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  1. Over the years I could've bought some USMC MOUT T-Camo BDUs, a Tanio Koba VP70 and a PSG-1. I regret not buying all of them..!
  2. I mentioned that when we were driving home! It was a bit "wtf?! You have 1 job..."
  3. Were you the chap who had the hot gun which kept failing at the chrono?! I was behind you twice if so!
  4. We were yellows too - I was in ranger green and my team mates were in MC. My brother had the loose ghillie on. Think the yellows did ok that day.
  5. I am Brighton way. Much appreciated Wolf, may get to a point where I post the upper off to you! I have watched a MWS takedown video just now and there are several points of the process that I would f--k up!!!
  6. My issue here is fitting it. I am an absolute amateur, and I don't fancy the idea of wrecking it!
  7. Ha, I appreciate your faith! Luck is luck. None of my Crye's have yet to make a 60 yard distance hit. Or indeed, a 60mm distance hit!
  8. I have long considered a TM ebb. I am not against them by any means. I am more against shelling out £400+ or so to get one!
  9. Internally I have done nothing to it, apart from trying different BB weights and obviously adjusting the hop accordingly. At my other sites I frequent I don't feel out-gunned, but these sites are more overgrown so you can get closer. CSW yesterday was quite sparse and open, with very little ground foliage for concealment. This meant that opponents were generally visible from quite a distance away. Cannot rule out an off-day, but for all three of us to think the same thing is very unusual.
  10. You may well be right! I think that I was cocky enough to think I could play CSW like I do Ace or Battle Lakes, and actually, you cannot. Quite possibly. I am not ruling out upgrading, but what I don't want to do is turn a consistent 50m+ gbbr into an inconsistent 70m gbbr... I am very much of the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' school of thought, especially with TMs. Cheers all for the insights and thoughts.
  11. I mean, I feel I know the site like the back of my hand as it used to be my regular site for a good four years, but it was one of those days when I couldn't reach out to who was shooting at me, which was a pain!!!
  12. Okay, so myself and 3/4 of our little team went to CSW for the first time in around four years yesterday. I ran my TM MWS with Geoff's 0.30g and Green gas. My MP7 didn't - of course - want to work when we got there, despite being fantastic when testing it at home leading up to the game day. My mate ran his TM M4 MWS with 0.28g and his TM SCAR H. My brother ran his SSG24 with Geoff's 0.48g. He cleaned up a lot with his sniper rifle and really took advantage of the wide open spaces the site offers, especially before the foliage takes over. He was fine! All the snipers there were worryingly proficient. However, for the first time in a long time, I felt absolutely out gunned with the MWS. My mate did too with both of his TM's. Both are stock - I would say all with 50m+ ranges - but every AEG there seemed to have the edge on us. Something felt missing yesterday for all of us about Airsoft and none of us could put a finger on it. I am sure a bit of tinkering with the MWS could improve things but I am loath to do anything that will cause ongoing niggling issues that need constant correcting... I have been a sworn admirer of the MWS platform, but it really didn't measure up yesterday. Perhaps because it was hard to get the drop on anyone without cover, perhaps because 1 or 2 BBs are no match for a hi cap burst. But it was disheartening.
  13. I never know how much space I will get at some safezones, nor what the weather will be like and I am usually distracted by whatever has decided not to work at that moment that the least I have to prep' on site the better, so I generally load up and set up my belt/PC order the day before...much to the unhidden chagrin of my wife...
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