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  1. Dentonboy

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Finally managed to buy some BUIS for the SOPMOD. Genuine Magpul and only cost me around £12, so happy with that.
  2. Dentonboy

    Footwear for cqb.

    Nike SFB's look a good compromise and there were several pairs on eBay recently for <£60.
  3. Dentonboy

    Question regarding camo

    Flecktarn - cheap, plentiful and incredibly effective.
  4. Dentonboy

    Real or no real?

    I am confident saying mine are real. There were tonnes of surplus Oakley gloves from Level Peaks Associates at the W&P show and they themselves are selling them on eBay through their warehouse online store. Pretty much the same as mine, apart from the LPA label on the bag. They are great buys. I think they are only so cheap as XS and XXL seems to be the only sizes they are trying to shift.
  5. Dentonboy

    Real or no real?

    Look exactly like mine, which came sealed in a Level Peaks Associates bag, tagged to an Oakley backing and have Oakley tags inside the gloves. Hopefully you paid no more than around 20 notes for them as that is the eBay going rate atm.
  6. Dentonboy

    TM MP7... New user!

    Am selling an Eagle Industries AOR2 molle double kydex pouch specifically for mp7 mags. £25 posted. Hit me up.
  7. Dentonboy

    THE TM MWS thread

    38 notes on eBay just about the cheapest I have seen. Rainbow 8 in HK worth checking out.
  8. Dentonboy

    THE TM MWS thread

    Ha, thanks x2.
  9. Dentonboy

    THE TM MWS thread

    Thank you, all gathered together for bargain prices - blog in my profile details some of the buys: ACOG was £150 (yes, really, and yes, absolutely genuine TRIJICON). DBal II was £25 or so. Stock was 25 or so. Grip was £7. Surefire was £80 odd.
  10. Dentonboy

    THE TM MWS thread

    Not yet, I will do, am contemplating upgrading the nub/hop rubber but may wait until something goes wrong as it is doing what I want it to do atm! Thanks!
  11. Dentonboy

    THE TM MWS thread

    My TM MWS - In action at Ace Combat last weekend. Very close to site limits on Abbey Green canister 144. Rangeing out to around 50-60 yards stock with 0.25gs. - RS GG&G foregrip - RS Magpul MOE stock and 5.56 Magpul - RS Trijicon ACOG - RS Surefire M952 - Element DBal II
  12. Dentonboy

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    All the Crye MultiCam... At Ace Combat last weekend with two teammates (one in shot on the right of pic).
  13. Dentonboy

    Fast pistol mag changes

    I ran two Glocks at the weekend for five minutes and it was utterly dreadful. IMHO, save it for the movies.
  14. Dentonboy

    Are gas powered rifles effective

    They are effective at: Making me grin. Making my team mates want to buy and subsequently buying gbbrs after seeing mine. Getting far more satisfactory hits than I ever got with my AEGs.
  15. Dentonboy

    Abbey 144a low power gas.

    I happily use 2.0 in my TM pistols. The Green canister Abbey 144 put out 355fps with 0.2g bbs with my TM MWS yesterday in overcast weather.