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  1. sjhirst

    Bit of a problem

    Would the FG Airsoft LFS discs be compatible with the masada? They are worth a look at if you don't want to use a npas.
  2. sjhirst

    Tippmann M4 hop up query

    Sadly, I no longer have the Tippmann. something I regret now! The range was good, but I also fitted a wide bore barrel and it just didn't like it.
  3. sjhirst

    Tippmann M4 hop up query

    Hi, Yeah I've seen a fair few people just making their own nub and gluing it on the end of the adjuster. flat hopping i never tried, but the G & G green was a recommended replacement.
  4. sjhirst

    WE M4 HPA Hi Cap Mags


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    Hi, I am currently converting gbb mags to hi cap hpa mags. These are the m4 style mags, so fit various WE GBB Rifles I have one black mag ready to go. Price includes first class postage. (pp fees to be added by buyer) Thanks. Video demo of the magazines: youtu.be/PIAhlaH5arE

    60.00 GBP

  5. sjhirst

    Tippmann M4 hop up query

    Fogot to mention. Check out TTRtec on facebook. Tony is the man for tdc mods
  6. sjhirst

    Tippmann M4 hop up query

    HI, Looks like its part modded. The part on the right just pushes down from the top of the receiver when tightened down if thats where it was located? (usually in a threaded sleeve) Has the side adjustment one been removed as that would interact with the standard unit as shown on the left. (hole in unit and tab on one end) Theres a video on youtube showing some guy with a load of tdc mods of which he has attached rubber to the end of the tdc adjuster, but i can't remember it! (amped airsoft?)
  7. sjhirst

    WE KAC PDW really low fps/range

    Hi, Could well be the npas is set way too low! There's a video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzQIlF8VMHs Skip to 11 minutes in to see the npas setting, as I can't remember off hand but i think it might be set too far out.
  8. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi,For sale I have my Secutor G-VI Gas shotgun.It's been perfect for me and a real treat to use, but it hurts my RSI infected wrists!I've hpa tapped it from day one, but the time i did try it on gas, the valve was fine (still have it)I also run oil into the valve so the seals dont dry up. It includes 8 shells and a m4 mag adapter and mag. The white marking on the side of it is the 1 Joule sticker that they put on.Price includes parcelforce delivery. Buyer to add paypal fees.Thanks

    190.00 GBP

  9. sjhirst

    Posting a gbb.

    Yes, definitely. I've seen several posts of people who have lost their goods.
  10. sjhirst

    Posting a gbb.

    Same here, never had an issues, but I've only used parcelforce48 I write on the box that they are gas and air free- meeting required regulations. (from Northern Ireland to mainland UK)
  11. sjhirst

    WE M4 HPA Hi Cap Mags

    View Advert WE M4 HPA Hi Cap Mags Hi, I am currently converting gbb mags to hi cap hpa mags. These are the m4 style mags, so fit various WE GBB Rifles I have several black mags tested and ready to go. Price includes first class postage. (pp fees to be added by buyer) Thanks. Video demo of the magazines: youtu.be/PIAhlaH5arE Advertiser sjhirst Date 04/13/2018 Price 87.50 GBP Category Parts  
  12. Is it just me, or does anyone else find it ignorant when someone engages in conversation, then ceases to reply? (even when they are the ones who initiated the conversation) 

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    2. sjhirst


      heya, yes sorry its more the ones that start a conversation then when you reply to them, they cease to respond even though a reply is somewhat needed from them!


    3. rocketdogbert


      I’ve sold so much stuff on forums over the years, this has always happened to me, and it always will.

      Its actually more prevalent I find with Airsoft, generally around the school holidays and/or when you ask your prospective buyer for their defence :D

    4. Duff


      You have to remember that not everyone is as depserate to buy/sell as you are to sell/buy.

  13. sjhirst

    HPA noob

    Hi, I think getting a scuba tank would be your best, less hassle option imo! I know you mention that you do milsims, but if you can use a molle pouch like this: http://www.bullseyecountrysport.co.uk/viper-modular-molle-hydration-pack-light-weight-14183-p.asp to carry the 48ci tank it'll last you longer through the day
  14. sjhirst

    Bullseye Country Sport

    They're one of my first choices when looking for anything. Top service every time.
  15. sjhirst

    Hello from newbie

    Hi, I agree with Gepard in regards to renting first. I've seen many a person saying they want to be a sniper, play a few games and then change their mind! You could always ask at the site you go to play at if you can borrow a sniper rifle off someone or have a short go? If you stick with being a sniper, then look for a vsr compatible rifle. It will give you more options for upgrading. Good luck