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  1. Allen428

    Vortex Spitfire 3X


    • Wanted
    • Used or new

    Wanted Vortex Spitfire 3X, don’t mind cosmetic condition as long as it’s fully working and lenses are in good condition.


  2. Allen428

    We phantom 4x32 Elan Specter sight

    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Phantom 4x32 Elcan Specter scope fully working inc box and protective carry case. 3 months old. The WE Phantom 4 x 32 Specter is a fantastic optic with a choice of Red and Green dot with adjustable brightness, elevation and windage controls. Easy to use windage and elevation for adjustments to be made whilst you shoot. The full metal construction also creates a solid feel and a tactical look which will give you an advantage at close and medium range. 4 x 32 reticule Red and Green dot Battery £100 this includes PayPal fees and postage.

    100.00 GBP

  3. Allen428

    Warrior Recon Plate Carrier plus extras

    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Warrior Assault Systems plate carrier with foam SAPI plates. Size large. Inc :- Removable triple m4 covered pouches for recon plate carrier(holds 6 mags). Warrior Molle front panel for recon plate carrier. 2 x Warrior triple open 5.56mm mag pouch. Warrior QRS fastex sling. All in multicam not used outside only worn twice so as new. I bought a pathfinder chest rig and decided to use that instead. £200 all in inc PayPal and postage

    200.00 GBP

  4. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    TRMR Tri Shot Base .209 holder (.209’s not inc) WAS pistol quick pouch to carry it. Was bought on impulse and not really much use to me as I mainly play outdoor woodland games. only used once to try it so as new but I have put my initials on it. £100 all in inc PayPal and postage

    100.00 GBP

  5. Allen428

    Warrior elastic mag pouch problems

    They have started loosening up now after leaving them in for the last week, I’ve been pulling them out and reinserting them as well a couple of times a day.
  6. Allen428

    Warrior elastic mag pouch problems

    I wouldn’t advise the hot water cold water method as that will shrink them in my experience.
  7. Allen428

    Warrior elastic mag pouch problems

    Top down as the bottom of pts epm mags are wider than body, my pc is snug I’ve also tried the pouches on my battle belt when pulling the mags out doesn’t lift my belt up but takes considerable force to pull them out
  8. I just got some warrior elastic mag pouches, I understand there surposed to be tight fitting for retention but I have to use a lot of force to pull them out and pulls my pc up as well and they are a nightmare to put back in one handed. Will they losen up a little with use? If It makes a difference I’m using pts epm mags. Shall I give them more time to loosen up or get some different pouches?
  9. I’m going to try and order a TRMR from somewhere, thanks for all the replies
  10. Was thinking of getting TRMR for indoor cqb and building/structures at outdoor sites and stick to mk5’s outside
  11. I’ve only used disposable pyro before, but I am in the market for a reusable grenade now I’m starting to do more cqb. I’m thinking about getting a TRMR is this worth while or is there a better alternative?
  12. I currently use 3 covered m4 mag pouches for out door skirmishes, was thinking of the pathfinder for indoor cqb with my RPC and can use it as just a chestrig on hot days.
  13. I’ve currently got a warrior RPC and thinking about getting the pathfinder chest rig to use with it, and also have the option to use the chest rig on its own. Anyone use this set up?
  14. Thanks for your help, I received it today and I’m really happy with it.
  15. Thanks a lot for pics, I’m going to get one thanks for your help.