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  1. Hmmm..... [adds case 2 cases of popcorn to weekly shopping list]
  2. I've got the hair, not got the beard (the less said about the waistline the better) and definitely don't have Harleys! But other than that, could be good for a laugh - I'd buy one. 👍
  3. Nah, you get used to tuning it out, or whistle along. 😉
  4. In my experience most sites register their "members", so if you join a site (usually not expensive and you'll get cheaper game days) they'll register you on the UKARA database when you join or as soon as you're eligible (whichever is later). Around that time is when you'll hear this mysterious high pitched noise start - don't panic, it's just your bank balance screaming.
  5. @Nick G I must have hit submit about half a second ahead of you! 🤣
  6. Find a local site, book onto a skirmish day with a rental gun and jump in! Oh, and welcome to the forum! 😂 Take extra cash for more ammo and I'd recommend trying more than one game, just to be sure. Plus, if you like it and both games are at the same site then you're already 2 games towards your UKARA (but they need to be over at least 56 days from the first to the last, you can play more in between but it's to prove that you're actually interested more long term). Have a browse through a lot of the pinned posts, there's some good tips for helping make your day/introduction more enjoyable. Most of all - have fun! 👍
  7. Fell in love with Glocks when I saw them used extensively in The X Files and then went and bought a 1911 as my first sidearm. Since I finally bought a Glock I've fallen in love with it again, it just fits my hand nicely. First got into the Sopmod watching The Last Ship, just looked so purposeful, eventually went for the TM and again, it just feels right. During my regular trawls of AliExpress I've been noticing ads for backpack steady cam kits, then someone pointed me towards a website for building the Aliens M56 Smart Gun (based on the MG42) - completely impractical for skirmishing but I'm still tempted to build one!
  8. Last time I did that it was for one of her bikes - not mine!
  9. I've gone through a few of the new bottles of 0.25s and haven't had any issues but I've been out of the game for quite a few months (broken ribs last September, then too much other "life" getting in the way), if this is their new quality standards then I'm going to be changing my usual ammo! Anyone got any suggestions? I've got a bag of 0.3 Geoffs to try but I doubt my bank balance (or wife!) would be too happy about me running them permanently!
  10. Now I see the reason for looking at the G36! Although it is possible to mod an M4's fire selector to ambidextrous. I'm right handed but have a tendency to shoot left and right due to an eye problem, plus it's helpful depending on where I'm shooting from. I do occasionally catch the fire selector on my M4 but it's not a massive problem. Is your £200 budget just for the gun? This hobby can be a bit of a money pit as after the gun there's magazines, BBs, batteries, a charger (get a good one), eye protection (absolutely essential), gloves, decent footwear - and that's just the basics! 😂
  11. Hello and welcome and don't worry about your age, there's quite a few of us on here of more "advanced" years and you might find that you're not the oldest! As to your questions: 1. Depends on your budget and what you're looking for really, I started with a couple of local military surplus places but online there's British Military Surplus who do some pretty good deals and there's always Ebay. Flecktarn is another good one worth taking a look at too. 2. I'm not in your area but this thread would be a good place to start, hopefully someone else will be along shortly with some recommendations. 😁
  12. I think TaiwanGun have dropped the PayPal surcharge these days but you do have to bear in mind that they won't two tone like the majority of UK retailers will and you have to request a downgrade to meet UK FPS limits (same with Gunfire). The SRC G36 is not a bad gun but the Gen 3 is the better choice, I own one myself (now upgraded quite a bit), but it's quite a lot to lug around all day. The JG seems to be more plastic so should be lighter. One of the other usual choices for starter guns is the G&G CM16 Raider, a great starter gun with an excellent reputation and an adjustable stock. There are also other variants that are shorter (Firehawk) that might be more suitable. Generally, if it's a reliable, reasonably good starter gun then JG for the G36 or MP5, G&G or Specna Arms for M4 and Cyma for G36 or AK. Well done for picking up on the reputation of certain stores with BB in their name - not many new to the hobby come on here before buying from them!
  13. By the looks of it you could get away with carefully trimming the insulation (bits that are stuck out) and cover it with a layer or two of heat shrink, otherwise you're looking at cutting/soldering or picking up some 3mm spade connectors and crimping them on to link the instead. If it's pretty standard and not running 11.1v Lipos then you should be okay.
  14. #gnupterry (If you really want to get geeky about Discworld)
  15. Hi @escapizm and welcome to the site/hobby. I'm based in North Wales and have played at several of the sites around here, I regularly just turn up and see who's there - I'm there to wander around like a lost idiot and occasionally shoot people while having as much fun as I possibly can. Pick a site, book in, turn up and randomly chat to people, it's really easy to start a conversation with an airsofter: "what gun is that?" 😂 You may end up regretting it though!! Alternatively, if you're anywhere near me then I'd be quite willing to provide an introduction to my regular haunt - The Ex Site. I usually go there as we're all a bunch of (sensible) idiots, non of whom take ourselves too seriously and are there to have a good time. Unfortunately I'm not going for a couple of weeks as I've got a few things on at the mo.
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