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    TAD Gear, Patagonia PCU, Platatac NDS, M81, CP Black, CP Sand, CP Khaki, CP RG & CP Multicam.
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  1. Waiting for one to pop up on international eBay may be your best bet
  2. A nice little Platatac GPS wrist pouch for the cost of a few coffees from the W&P Show:
  3. H&K 416C - look awesome whilst pewing people perfectly.
  4. Can do you a good deal on a G&P M16/M203 with 2 X 40mm G&P shells...
  5. Tokyo. Marui. Every time.
  6. If you want outdoor stuff over military, get to Millets. If you want camo, find your nearest surplus store. If you can get to Kent next week, drop in on the W&P show and you could get most of a loadout, with genuine kit, for <£100 easily. Travel eBay. Look in the 'for sale' section here. Loads of options.
  7. http://www.actionhobbies.co.uk/G-G-FN2000-Airsoft-Gun-Used_A22UFM.aspx#.XSob-mnTWyU
  8. The main thing with going GBBR only for me are the following: - you want consistency and decent performance, so TM is an almost essential route to go down when buying. - you will need a fair few magazines. These are heavy and pricey. - you pick your shots/battles/engagements with much more care. - you often need to get your shots off first and make them count! - it is fun AF to go gas but you will feel outgunned when your single shot is met by twenty in return. - temperature plays a huge part in the effectiveness of your gun but TM's generally run well all year round down south.
  9. There are some very good clone ACOGs out there that are crystal clear and offer as good a relief as a back alley massage parlour. Best you go out yourself, get your hands on one and give it a real play. And then go look for an optic.
  10. http://www.actionhobbies.co.uk/Classic-Army-MP5A4-Used_A22TLZ.aspx#.XRduomnTWyU
  11. Just bought a TM 416C...and have just bought an Inforce WML for it... Am selling 8 timed rds and a shell launcher if you need any more; need gone!
  12. Southern Comfort is superb. Anyhow, my top twenty (with significant caveats) action films: https://thegearconfessional.wordpress.com/2019/06/20/chapter-50-my-top-20-action-films/ Cheers! TGC.
  13. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    This is a listing for eight TAG timed explosive rounds and one gas TAG launcher shell. Shell is barely used. Sold out pretty much everywhere and RRP is £70 alone. Whole lot for £110 inc.p&p - ono.


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