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  1. I'm so glad my wife doesn't come on here, seeing things like this would give her ideas!! 😮 Oh, and we live in a bungalow! 😂
  2. Ordered one of their G36 hop units on the 10th, in the evening so it obviously wasn't dispatched until the following day, arrived today (the 15th) well packed and in perfect condition. I've ordered stuff from the UK that's taken longer to arrive. Really cannot fault that sort of service. 👍
  3. Yep, you're well and truly hooked, it's only downhill from here! 🤣 Weird thing is that I was talking about just this sort of thing earlier. My wife usually goes to games with me and wanders round taking photos, she was talking to one of the site owners at the last game and apparently he was saying that he envied the new players, experiencing it all for the first time. Getting that first rush of excitement, the exhilaration and that first inkling of a whole new vista of fun opening up to you that you never knew existed a short while ago. Dammit, I'm getting jealous myself now! 😁
  4. The majority of sites will make you welcome, as long as you jump in and have a go, take your hits and just generally enjoy yourself then you'll be fine. Chat to people, ask about their what guns/gear they're using and you'll find everyone will be more than happy to chat to you and a lot will likely let you try their guns for size so you can getting a better feel for what you might prefer yourself. The playing three times at a site relates to gaining UKARA registration, using your own gun at a new site isn't an issue but it will get chrono'd to make sure it's within limits. Minor warning, you'll go through several guns and several load outs too before you settle on something you're happy with longer term. I've got various chest rigs but am now putting together a belt load out instead (aiming for more PMC). Most of my recent "normal" game days I've been running with literally just my Sopmod, a hi cap mag, an ammo bag and my side arm and that's been it. Others will turn out with loads of kit on a full PC rig, more than one pistol and multiple mags. That's one of the fun things with this hobby, you can mix and match to your heart's content - but your bank balance might not forgive you! 😂
  5. Welcome to the forum and your next addiction 😉 I'm a regular at the Ex Site near Mold and have been a member for about 4 years now. Game attendances vary, anything from around 10/12 of us (if the weather is crap) to 30/40+ when we have joint games with somewhere like OTT from Anglesey or Delta Team 3 who are coming over from Manchester in July. It's a roughly 200 acre woodland site, with a mock village and plenty of other buildings dotted about. There's also a secondary site called the quarry (probably because it used to be one) and that has some awesome terrain. Games are most Sundays and I think it's around £35 for non-members, including hire gun and around 1000 BBs if you're just starting, basic hire eyepro is included too but I'd recommend doing a bit of reading and buying your own. We're a pretty relaxed (apart from when it comes to safety), friendly and approachable bunch who don't take ourselves too seriously. We play plenty of different game formats and usually have night games a couple of times a year. For info: website and Farcebook. If you fancy going some time then let me know and I'd be happy to meet up and introduce you, partly because the site isn't the easiest to find!
  6. Definitely 7.4v LiPo with Deans connector, usual good sources are either Component Shop or Hobby King - depending on how long you're prepared to wait. Both do good quality LiPo chargers too - do NOT cheap out on the charger.
  7. Following @Asomodai's recommendation I've order an AirsoftPro hop unit for my G36, together with a couple of Prommy purple hop rubbers - one for that and I might try the other in my G&G M4. Already use the Prommy in the G36 but it's been in there quite a while so could probably do with replacing anyway.
  8. Stephen Hawking used simple language to explain complicated concepts to non-physicists so I can see where your misunderstanding comes from. A lot of other scientists do the same thing but that's pretty much it, it's a simple way of framing the complexities of how space, time and gravity interact and affect each other.
  9. Time dilation =/= time travel. I'd love to see you argue that with a physicist!!
  10. Nope, they charge a flat rate of €17.25 for UPS delivery to the UK, at least up to 30kg, the only variation will be the exchange rate applicable at the time of order. Hence ordering quite a few things at a time or doing a joint order makes a lot of sense. @kasaran that's odd, the rate I quoted I just go from their website, and I checked my order history and that's what I've been charged in the past. Not sure why yours has been different??
  11. This is time dilation as defined in the theory of relativity - and, unfortunately, gives us a clear understanding of your awareness of "science", making me wonder if your next comments are going to be about the earth being flat. You're obviously new to this forum, otherwise you'd realise that there are quite a few people on here who have been teching for a long time and have tried all the various ideas that have come up over the years, developing a lot of knowledge and experience of what really works and what doesn't. If you choose to ignore them then you'll repeat the same mistakes that others have made and, eventually, might even realise how these people got so knowledgeable. Either that or your a classic example of the Dunning-Kruger Effect.
  12. Based on the logic that you only have one (shared) negative and two positives then the charger will be wired the same, which means that you need to match up the negative or you'll be connecting a positive on the charger to a negative on the battery - not a good idea! From looking at your pictures your charger appears to be the exact one I linked to, and the other pictures on that link show you how to connect the battery. There's also a "data sheet" which is actually a copy of the instructions, unfortunately they've been very poorly translated by look of it.
  13. Not sure exactly what model you've got but it looks like this one. That link shows that you need to align with the negative pin (there's only one). You'll also find some examples of better chargers on there too.
  14. In an attempt to lighten things up a little..... This reminds me of a guy I know, loads of tattoos, long purple hear in a strip down the centre of his head that such that he can wear it as a proper punk mohican when the mood takes him - works as a store detective. During his interview they asked him "what makes you think you'd be good at this job?", he said "would you think I was a store detective?" - pretty much got the job there and then!! 🤣
  15. I'd played paintball quite a few times over the years and thought it was fun but never really caught my interest. Then a few years ago a friend invited me to his birthday game, after that I was hooked. Now about 4 or 5 years and thousands of pounds later I'm still at it and have introduced others. I'm not young and not fit (not dead either) but I find myself wondering why younger players struggle with the terrain on site and on night games are all off to sleep not far after midnight!! Yeah, I'm definitely addicted.
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