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  1. There was literally just seven of us, we all kept responsible distances. Seriously, I was a lot closer to a lot more people while doing a weekly shop yesterday.
  2. Very glad I got my site renewal in today. First game back in six months and now probably the last for quite a while.
  3. Suspected that might be the case. Have you tried contacting the clubs listed in the UKPSA Map? Doesn't seem to be very much about though.
  4. Depends what you mean by north west, there's the Time Trial Pistol Club that Bomb Up in Warrington run on Tuesday nights? Might not be quite what you're looking for but I've been tempted to give it a try myself.
  5. Please tell me that you're not referring to that travesty of a movie version of the Dark Tower series??? It's been a while since I read the books but I like the idea so I might have to pull them off the shelves again to refresh my memory, a "Roland of Gilead" load out could be pretty awesome.
  6. The AirGunForum has a section for FAC, might be worth a look?
  7. Probably a degree of both, but then I've also got three quadcopters, two RC cars, multiple computers, two games consoles, several motorcycles (with another purchase planned in the next few months) and I'm sat here with a Lego Saturn V on the coffee table in front of me! 🤣 But I do like getting out there and playing the game too, just wish the weather had been a bit more helpful just recently - not the rain, the high winds which kind of make the game much less fun. I know what you mean about guns growing on you, currently considering an AK for a DMR project and I'm a huge fan of my G36 and M4s.
  8. Must. Resist. Urge. To. Add. AK. To. Collection..... Where did I put my credit card????
  9. Note to self: keep an eye on north west press reports over the weekend for "terrorist" incidents.
  10. @Sniper780, @Iceni - thanks for the links guys, main post updated. Hoping that this list will grow and help others. @L3wisD - would it be useful to pin this under the other retailers thread? Cheers, Phil
  11. The idea for this thread has been bouncing around my since before @mzjango started his retailer thread but full credit goes to him for spurring me to get off my backside and do this at last! Like everyone else here I'm always on the look out for gear and although most airsoft retailers do sell kit there are a lot of good companies out there specialising in just clothing etc. Obviously there's the usual Ebay but sometimes you want somewhere dedicated with a good range, hence this thread. Military 1st - all sorts of tactical/survival clothing, boots and accessories, regularly do discounts, great service and rapid posting Flecktarn - very wide selection of camo gear (and other stuff), good place to start if you want it to all match! UK Tactical - best place to start for Warrior Assault Systems (WARRIOR10 10% discount code seems to be a permanent fixture), stock plenty of other gear too British Military Surplus - excellent range of surplus kit, definitely genuine kit - right down to the scratch commando jumper! (also worth searching out any military surplus places locally) Soldier of Fortune - military and re-enactment clothing & accessories, also stock airsoft but the gear is their main business Grey Shop for Russian military clothing and equipment/kit both genuine and reproductions they also sell airsoft related parts e.g. gearbox shells, hops etc also external parts for AKs but a fairly reliable company and site one caveat some stuff can be expensive Demych's Gear Bakery for rare/hard to find Russian kit lot of old gen stuff, the owner is also quite active on Facebook Army World (Poland) Some really cheap gear on there. And some oddballs as well, the site can be a little frustrating, and the postage can be high but offset if you pick up the good deals (other helpful direct links: German army, Polish army, UK army, Dutch army, US army, Revision Desert Locust Goggles, Smith Optics OTWs) This is probably just scratching the surface so feel free to offer other suggestions and I'll try and keep this up to date. Cheers, Phil
  12. Just ordered a new belt from Military 1st for a tenner, and no, it's not because I'm getting (more) fat! Looking to go to my first game since my accident this weekend and was trying my new PMC loadout, only to find that my nice new belt doesn't fit through the loops on my new trousers! 😠
  13. Looks pretty good so far, will be interested to see how you develop - we could do with more retailers in the north west. Will be very interested in visiting if/when you open a physical store. Little update, might be worth tweaking your store settings to allow people the option of checking out without having to sign up? Just a thought.
  14. That's a perfect example of airsoft logic. Only beaten by biker logic - spending ~£800 on new leathers "because they don't match the colour of my new bike"!
  15. Hmmm..... [adds case 2 cases of popcorn to weekly shopping list]
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