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    TM M4A1 MWS GBBR plus a whole lot more*..!

    *Pistols, lots of pistols.
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    TAD Gear, Patagonia PCU, Platatac NDS, M81, CP Black, CP Sand, CP Khaki, CP RG & CP Multicam.
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  1. Dentonboy

    TM gen 4 G17

    How much Chief?!
  2. If I could source a TM Uzi, that would be a thing. Should not have sold my two...
  3. Absolutely spot on. My TM 416C has even overtaken my TM MWS in usage. Just so fun.
  4. ...a £500 voucher for your favourite Airsoft retailer, what would you buy?! Mine would be £500 to spend at Rainbow 8, and my shopping list would include a TM FNX-45, a TM Glock 19 and a TM MP7 GBB!
  5. Seen these at £90+, I would say £60 would be a fine expectation on eBay.
  6. I would say that £75 would not be an unreasonable ask if it is G&P. £40 or so if it is a G&P clone.
  7. Dentonboy

    TM gen 4 G17

    What I wouldn't give for a TM H&K P7M13 GBB or a TM H&K VP70 GBB with a stock for the 3-round-burst...
  8. Quite. Absolutely mad. There is a TM 416 DEVGRU can on eBay sans 'hider for £16 atm.
  9. Pre-game - charge Li-pos with a top-up, get stuff from loft. Load magazines. Play 'ip-dip' with my Crye collection, change my mind and then get it all packed up by the door. Put on a suitably gung-ho action film. Post-game - remove and charge Li-pos, remove BBs, get kit in the emptied washing machine for a cold wash. Lump it all into the loft and enjoy a great s&s. Almost always drift off quickly that night, only to jolt awake from an 'incoming bb'...
  10. Mrs Dentonboy...it is usually Cath Kidston...*sigh*. If she spots that this has been on it...blimey.
  11. Dentonboy

    THE TM MWS thread

    I carry 9 and want one of the 20rd ones for an emergency! Was lucky to get mine from a used Airsoft section on a well known Scottish site and it came with 7 already! I rarely feel like I have enough ammo even with 9!
  12. I would go for an old school TM AEG from Fire Support and know that it will hold value if looked after and last for years too. AK, MP5, M4, FN P90 and FAMAS options available between £199 and £250, and in stock.
  13. I second how good their service is: Asked if a TM M92F GBB part was in stock (this was a far while ago) and he said it was, and posted it to me free of charge. Top guy.
  14. Well, a quick Google has the suppressor and 'hider on Eagle 6 for £100+...
  15. My go-to ATM: TM 416C with TM AAC suppressor and PTS foregrip. Inforce WML. Eotech 556 and Eotech magnifier. S&S Precision sling. Magpul sling mount.
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