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  1. Defender90

    Airsoft Engenuity

    What What range and fps are you getting? Would this be game legal and playable with, say, .25s?
  2. Defender90

    Review Tokyo Marui G18C Gbb" The pistol you want to have"

    I don't think it is officially licensed by Glock...
  3. Defender90

    firearms ban after prison

    I think that makes him a a peadophile-phobic. I am a fan of Spain, thus I am a Hispanophile, if I felt that way about France I'd be a Francophile. Kicking someone's bollocks into low Earth orbit is not evidence of "liking" that person, that is hatred. Yes this is what I've heard too, from social workers, teachers and the brighter more thoughtful police. No doubt this "Nick" character who's caused such a shitstorm over Edward Heath, Lord Bramall, Leon Brittan, Harvey Proctor and I can't remember who the fcuk else inhabited his deranged mind, will prove to be one such. Yes we should feel sorry for such and yes he might well prove to be the the victim of somebody. Yes we should be watchful and vigilant in searching for hidden predators. (Part of the reason English speaking and north European countries have a higher incidence of Pedo cases is that we go looking for them.) But, should Nick have been believed in the first place just because he claimed victim status? What does it tell us about the quality of modern British police that they swallowed such obvious shite? should he get away scot free with bringing such suffering to people lives? Especially those who had done their country some service. Bear that in mind. You don't have to be a student of history to know that witch hunts are often orchestrated by evil people with agendas.
  4. Defender90

    is dry firing a gbb alright?

    All's well that ends well I guess. As to the other issues discussed I too would tend to discourage the little brother from fiddling with the airsoft, depends on how much younger he is and how mature but i only allow kids to shoot my airsofts under my supervision (while trying to install some elementary rules of gun safety into them). It could so easily be misconstrued, and nowadays there are many people willing and eager to "misconstrue" anything gun shaped. As to the "old wives tale" I do try to keep all my springs released and not under tension on my GBBRs as I do on the real shotguns in the cabinet, I figure it's even more important with airsofts as the quality of build and materials is so much lower. I use snap caps, on the airsoft it's unnecessary. I was brought up that pulling the trigger on an empty chamber while practicing ones aim etc indoors is bad practice as the firing pin has nothing to absorb the impact and absorb against although I seem to remember seeing or reading something modern that suggests it has no basis in fact. Nevertheless snap caps are popular for that activity as it never does any harm to take care, and they're useful for their main purpose storage too of course. As airsofts don't have firing pins it's a purely academic point here. Generally though the habit of treating all guns as if they're loaded is sound, even practicing aim and mounting the gun to the shoulder is done in a safe direction and never pointed at a person.
  5. Defender90

    is dry firing a gbb alright?

    Just come back to this site after a while away. I am, to put it mildly, a trifle... nonplussed shall we say. I am choosing my words carefully here. Dry firing means firing gun unloaded, i.e. without a cartridge loaded. It does not mean pointing at people, or acting unsafely in any way. So NO, pointing guns (or airsofts) at others is not all right*, that is not what I said, nor did I imply any such thing. I mention this as I gained the impression there might possibly be some confusion here over the difference between the subject of basic gun safety, i.e. "Never, never let your gun..." and the perennial question whether or not dry firing onto an empty chamber damages the firing pin. (Airsofts do not, of course, have firing pins per se. Hence I reckon that it does not.) *Except outside of airsoft arenas of course.
  6. Defender90

    is dry firing a gbb alright?

    Yes it seems to be, judging by the amount I've done! They aren't actual firearms of course so rules like that don't necessarily apply. (Indeed I've heard some people nowadays say that it's an old wives tale for real guns too.)
  7. Defender90

    Raven EU18 (Glock 18C)

    I figure it's £90 worth if it lasts a while, seems more durable than the TM equivalent at any rate and better value than the Glock branded Umarex/VFC. For that price I won't stress too much about the patchy full auto. If they do bring out a range of upgrades... well, that might make it into a fan favourite: buy cheap and upgrade when you have the funds. (I'd like an extended mag, keep it loaded with that on the chest rig for those "Aaaargh get the hell away from me!" moments.) Plus you'd be dealing with a, hopefully, eager to please UK company rather than the randomness that can occur with Asian companies. If they did that, and I say if, then that is a business model that could have legs.
  8. Defender90

    Raven EU18 (Glock 18C)

