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  1. Closest to 400mm is a 407mm for £22 (+ post, which isn't much with AK2M4), lower than that is a 380mm for £19.50. And they are very, very, very good for the money, actually better than a lot of more expensive barrels.
  2. Cheers for that, will look into it and add it to my shopping list! 👍
  3. This, a million times this. I've two RIFs that both run at sub 300FPS, both will consistently out range most others and with a high degree of accuracy. Admittedly one is a TM NGRS but the other is a G36 by SRC that I decided to learn about gearboxes with once I broke it. Even before that happened it was performing amazingly well and all I'd done was fit a ZCI barrel and Prometheus purple hop rubber, used the original hop unit and nub (bespoke odd design so had to really), in other words about £25 of "upgrades" on a gun I bought second hand from a mate for £80.
  4. Hey, that's about what I've spent in the last month!! (Not sure the wife has figured that out yet 🤐 and I'm hoping she never does!!)
  5. I used to know a guy who came out with crap like this, along with referring to someone as "a millionaire on paper" - to me, if you can't lay your hands on £1m in cash easily then you're not a millionaire, and I've known a few genuine ones over the years. This guy was a dreamer too, ran a local business - mostly into the ground. Ended up owing a lot of quite dangerous people a lot of money, including a full patch MCC (those of a certain age might understand the reference). I believe that he wasn't too bad when he got out of hospital, the first time at least. Essentially he was a dreamer and bullshitter too. To refer to him as a "Del Boy" type would be to massively overstate his business acumen. People like that either end up blaming all their failures on other people (never themselves, oh no!) or finding their home in marketing, and we all know Bill Hicks' advice for anyone working in marketing. If this ever gets beyond cloud cuckoo land and towards a scheduled event with a location then I'll stock up on popcorn and sit back to watch the disorganised shitshow that it'll turn into - just like Fyre Festival. And breathe 🤣 (anyone would think I have no time for bullshitters!)
  6. Night Evolution M600C, magwell grip, tan rail covers for the Sopmod, plus Battleaxe 2500 round drum mag to turn the G36 into a hosepipe (also expensive night game fun with tracers), now thinking about how to add a remote switch to it (it's not sound operated) and maybe a quicker motor as I have a suspicion that it won't keep up with the flaming thing's ROF!! Oh, and a new rear wiper blade for the car, realised it was split when I washed it on Saturday 😁
  7. I know where you're coming from, I usually like to make sure I buy the right parts myself but sometimes a bit of tube is just a bit of tube! I remember trying to replace a vacuum hose on an old Ford, genuine part was no longer available but would have been over £90 if was - even the parts guy was horrified! Ended up buying a metre of hose from eBay and used half of it, total cost about £2!! 😎
  8. I've got a clone myself and I think it's literally just a piece of clear tubing, should be able to find something on Ebay? Just measure the gap you need to fill and order the right diameter, pretty sure all it's there for is to absorb enough light to produce the red(ish) dot in the sight.
  9. Philby21


    Used these guys to get a few bits for the TM Sopmod as they had stock, dispatched within 24 hours and with me in a couple of days, no issues. From everything else I've read about them I'm not sure I'd risk a more expensive purchase.
  10. Ugh, I just clicked on a link to a Daily Fail article, I feel so dirty now 🤢
  11. Seconded, without the slightest hesitation. Hadn't played for a while, partly due to eyesight going downhill (glaucoma/age), got ESS with prescription inserts, sooooo unbelievably much better - now having fun again because I can actually see people to shoot them!!
  12. Hi gang, Anyone ever used a parallel charging board to charge their LiPos? Found this on eBay and wondered if it would genuinely be safe to use with my Imax and the half a dozen or so batteries I have these days (not counting several for the Phantom!) - obviously wouldn't risk mixing voltages but anything that would cut down on overall charging time would be nice. Cheers, Phil
  13. I know what you mean, that's why I went with the MOD0, because it's just slightly different. I've done absolutely nothing to it apart from add some bits for looks and wired it to Deans. Now use it as my backup gun, although I keep offering it to teammates who have problems with their own, means other people have probably used it more than me! Having said that, everyone who's used it has loved the thing. If you like the M4 platform then there are absolutely loads of variants available so you'll be sure to find something you like. The Patrol Base website is very well laid out for browsing through but if you see something you like you'll probably have to go somewhere else to find it in stock. I don't know much about AKs apart from the fact that stock Cyma ones are cheap as chips and pretty awesome straight out of the box. Not sure how common it is but a lot of the people I know with AKs seem to end up with odd issues with them (might not be Cyma though), from feeding to weak compression, could just be that they've bought crap to be honest. Ultimately buy whatever takes your fancy, dress it up with whatever accessories you want and enjoy it, and if you want ideas of how different they can all look then take a look through the gun picture thread or GearTech's paint job thread. 👍
  14. Hi and welcome to the forum! You might want to trying this helpful guide for some ideas of brands etc. Although you're willing to spend £300 (just on the gun I presume) I and most people on here would probably recommend the standard starter gun of a G&G CM16, they're cheap, reliable and you'll notice a substantial performance to whatever you've been hiring. Plus if you change your mind in a few months time you'll sell it easily and won't be out of pocket too badly. You mention the Honey Badger, you can get the Ares version for £250, I don't recall hearing anything bad about them but others might be able to provide more info. No idea what they're like to open up and work on but I'd recommend leaving anything you buy as stock for a little while, then start reading some of the tech stuff on here, start with hop rubbers and work up step by step. Brands to avoid - pretty much any gun branded as Nuprol, they're all made by other companies and re-badged, some are supposed to be "upgraded" but their gearboxes are apparently made of cheese. And do not, under any circumstances, buy from any website/shop with "BB" in its name! Word of warning - this hobby gets insanely addictive, you'll spend loads on kit, guns, accessories, tools, BBs and so on, I honestly couldn't tell you how much I've spent over the past few years!! Other than that, happy shopping and have fun!!
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