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  1. Dentonboy

    THE TM MWS thread

    If anyone wants a bargain: https://forums.zeroin.co.uk/forum/classifieds/rifles-smg-s-for-sale/gas-gbb-rifles-smg-s/3057034-tm-mws not mine, but I make that a good price.
  2. https://forums.zeroin.co.uk/forum/classifieds/rifles-smg-s-for-sale/gas-gbb-rifles-smg-s/3057034-tm-mws Great value if it has 9 magazines - I paid the same for one with 7.
  3. My worst would include: R-Point - a rare RoK take on the Vietnam War which just flounders in a supernatural setting. Jarhead - I know it is beloved by most, but they've made a war film...boring. Sand Castle - a wasted cast and some dreadful vehicle stand-ins. Not the worst...not the best. Gets better after the first 1/2 hour. Pearl Harbour - Urrgh. Soapy, unrealistic, too long, too boring and too American. Dire. Battle of the Bulge - great cast...greater errors. Redacted - a good premise but they bottled the ending. Really bottled it.
  4. 13 Hours is an oversight.
  5. After legal advice I have been told to state 'no comment.'
  6. I have not, no, will have to seek it out. Could've and should've squeezed 'Downfall' on there too...just so many decent films. Where would you have put Dunkirk?!
  7. Dentonboy

    My top war films

    Please have a read and see where we agree/disagree! https://thegearconfessional.wordpress.com/2019/06/13/chapter-49-my-top-fifteen-war-films/ Cheers
  8. I don't think I have ever had a response to a query from them via email or Instagram, despite talking to @Hef Legend fairly often in the past on here. Real shame. They are very close to where I live too.
  9. Sad times, you've got some of the scariest shooting pieces I've seen at a site; they need to be being used against other players! Yes, it is very successful, and they really should just let games play out across several fields at a time. Happy to report no-one seemed to be taking it too seriously at DogTag on Sunday.
  10. https://thegearconfessional.wordpress.com/2019/06/09/chapter-45-dogtag-airsoft-holmbush-crawley/
  11. My most recent take on the site: https://wordpress.com/posts/thegearconfessional.wordpress.com
  12. My argument here: https://thegearconfessional.wordpress.com/2019/06/07/chapter-44-seal-team-the-new-a-team-we-didnt-know-we-needed/ - plus a whole load of other musings - Cheers
  13. Flecktarn is the best value for money camo out there. Cheap AF Effective AF Plentiful to find AF
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