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  1. Yep, thats pretty much what was happening to mine before i took a look inside. Big variance in fps so knew there was something wrong even before trying to install a jack into it.
  2. Hi. No its all sitting in a parts box lol.
  3. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi, For sale i have this specna m4 fitted with an Inferno gen2 spartan edition hpa system. This was one i was working on, but now having got an MTW, it is up for sale in an as is condition. I say “as is” as it could still do with a tidy up if the next person wanted to! though to me, it does fire spot on, but has just taken a few scrapes along the way. These are: the engine has been scratched as i was filing down the bolt catch nub on the gearbox and slipped. Long story short i was getting impatient fitting the specna gearbox into a JG mp5 seeing as they were more or less identical. The bolt catch no longer works but the hop up can still be adjusted- much like a normal non bolt catch aeg. The bolt catch pin went missing on a game day so has a make shift one in, that has stayed in ever since and the end receiver pin has taken a bit of a mashing as the allen key fixing was like swiss cheese, however i just tighten it up with pliers- no biggie! I also fitted a new trigger which needed filing down. A little bit of black paint to cover the filing will do if you want too. Alignment of the nozzle seems good, as it did shoot off to the left. There is now a washer inbetween the gearbox and receiver. Anyone who knows about hpa, will understand that these things are necessary. All in, it shoots great on semi and full auto and minus the little touch ups it needs, is a great little gun and one i used before getting the mtw. So apologies for the long winded description, but i believe in being as open as possible. It comes with a hi cap mag and I’m not sure if i can send the battery? so be aware of that. Price includes postage.


    Portrush, Antrim - GB

  4. Yes, I once had the Nuprol Delta- pioneer defender, as a stand in gun. It was a cracking little gun and seemed pretty solid. Good range and accuracy for the price.
  5. Join the Wolverine owners facebook group, if you haven't already, and you'll get help on there aswell https://www.facebook.com/groups/2112038135515659/?ref=bookmarks
  6. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi, I have these 3 trousers up for sale as a bundle. They are: unknown make - ATACS- AU TMC - Kryptek Typhon (pattern quite faded) Mil- Tec splinter night camo. All in size 32 regular and in very good condition with no rips, broken zips etc Been in my cupboard for god knows how long! Price includes postage.


    Portrush, Antrim - GB

  7. I agree with a lot of the comments on here in regards to hpa being on the increase. I also think there is a lot of ignorance out there in regards to hpa. It's not the be all and end all its made out to be by some people and can require work to get right if its a self install. I've seen an increase in hpa users at the site i play at, and there is genuine interest when they ask about my set up. No smarmy comments etc, as its just not needed.
  8. looks good to me. I can see that it runs parallel to your receiver so thats one less issue to worry about
  9. +1 for kyairsoft from me. Ordered spare parts and accessories with no issues. The delivery is usually quite quick aswell.
  10. No haven't fixed it, I just cant be bothered to be honest. I put the inferno back into the specna arms which is an absolute doddle compared to that lol. I'll use it for spares if ever needed by me or anyone wanting bits that i see on the forums. A costly mistake but hey, thats airsoft for you. ( I bought mine from the UK)
  11. Unfortunately with it being a TM clone, you have to strip it down the same way which means everything off and the receiver splits in half- a pain! If you do do it, take your time and photo where everything goes if needed. Hopefully it is an easier fix.. Good luck ah, I just re-read and see you've already had a go at it. Not so bad then
  12. yes, the hop uint is going up in the direction of the arrow. it does not sit horizontal with the receiver. Looking down the hop unit, there is an extra groove as highlighted in the square. I thought this might be where the nozzle was hitting it due to it being mis-aligned. I dunno, perhaps its supposed to be like this? but it just doesnt seem right to me!
  13. This image hopefully gives an idea of what was wrong with mine. It doesn't show it as much as it does for real. I came about this as I was fitting an Inferno engine into it and the nozzle would fire then just jam. Gearbox perfectly aligns but the unit itself...bad day at QA? You can gouge out the screw holes of the hop units screw holes to try and align it better. Hopefully this isn't your issue, but thought i'd highlight it for future reference.
  14. Funny enough i have just acquired the same AEG, and yes the hop unit is completely out of line with the nozzle making it unusuable. I purchased a TM hop unit thinking this would fix it but unfortunately it does not, as it looks like its the actual fixing points to the receiver that are out of line. They, by the looks of it, cause the hop unit to slant upwards and the nozzle rubs against the top of the unit causing constant jamming.
  15. Hi, I used to run that Balistyk set up on A WE GBB Scar and KWA AK47 so I think your mp9 will do grand. The psi was around the 110 mark and was perfect for them.
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