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  1. Hi, I dont think they are compatible, as far as i can see! The best place for WE spares is kyairsoft as every other supplier seems to have very little stock.
  2. sorry i cant help, but may i ask where you bought the mp5 from? I can't find any in stock!!
  3. Hi, Have a look at the Balystik regulators. Excellent value. I've been using them for many a year now and they've been faultless for me.
  4. HI, yes I did a video of the Balystik regulator. I had a redline many moons ago, but never got to strip it down. Hopefully there won't be much more to it?! oooh, here we go:
  5. I use these: https://www.safetyspecs.co.uk/view-safety-frames/items-for-sale/rxblack-en166f-mirror-tinted-with-prescription-insert Slightly dearer than some other options but they've been spot on for me.
  6. Love it. I chucked it into a cyma 076 and whilst the trigger isn't super light etc, it was no hassle at all. I really like the fact there's no battery to store ( although it'd be tiny) and I'm more a semi auto player.
  7. Having been with hpa for many a year, i think i was getting to a point where just an aeg would suffice! The car breaking down and needing some money nearly decided it for me as the first thing that went was the mtw. However i sort of sat back and thought about it and decided i just enjoy the variety of airsoft and bought an aeg a few months later, to go with the hpa stuff i kept. If i go to a site, i usually take the Kythera AK and the KWA TK45 aeg (which is a damn fine aeg i must say) or the HPA tapped GBBR. I love being able to swap rif's around and feel fortunate to be a
  8. Just a quick input on the kythera. I recently installed one into a cyma 076 AK and I'm really impressed with it. No hassle installing and so far its been faultless on the field with no alignment issues etc. Being a v3 its not as versatile in regards to trigger customisation like an m4 it seems, but I will get around to lightening the trigger a bit later on. The only other thing I found was the IGL lines are not compatible with this unit, so i sent the original line off to highpresssureairsoft who swapped it over.
  9. A Daytona would definitely be my ultimate choice if funds allowed me! Is there anywhere in the UK that deals with them?
  10. I run both. A WE 416 with an armorer works drum mag hpa tapped and a cyma AK with a kythera engine in it. I love them both. The 416 for the clatter and the kythera for the ultra quietness of it. It depends what you want- noise or silence
  11. milspecsolutions do a power down valve/npas set for kwa gbb's. They are for the mp7 and 9 but also fit other system 7 versions. They might be worth a look? I think these are what i fitted in my KWA AK many years ago.
  12. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi, Well needs must and money is getting tight for other things, so something has to go. This MTW has been custom painted by geartech custom paint so please excuse the bad photo's as my mobile isn't too good with close up shots. The original buffer tube was removed for a pdw style stock- I'm not sure where the tube has gone though! I also fitted a smaller outer barrel so the suppressor would be more integrated into the front rail and it works a treat. The original sbr outer barrel is included. I will also include the phoenix hop unit that everyone is raving about- i just never got round to setting it up! This also has a Prometheus stainless steel 6.03 barrel in it. 3 perfect working mags are included. Price includes postage, but not paypal fees. Bank transfer also acceptable. Thanks


    Portrush, Antrim - GB

  13. Hi, Yes, i use the ne1004 mini 1911 and its good. Build quality seems very good and it has a snappy action. So far im impressed with it.
  14. I'm not sure if you mentioned them quickly scanning past comments, but check out powair6 aswell. I've ordered several items off them with no issues.
  15. Yes, I've got to say, highpressureairsoft seem to have slacked off lately in regards to customer service. In regards to the co2 issues, thats exactly what I've seen more than anything- user error. I'm still more swayed by the aero though as it seems a more reliable solution. Saying all that, the line does not bother me one bit, and I'm willing to wait for the next iteration of the aero stock.
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