    Ah, the plot thickens! Having just read the mightjebus' review and seen his pictures I can confirm it's a San Yang: Same numbers on safety and breech, but the Raven has a bright orange gas nozzle and comes with a spare. (And no trades at all, probably because Nuprol didn't want to be dragged into an alley by Glock and Umarex's lawyers and be given a vicious kicking.) So that's where Nuprol got it from, there is a chance that they commissioned it partly themselves and it does differ in some other details.
  9. Defender90

    Raven EU18 (Glock 18C)

    You don't like him? I find him engaging, informative and articulate.
  10. Defender90

    Raven EU18 (Glock 18C)

    I just bought me a Raven (the pistol not the bird). It's an EU18 (G18C clone), the guys in Combat UK in Stevenage reckoned that Nuprol and some other A/S company had put their heads together to put together all the best working bits into the best GBB pistol they could, and for £90 I thought it worth a punt as I just couldn't get on with my TM G18C, too plastic and delicate and I wasn't so keen on paying £150+ just for the genyoowine Glock trades on the Umarex/VFC. No trades at all on the Raven, just blank squares. These are my experiences so far: So, it feels quality but had initial teething problems, light striking and venting all it's gas, hop all over the place. It now seems to be settling down after 100ish shots, still a bit all over the place but accurate-ish for 25 yards or so, more range than the TM but slower shooting naturally. Bit of a cool down on full auto even with ultra short bursts so maybe it's more of a semi auto pistol really. The Marui mags aren't quite compatible due to the rubber being flat where the Marui's is curved but it is, as with so many Airsofts, a Marui design if not quite a clone. It feels solid with the metal slide slamming home with a nice positive "clink" and a positive trigger feel, it's a cm or so longer than the TM but fits in the same holsters. The hop adjuster is quite small, fiddly and stiff and it seems like the hop needs a few shots as there first five rounds or so act as if's on full hop then it starts shooting straighter to the setting I tuned the hop to. The slide can get stuck open if the selector switch gets pushed beyond "full" and the hold open on the last shot is very iffy. Might well be fussy about gas, I guess it's still running in but doesn't seem to like Guarder Power Up as it light strikes a lot on it. The magazine follower has come into two parts, which is annoying as hell when loading BBs! This, as well as the gas problems make me wonder if the mag isn't the Achilles Heel of this GBB. It reliably fires .20s about 300 fps on semi with ASG Ultrair and has about 25 yards effective range with .25s, which it seems to shoot best with, maybe further if I can find powerful gas it likes. Maybe it's designed to work with Nuprol? In Full Auto the fps drops off very rapidly and the rate of fire is plodding (my chrono wouldn't measure that, probably user error). Comes well packaged in a good box with a spare gas nozzle, O rings and choice of backstraps. Simple, well designed multilingual instructions and a full exploded parts diagram. Nuprol may come out with a lot of upgrade parts in the future apparently and I do wonder what existing after market mods for other GBB Glock clones might fit it. I chose black and tan but they also do a silver slide as well which has a nice Cerakote sort of feeling paint. And black on black of course. So in short it's an affordable, metal, close range Glock which may or may not be useful in Full Auto. If you want a "Glock", don't want to spend more than you have to and aren't fussy about trades then consider this. Here's what made me consider it.
  11. Defender90

    Commando tactical training

    Yes it is a good idea, but there's enough walting in airsoft already - a lot of people nowadays struggle to tell the difference between real life and fantasy (not just in airsoft either). Pity, as something like that would help make the sport better, but then those most in need wouldn't want to pay as it would disrupt their fantasy.
  12. Defender90

    Should I sell my PTS Mega Arms MKM GBBR?

    My HK45 seems to have excellent hop, I think KWA can be a bit "curate's egg" certainly the MKM came with hop adjuster and knock valve made of pure shite. And it previously shot very nicely indeed with a Guarder hop. In addition it does have a 6.02 tightbore as I mention in my review, so nearly all the weak spots have been eliminated from what was a pretty damn good airsoft to begin with. In FS's defence they don't make any great claims to be GBB specialists and straight up say they know and prefer AEGs better. I've heard of the AEG barrel and hop in the LM4/MKM platform, not sure if that is the same as the link you posted. Tbh it looks like a major pain to adjust that hop and I think the other one I heard of was adjusted with an allen key a hole drilled in the top of the outer. (Wish I could remember who it was told me about it and where I saw it). The outer does come off reasonably easily (I have the barrel nut tool) but the inner and hop are just horrible, tried it once: Never again! I'm in South Cambs. An NPAS or something in that vein does seem to be the way to go...
  13. Defender90

    Should I sell my PTS Mega Arms MKM GBBR?

