around at other brands but nothing came remotely close on build quality/reliability/reputation (Specna's Edge series hadn't been released yet) so the TM was pretty much the only choice. I am definitely not disappointed that I "had" to buy one! 😂
  7. Must... resist... urge... to... buy!! Unfortunately the wife would probably kill me, I've got another MP5 already (I do love them) but it's in bits since I tried to figure our a sporadic firing issue and I've never got around to putting it back together. Also moved house since taking it apart so may have lost some of the bits.
  8. We'll find out soon enough - you'll be guest-starring on the Mack's thread!! 🤣
  9. Thanks for all the help guys, after some further research and looking at all the pricing I'm probably going to give the Fab Defense G21 holster a try first, if that doesn't work and a Safariland doesn't pop up for a bargain price on Ebay then I'll pick up the WAS UHP - have to admit that it's a really nice piece of kit an obviously can be used for any other pistols I pick up in future. 😁
  10. Cheers @L3wisD, I'd only ever glanced at them before, hadn't realised they were retention holsters! Will definitely take a closer look! 👍
  11. Actually, it's not a "buckle" as such, it's a plastic clip. It is removable as that's how you adjust the length of it, the belt part loops through then folds over and velcros to itself. Good idea though, I'll have a play with it, should be possible to do it, thanks! 👍
  12. The belt is a Pentagon Police Belt, I've measure it and it's probably about 6mm thick with having velcro on the inside, it's also very, very stiff which can be an issue for threading through mounts with loops (not to mention getting the buckles/clips through). I've taken a look at the one you mention, the slots it has look okay but I suspect the buckles won't fit. I suppose it serves me right for buying an unsuitable belt! 😂
  13. I thought that might be the case, thanks. Worst case scenario is I'll just pick up a Fab G21 holster. Cheers, any idea if the Safariland are suitable for a thick belt? So far the Fab is the only one I've found that will.
  14. Hi gang, I'm hoping someone here might have a bit of relevant experience that can help me out. I have a WE Glock 19C and I'm looking for a tan retention holster that will mount on a thick (not wide) belt, I've been working on a PMC loadout and it's pretty much the only thing left that I need to source. I've tried cheap a cheap Ebay special - a bit too tight but some time spent in direct sunshine on a very hot day helped a lot, paddle mount won't fit on my belt! I've tried a Fab Defense holster for a G19 (presumably real steel) - paddle mount fits the belt, holster is too snug for the WE G19, tried putting it in the oven for a while to soften the plastic, better but still too tight. So I'm still looking for a decent holster. I love the Fab one so I'm wondering if any of the other RS Glocks are slightly wider and might fit better? Or if someone can recommend a retention holster that will fit and comes with a belt mount that'll fit a belt that's about 5mm thick then I'm open to suggestions? Thanks folks, Phil
  15. Thought I'd give 8Fields gear a try so have ordered a split front chest rig, combined double M4/pistol mag pouch and small utility pouch (for flash bangs and snacks) from TaiwanGun to complete my PMC loadout, £50 with the UPS delivery, expecting it next Tuesday. I've been after one of these for ages and was seriously considering the Bulle one from Flecktarn but kept an eye on TG and they've finally got them back in. Now just have to wait until my ribs have healed so that I can give it all a try.
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