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  1. I used to convert we mags to hpa, as have several others on the WE owners facebook group (i think thats what it was!) It can be a bit of trial and error, but theres 2 ways of doing it: 1: stripping down the inside of the original mag and pairing it with a cut down hi cap mag. Then fitting a hpa valve inside. 2: A double stack mag. Keep the original gas mag and modify a hi cap mag to feed into it from the side. I've not heard very good things about Alyan's hi caps, but perhaps theyve improved over time?
  2. Doesn't the L85 take m4 mags? How about an armourer works drum mag, tapped for hpa?
  3. I had the older version tippman a good few years back that used the orignal hop adjustment (hole on the side with allen key sized adjustment. I then used a tdc mod that was also an allen key adjustment. Removing the original one. I'm thikning the newer models must be along the same lines? tdc adjustment via an allen key from the top? I think i remember the sizes being US though and not metric? so be careful not to strip the adjuster. Adjust clockwise/anti clockwise for more or less hop.
  4. Hi, I spend what time i have to Airsoft at Torrent. Me and the brother usually get a game once a month!! (not enough) Hopefully get around more sites in the new year.
  5. I'm probably asking the obvious, but does it perform better with higher psi? I had a we scar that if the psi was too low, the recoil was sloppy and range was bad as there was not enough air to cycle correctly.
  6. Hi Folks, I've made a video of the Balistyk regulator and how to strip it down. I've seen a few hpa people on here so might be useful to some! Cheers.
  7. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Maple Leaf 6.04mm Crazy Jet Inner Barrel 290mm. Condition is Used. Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class. Used barely a handful of times on my MTW. Brilliant barrel, but i want to keep trying different combinations. Can be used on GBBR's or AEG's with the right Maple Leaf bucking.


    Portrush, Antrim - GB

  8. I'm probably stating the obvious, but make sure your nozzle alignment is spot on, Also do the BB drop test on the hop up rubber- do they drop through the hop and barrel easily or take a bit of force? have a quick look at this YT vid : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=156t4FrN2KA
  9. I would agree with Tommikka. I had a similair cheap line ages back which i got rid of, but kept the asa adapter part. I've just tried fitting my lines to the asa and even they wont fit for the same reasons...they wont lock back into place.
  10. Hi, I'm using a Balystik reg with mine. Faultless so far (have one for sale on this forum at the mo' as I had two) I've since upgraded the inner barrel to a crazy jet and macaron bucking/nub. Superb performance. I said I wasn't going to bother, but after seeing peoples thoughts on this upgrade, I gave in!
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    Hi, I've two of these great little reg's but now I'm sticking to the mtw, only really need the one. Balystik hpr800 regulator and black heavy duty line. (version 2 i think) Few little skirmish marks, nothing detrimental and has been faultless. price includes first class post.


    Portrush, Antrim - GB


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    Hi, I've changed to a different set up, so now have this ronin chest rig for sale. It's been a superb, lightweight chest rig and has no major blemishes, tears etc. Price includes 2nd class signed for delivery Thanks.


    Portrush, Antrim - GB

  13. I finally got round to getting one and I'm thoroughly impressed with it. The gun itself feels really solid but is so light! The finish on it though looked rough and dusty so just needed cleaning down after delivery. I did have an initial problem with the supplied mtw mag not feeding, and noted this has been an issue due to a deformed feed tube, which has been quickly remedied by Wolverine. however, coming back to it the next day, it shot perfect- I now have 3 that feed perfectly. When skirmish day arrived i couldn't wait to try it and it did not disappoint. The range on this is fantastic, requiring very little hop adjustment (albeit on .25's as thats all i had) and I was able to pick off people through the smallest of gaps. This is one bit of kit I actually turned round to my brother and said I wont be tinkering with! It's not that "laser accurate" as some people say, but it's definitely above what i've had before. I love being able to change it to a 3 round burst and back just by cycling through the fire modes so can take my time picking off people or go full spray and pray to give cover to others. Consistency wise i run it at 65psi average to keep under the limit and theres about a 5fps variation. Not as good as some have got it, but ok for me. All in all, I am overjoyed with this purchase. OK its a lot of money, but to me its worth every penny.
  14. Yep, thats pretty much what was happening to mine before i took a look inside. Big variance in fps so knew there was something wrong even before trying to install a jack into it.
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