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  1. I scored a Pelicase 1660, for, well £140 basically. Bargain! It doesn't hold my M4s - too long - but everything else, my whole AS collection, goes in there. Looks cool AF all nestled in foam cut outs inside a bloody great tacticool crate. (Useful as I'm moving house). Also bought an ASG CZ75 SP01 Accu, in effect upgraded out of the box, a match pistol basically: very high quality with all steel internals (allegedly), single action adjustable match trigger, bigger rear sight and fiberoptic front and rather luscious CNC aluminium grips. It's all metal, even if not steel. Uses both C02
  2. Exactly the same happened to me! Is yours all plastic with the red cylinder? Apparently they're Jin Gong (sp?), cheap and cheerful, yet mine has been so super reliable so I am half tempted to see if there's a steel outer barrel upgrade.
  3. I hear you, quality externals with junk inside seems to be an airsoft bugbear. But Combat UK reckoned it was effectively a pre upgraded gun, as compared to cheaper VFC ARs that I was also perusing. I certainly thought about TM but, from what I've heard, these latest VFC internals seem pretty good quality and H&K (via Umarex) trust them to make the officially licensed model (which I reckon is pretty much what I've just bought only without the "trades" or the very latest externals) and am a bit dubious about recoil on an AEG (and I have a GBBR AR for that). Also... well, I don't w
  4. I think this is the same internals, I did indeed want the 416A5: officially licensed by H&K, fully ambi with little guard thingies around the controls*, improved magwell. It seems like H&K on top of their game putting 50 years worth of observation on the AR platform to good effect. Then I saw this and realised it was essentially the same thing but a bit cheaper and it's close enough, it's the older 416 externals improved with larger trigger guard and left handed mag release basically. If the internals are the same they seem damn good, almost silent gearbox, mosfet, very consistent shoo
  5. Yesterday I bought me a VFC Avalon Calibur carbine. Basically a blingy HK416A5, but available where the former is not and a bit cheaper as well, has almost fully ambi controls. In a sort of Cerkote-ish mettallic FDE and Olive Drab with black furniture, have to admit it's rather nice, albeit a tad flash. I did mean to stand out from the crowd and get an AEG bullpup that could use Stanag/M4 type mags but none quite fitted the bill. Then I picked up the Avalon, remembered why I like 416s and had a moment of deja vu for my crappy SRC416 - first airsoft gun. The AR format is just so ergonomic
  6. Circumstantial I know, but a sudden string of these breakins from East Anglia to Scotland.... something going on?
  7. I just got my PTS Mega MKM (LM4 with gucci externals) back from him and the nozzle is superb and I think the barrel and hop are excellent too, I'll have to drill a hole in my outer in order to make the hop adjust accessible, (something he didn't do). It now shoots really well, very crisp and satisfying and much more consistent - not as much on gas as his HPA setup he was testing it on but still a marked improvement. I think HPA beckons as some of that improvement will be down to the unseasonably warm spell we're having right now and I fully expect it to get crapper come winter and ha
  8. The EF/Umarex/VFC Glocks do sound interesting and I do want to try one. But I'll be amazed if they're as good as my KWA/Umarex H&K 45: reaches out to 40 yards ish+ on .25s right out of the box and has metal slide so it can take powerful gas without breaking. Unlike TMs. And it costs under £200, albeit not much, and the mags are the better part of £50.
  9. What What range and fps are you getting? Would this be game legal and playable with, say, .25s?
  10. I think that makes him a a peadophile-phobic. I am a fan of Spain, thus I am a Hispanophile, if I felt that way about France I'd be a Francophile. Kicking someone's bollocks into low Earth orbit is not evidence of "liking" that person, that is hatred. Yes this is what I've heard too, from social workers, teachers and the brighter more thoughtful police. No doubt this "Nick" character who's caused such a shitstorm over Edward Heath, Lord Bramall, Leon Brittan, Harvey Proctor and I can't remember who the fcuk else inhabited his deranged mind, will prove to be one such. Yes we should feel
  11. All's well that ends well I guess. As to the other issues discussed I too would tend to discourage the little brother from fiddling with the airsoft, depends on how much younger he is and how mature but i only allow kids to shoot my airsofts under my supervision (while trying to install some elementary rules of gun safety into them). It could so easily be misconstrued, and nowadays there are many people willing and eager to "misconstrue" anything gun shaped. As to the "old wives tale" I do try to keep all my springs released and not under tension on my GBBRs as I do on the rea
  12. Just come back to this site after a while away. I am, to put it mildly, a trifle... nonplussed shall we say. I am choosing my words carefully here. Dry firing means firing gun unloaded, i.e. without a cartridge loaded. It does not mean pointing at people, or acting unsafely in any way. So NO, pointing guns (or airsofts) at others is not all right*, that is not what I said, nor did I imply any such thing. I mention this as I gained the impression there might possibly be some confusion here over the difference between the subject of basic gun safety, i.e. "Never, never let your gun...
  13. Yes it seems to be, judging by the amount I've done! They aren't actual firearms of course so rules like that don't necessarily apply. (Indeed I've heard some people nowadays say that it's an old wives tale for real guns too.)
  14. I figure it's £90 worth if it lasts a while, seems more durable than the TM equivalent at any rate and better value than the Glock branded Umarex/VFC. For that price I won't stress too much about the patchy full auto. If they do bring out a range of upgrades... well, that might make it into a fan favourite: buy cheap and upgrade when you have the funds. (I'd like an extended mag, keep it loaded with that on the chest rig for those "Aaaargh get the hell away from me!" moments.) Plus you'd be dealing with a, hopefully, eager to please UK company rather than the randomness that can occu
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