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    WE M14, KWA MP9, TM L96, TM PSG1, TM M4 Recoil, G&P M4, RS Type 97b, TM MWS M4A1, PX4, P99, G17, G18
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    Make: TM Gun/Model: Scar L black Accessories: Gun and highcap Condition: poor FPS: 315 on a 0.2 before gearbox locked up Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: None Price/Payment: £100 plus postage Pictures: The gun is in poor condition, lots of external scratches, missing a grip screw. Internally the blowback mechanism does not work and the gearbox is locked up. The gearbox is upgraded with an eagle 6 m90 spring and a pico mosfet


    - GB

  2. Time Left: 2 days and 17 hours

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    Make: RS Gun/Model: Type 97B Accessories: Gun, gunbag, 4 rs mids, one tm mid, 1 s-arms mid, intermittant t1 replica sight Condition: good externally, low fps FPS: 170fps, was originally 350 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: None Price/Payment: £220 plus postage Pictures: The gun is in good condition externally however it seems to have developed an air leak internally. It has been upgraded with an shs high speed motor, tnt hop rubber and a mosfet.


    - GB

  3. No worries, you can roughlt estimate the fps with a coke can, for below 350 the bb shouldnt go through the bottom but should go through the side from memory.
  4. I've found the RA-Tech nozzle and barrel to be good investments. The barrel have great accuracy and the nozzle has lasted 6 years now. The RA-Tech bolt unfortunately was way off spec and needed a fair amount of material sanding off the receiver to get it to cycle smoothly. Mapleleaf buckings are great with the metal c ring which helps seal and grip the nozzle. I chose 60d for 450 fps, if you are running it sub 350 the 70d will most likely be too hard, 50d will probably perform better. I would recommend getting a proper scope that is rated to recoil, Mine destroyed 2 scopes before I switched to a vortex.
  5. They are all the same age and are all gen 2
  6. Has anyone ever experienced varying fps between mags? 3 of my mags are outputting 250fps on 0.3g whilst the other two are outputting 290fps on 0.3g bbs.

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    Make: KJW Gun/Model: M700 Takedown Accessories: 3 mags and soft case Condition: used but working. FPS: 450 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/No/No Price/Payment: �140 including postage. Buyer to pay paypal fees. �120 collected from Ashford Kent. Pictures: Yes For sale is a bog standard KJW M700 takedown, the front section has been shimmed and epoxied to give a firm lock. This has removed most of the flex in the barrel when shooting however some epoxy can be seen around the joint as shown below. I have not used it for a year or so, due to this all 3 mags are leaking so will need the orings to be soaked in silicone oil to rejuvinate them.


    Ashford, Kent - GB

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