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  1. sjhirst

    red dot and magnifier for sale

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    Hi, I've bought these over the past month or so but have ended up with other ones! so they're all new and unused So, these are up for sale: Standard 3-9 x 40 illuminated crosshair scope (with high mounts) - No longer for sale as not worth posting but can be bundled with another item for £10.00 red dot sight with Red, green or blue circled dot. 3 X magnifier (magnifier and red dot do not line up) £15.00 each sent first class. Thanks


  2. sjhirst

    Wolverine MTW - Any one in the UK own one?

    oh nice one. I can just stare at pictures over here
  3. Firewall Zero Hour. I was expecting it to be a bit of a fad, but its utterly gripped me!
  4. sjhirst

    Woolverine Reaper inconsistency

    Hi, Sorry i cant help you but there is a group on facebook that you could join and ask any questions about your set up on: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WolverineAirsoftSMP/
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    Hi, I was looking to get into sniping and bought the asg m40a3 The accuracy was abysmal, so an action army hop unit, maple leaf hop rubber and a tightbore barrel was fitted. This has improved it a lot. I also put in a new spring but having cut a few coils off and chronoing it on game day, it was still found to be shooting above the 328 fps limit here. I really cant be bothered to work on it anymore! So it’s up for sale for someone to work on, and get it up to par, or too even disassemble it for the upgrade parts (these alone cost me around £65.00) ** Will sell upgrade parts separate for £45.00 postage inc** Note: I no longer have the original hop unit. Just the original barrel. Price includes postage. (pforce48)


  6. Hi folks, I've been looking at the MTW for a future purchase as it's really the only rif that excites me at the moment! I've seen a few reviews if you can call them that, as they don't really seem to go into detail and just describe the gun. Does anyone here own one and can give a quick review opinion? accuracy, consistency etc? Many thanks.
  7. sjhirst

    HPA refills in Northern Ireland

    Whereabouts are you? I get my dive tank refilled at Aquaholics, Portstewart. They will also refill hpa tanks as that is what I initially did. Consider giving them a ring as they also sell second hand dive tanks that will be more cost effective in the long run
  8. sjhirst

    Potentially dumb questions

    oh good stuff
  9. sjhirst

    Potentially dumb questions

    I wonder if thats an alignment issue with the nozzle? might be worth checking.
  10. sjhirst

    Potentially dumb questions

    Good luck Yep, might as well leave the reg on the bottle. That is all i do, though i do carry a spare just in case. Running my Jack at 55 psi lasts me all day, but i do like some spray n pray every now and then lol
  11. sjhirst

    Potentially dumb questions

    Hi, Yes, that sounds like what he means. When you dial down the psi you'll hear the Balistyk vent the air out as it reaches zero. You can then unscrew the reg' from the bottle. You then need to dial in your preferred psi setting again when re- connected.
  12. sjhirst

    maple leaf vsr hop chamber

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    Hi, I have this hop unit for sale. Maple leaf vsr10 hop chamber - I bought this for an asg m40a3 but it doesn't fit. Seems to be a good sturdy unit.


  13. sjhirst

    KJ Works KP11 GBB Pistol

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    Hi, This is a cracking pistol, but unfortunately gets very little use! Lovely action, but the bb feeding can be fussy if theyre not all lined up in the mag correctly. It probably needs bedding in a bit more as I think ive probably used it only a few times. A few wear marks namely from it being holstered. Price includes postage Thanks


  14. sjhirst

    AK PBS Suppressor plus 24-14mm adaptor

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    Hi, I have this new fma pbs suppressor for sale. My brother got it thinking that it would fit a 24mm thread, but that was not the case! It fits a -14mm thread. I do have the +24 to -14mm thread adaptor though should it be required (like on my e & l ) £30 for the suppressor £8 for the adaptor (hephaestus) Thanks



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    Hi, I’m sticking to the P* and Sniper so have this GBB/HPA 416 up for sale. I have converted the mags into hpa hi caps, of which you will get two. (one tan and black) The 416 has a maple leaf yellow hop rubber and Angry gun TBB so is perfect in a DMR Role. This package includes a red dot sight, original stock, foregrip, original open sights and the WE hop adjuster (very long allen key!) and anything else i can find! It is also fitted with an angry gun adjustable nozzle, currently set to 315fps average. Bear in mind that if you want to use gas, you will need to buy a mag for it. Just hpa has been less hassle in this weather. oh yes.. the paint will strip off quite easily if needed.