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  1. mintsauce5

    New Player from the West Midlands

    Hi Welcome to the bank account drain club , I’m in Walsall a couple of good sites are stormforce airsoft halfway between rugeley and Lichfield they’re on the second Saturday and last Sunday of the month and fireball squadron at Bassetts pole near Sutton Coldfield which is the first Saturday of every month, also a bit further afield west mids airsoft FOB up near stoke , they also have an indoor site at rowley Regis , Anzio camp up by leek is also good . Stormforce and west mids use silxmil.com for hire guns and have a good selection of hire packages available
  2. mintsauce5

    Best Place To Buy A Dynatex BFG Online?

    This chap has a swat bfg he’s selling if that’s any good , see the latest bump
  3. mintsauce5


    Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): yes Any other comments: great seller , great comms and items received quickly
  4. mintsauce5

    S&W M&P which make?

    I've got the Tm m&p 9 Vtac , it's one of my favourite pistols , mind you all of my pistols are Tm
  5. mintsauce5

    Wiley X Europe vs Ukmcpro

    I purchased a pair of WileyX durtac gloves off ukmc pro via eBay in March last year , since then they have been used on average once or twice a month , they split around the hard knuckle protection in Feb this year so I contacted ukmc pro regarding claiming under the two year warranty that they are covered under by Wiley x , straight reply from ukmc pro saying nope that's wear and tear , now I could understand if it had been a split on the fingers or where I grab the cuff to pull it on or even if they'd had excessive use but they haven't , I contacted Wiley X Europe direct and they asked for a few pictures and to fill in a warranty claim form did that a couple of days later email saying they'd be sending me a new pair of gloves , not only that I got a £20 discount on my next purchase from them plus free sweets , definitely recommend Wiley x but not so much ukmc pro they couldn't have been more unhelpful if they have tried
  6. mintsauce5

    Plate Carrier vs Belt System

    I've just moved from a was plate carrier/chest rig to an hsgi suregrip belt and mav chest rig with just a couple of mags on the chest rig and the rest on the belt , first time Out i hadn't got any suspenders for the belt but tbh it didn't really move at all , I have now got the suspenders to go with it which I'm going to be trying out on Saturday , but the mini chest rig and belt were a lot more comfy than just a fully loaded plate carrier set up I had
  7. mintsauce5

    Soldering Iron gas or electirc

    I use an antex 25w , not the most powerful but does the trick with some decent solder and flux where needed , soldered quite a few deans onto guns and batteries now :-) mines this one http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Antex-XS25-S-25-W-Soldering-Iron/122308660154?_trksid=p2045573.c100505.m3226&_trkparms=aid%3D555014%26algo%3DPL.DEFAULT%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20151005190540%26meid%3Dd00447e335fa412c86a803a6b50da35d%26pid%3D100505%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26
  8. mintsauce5

    Can a honey badger run a 11v

    I've got an am-013 and from what I've read your pretty safe it's it's got the blue ecfs (micro switch trigger) have a look up the magwell and you can see the thing up there to the rear of the magwell
  9. I got one of these the other day , I've got an rvg on one of my other rifles , did go initially to get a pts syndicate front grip but I liked the look and size of this one . https://jdairsoft.net/accessories/grips/hera-arms-front-grip-hfg-tan
  10. mintsauce5

    Hello from Tamworth

    Fireball squadron at Bassetts pole is not far from you http://www.fireballsquadron.com/joomla16/
  11. mintsauce5

    Gunfire (Poland) / gun-fire.co.uk

    no its part of the EU
  12. mintsauce5

    Player ages

    I'm 51 , only started in February last year but absolutely love the sport wish I had started earlier as after playing at some of the hillier sites by me I can only just walk the day after but that's partly to do with having a dodgy knee so I tend to saunter round rather than run , in the eighteen months I've been playing I've spent a small fortune on gear and guns and recently got into recoil guns so spent even more , all in all a sport for all ages and I'll carry on playing a good few years yet
  13. mintsauce5

    Molle vest plate carriers

    This ones just come up on zeroin , warrior it is pretty good stuff http://forums.zeroin.co.uk/showthread.php?274265-Warrior-PC-CB-UBACS-and-more
  14. mintsauce5

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    The original one was cracked , had an old fde stock so used the hinge off that for the time being
  15. mintsauce5

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    just bought a tokyo marui scar L , a btc spectre next gen and tienly gt-35000 motor to go in it and a brandit rucksack to put all my crap I take with me in