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  1. I'm really on the fence about this one! Will await some further reviews from you chaps
  2. I put my 48ci tank in a viper stuffa pouch, on the back of my vest. Also I find a 36" line is enough and is yet to get in the way on a game day.
  3. Hi, Sorry i cant be of any help, but if you're on facebook, it might be worth joining this group as it seems active: https://www.facebook.com/groups/783318765120058
  4. 99.9% complete integrated flashlight handguard for my WE MP5
  5. Making some extra bits for the WE MP5 GBB Multi change suppressor and a railed handguard
  6. They certainly seem very popular, so theres loads of support out there. Loads of upgrades for it too. I use an anycubic mega s, which coming up to a year of a lot of use, has been practically faultless.
  7. just plain ol' pla+ its strong enough due to the wall thickness
  8. Just made these suppressors for the WE MP5 GBB
  9. yep, just went to buy a few items...£15.00 in total. £17.50 in postage lol. Think i'll pass!
  10. These are the best items ive fitted, as I find them more consistent than an npas: https://www.milspecsolutions.co.uk/specialist-suppliers/fg-airsoft-116/FG-Airsoft-LFS-Disc-3-Pack.html
  11. Hi, They look like 2 x standard foster male type couplers along with a us type 1/8 npt nipple on the end of the line. check out the fittings section on highpressureairsoft as they usually have a good selection.
  12. Have you been able to order from powair6? Always says that theres no courier service when i got to order
  13. One question i have in regards to the mp5 sd- Have you ever tried unscrewing the end caps on the suppressor tube? It looks like they come off, but im not sure! I'll 3d print some barrel stabilisers for it if so. Thanks
  14. yeah, its a loud gun. Louder than my 416! Just fitted the lfs 20% disc to get it below our 1 joule limit and still has plenty of kick in it.
  15. Nope, nothing written on the boxes from what i can see. I purchased them from milspecsolutions.
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