    With the Guarder steel hop that was in it before it reached out to 30-40 yards, that got ripped by shattered BBs from double feeding, so that and a broken inner bolt spring was what I got it repaired for. FS replaced with "APLUS Hop Rubber for "Pistol in System 7", which they tested and warned me that 1) GBBRs have a very small rate of hop adjust anyway. 2) It's a pure bastard to get the inner out and work on the hop (I can confirm), and that it takes hours of work - so this is not a money maker for them, nevertheless he is going to sort this out for me. They really did not design this inner barrel and hop unit to be worked on. He said that AHOP is a Guarder brand and that it should do the job. I suspect the damn ball bearing came loose again, maybe vibration in the car, maybe when it was put down on the counter. Who knows? Thing is, I have a System 7 pistol - a KWA H&K45 - it's awesome and shoots consistently out to 30 yards + with variation of about 40fps over the course of 20 rounds firing .25s on Power Up. Frankly the variation in fps was something I thought was intrinsic to GBBRs although the MKM's variation is a bit more than I was expecting (only got a chromo recently) it's not so different to the pistol. As to legal limits, FS put the point that it won't be reliable at lower fps, the police still haven't been in an rush to kick down people's doors for the offence of owning a toy gun when you can buy air rifles which a much more powerful without any licence (rightfully so) and you'd struggle to describe those as lethal to anything larger than squirrel, and even that needs a headshot. So they really do have many better things to do and they're not retarded. Truly though full auto is for short, infrequent bursts only and that in summer time. But I just like having it, like people with Range-Rovers who never take them off road or tow. Yeah maybe I should flog it to someone who's got more skills with delicate mechanicals than I and go for a TM. It's just that I love the "bark" it has to it, the realistic internals and that lovely external body with sculpted looking upper and lower - it looks, and feels, so damn good! Where the TM is a just plain Jane M4. Yes I'm sad I know. But I suspect that the MKM is 90% there, I also suspect that getting last 10% fixed will require a disproportionate amount of dosh chucked in the direction of a pro. But then you have to draw a line somewhere don't you. Aargh so conflicted.
  14. Well I got my MKM back from Fire Support, at last, and immediately found the hop just was not working. Which was one of the things it went in for in the first place, to have the worn out rubber replaced. And it's still double feeding more than it used to (magazine feed lips?). On top of which they advised me not to have it tuned down to legal game limits as it not be powerful enough to be reliable. (At the moment it's firing 407-360 fps on .20s at room temperature.) So it will never be playable and on top which, getting it back in my hands I remembered what a great long thing it is compared to my G&G Sig552. I still love the realism, the weight, all the Magpul dark earth external stuff I've popped on (which I heartily recommend), the ease of basic stripping, but the love has faded a bit. It's white elephant really, at least for me. I guess, also, I've fallen out of love with the AR15 platform a bit. (It's a Gucci M4 basically). Fair play, Fire Support warned me about GBBRs from the very beginning and tried to discourage me from buying! So I can't whine I that wasn't told or that they weren't honest and up front! So should I just give up, flog it, it's 6 mags, bits and bobs, tools and various accessories? Or is there another way to make it playable? It seems like HPA is not really welcomed at many sites which seems like the only way to make something like this viable that I've heard of. Maybe the TM M4 MWS would be worth a go? Or is it more of the same? Bearing in mind the MKM's troublesome KWA hop adjuster and knock valve have been replaced already with Guarder steel parts so the MKM's weak spots have been much reduced. Anyway I'd have to get the hop rubber fixed first, I won't get anything for it barely reaching 19 yards like this. Here's my review of it, it's had a Magpul dark earth angled fore grip and a King Arms Front Folding Battle Sight (Dark Earth) on it since, (and the taclight and EoTech most certainly would not go with it) but apart from that it's the same. PTS Mega MKM
  15. Defender90

    Tippmann M4

    Apparently Real Steel do it too, feature of the design. My PTS Mega MKM does same to some extent, I think there's a knack to putting the spring in, twisting it slightly that's what I did but Google is probably a better guide than me.