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    TM M4A1 MWS GBBR plus a whole lot more*..!

    *Pistols, lots of pistols.
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    TAD Gear, Patagonia PCU, M81, CP Black, CP Sand, CP Khaki and CP Multicam.
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    East Sussex - Present Day
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    Many. Mainly gear related. And Tokyo Marui.

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  1. Dentonboy

    Looking for a Glock need assistance.

    VFC would be the one to go for I assume?!
  2. Dentonboy

    TM pistols

    I have a TM M92F, TM M9A1, TM P226E2, TM Detonics and TM Mk. 23. All are superb. The P226E2 is the best I would say. Very comfortable, intuitive and great range/accuracy. My brother loves his TM Glock 18C. Buy TM and don't look back.
  3. Dentonboy

    What Pistol would you recommend?

    Tokyo Marui Tokyo Marui Tokyo Marui ... Or a WE Glock.
  4. Dentonboy

    My new 'Gear Confessional' Airsoft blog

  5. Dentonboy

    My new 'Gear Confessional' Airsoft blog

    Bonus bank holiday chapter now live, ready to be read by anyone stuck outside a changing room, in a traffic jam, waiting for a new drink from the bar or on a flight out to Greenland to cool down.
  6. Dentonboy

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Shemagh was for sun protection, helmet was ditched very shortly after but wanted to try with Comtac's and mask to see how comfortable it was in the field. Cap was very quickly on.
  7. Dentonboy

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    "Go to Kent" they said. "Wear black" they said. "Be warm" they said.
  8. Dentonboy

    First skirmish thoughts

    Dogtag is a very good place to start. Enjoy! Say goodbye to your disposable income...
  9. Dentonboy

    Another plucky young blog

    Really like the NV entry. Keep on it.
  10. So, today was the wrong day to wear black Crye's in sun-drenched Kent. Always a good time at Ace though. 

  11. If anyone in Sussex has a two pin two way radio they could meet up and sell me tomorrow, please let me know, thanks. 

    1. Robert James

      Robert James

      Come to London and take mine 🤣

  12. Dentonboy

    Help finding UGL

    They found him in Abbottabad dude.
  13. Dentonboy

    My new 'Gear Confessional' Airsoft blog

    Cool, thanks. Next chapter is... ... Live!
  14. Dentonboy

    My new 'Gear Confessional' Airsoft blog

    Of course! Hope it is still going strong. Cannot find that stuff in anything other than M-R, I so wanted it to fit! What is your Instagram tag?! Thanks!
  15. Dentonboy

    My new 'Gear Confessional' Airsoft blog

    Thanks so much all, much appreciated. Next chapter is tomorrow...