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  1. I tried posting on the FB page yesterday and shock horror he hasn’t/won’t approved my post.
  2. 130 Euro, will stick with my issue DPM clothing instead, I just wanted a DPM G3 cut field shirt. Lesson learned.
  3. Yes my fault, after hearing positive reviews of his work I thought he would have used a better material. I guess the material he uses for the more modern camo’s is probably better quality. I can’t fault the workmanship it is beautifully made just the material used.
  4. I know there’s been many changes, I’ve been serving since the early 90’s. Had plenty of those jackets myself and still have some. Plus there not both genuine the one on the left has been custom made by Kurmaz Gear from a material roll. Custom made G3 Field shirt in British DPM. Here’s his reply when I messaged him after I received it. hi unfortunately i`m not a fabric manufacturer, i use that what available. Very difficult to find dpm at all and i have only few sources for this fabric. So available as is, sorry
  5. It’s British DPM. British DPM in a Crye G3 Field shirt cut. I’ve had loads of DPM stuff over 25+ years, the material on this is like some cheap kids camo you would buy from the market. It’s British DPM.
  6. Just received my DPM Field shirt I ordered and really disappointed. The craftsmanship is excellent but the material used is subpar, washed out/faded. I dread to think what it will look like after it’s been washed a few times. For contrast the shirt on the right is a issued DPM shirt which has been washed multiple times. Anyone else had any issues with stuff ordered from him? In my case a complete waste of money.
  7. 6 months that’s not good, I ordered just over 2 months ago I did try contacting moderators weeks ago but no response. I wonder how many people have ordered and not been sent them?
  8. Yes I messaged him on 25th Aug but he has not replied, even though he has been active on the forum. I’ve also tried through contact us at bottom of the forum but no one has answered, getting a bit frustrating not getting a reply.
  9. I ordered 2 months ago, I have contacted the moderators using the contact us at the bottom of the page but no reply. Starting to wonder if anyone is monitoring the patch sales?
  10. What are the dispatch times on the patches now? Is it still once a month? I ordered on the 15th July.
  11. Might be worth checking if the volume reducers are fitted or not already (under insoles if they are already fitted) another consideration is they also come in medium and wide fitting.
  12. The issue altbergs don’t come in half sizes but they come with volume reducers so for a size 10.5 you will need a size 11 and if to big with your intended sock use the volume reducers to make it a size 10.5.
  13. I’m in the market for another rifle case, I currently use a nuprol hard case, I was wondering if the parra rhino case is any better/good alternative or just buy another nuprol hard case?
  14. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    AA short twisted outer barrel. Suppressor adapter. Novritsch suppressor. 430mm Lamda Five inner barrel extends into suppressor. AA Teflon twisted cylinder. SWC piston & SCW 9mm spring guide. Rapax RMS 2+ spring. AA hop chamber. Stalker Panthera Concave CNC Aluminium Nub. Maple leaf 60 Autobot. AA T11 Short Fake magazine (tool kit). 3 x AA 50rd magazines. 2 x TM magazines. Novritsch scope, sunshade and kill flash. Bipod. Case. £400 all in PayPal and postage.


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