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  1. All the tech stuff we all spend so much time worrying about, nice to be reminded there's still simple wins out there with most guns
  2. I'm trying to build my front end to look similar to a honey badger, with a suppressor coming out from inside the rail. My suppressor is 30mm diameter, and after lots of searching I can't find anywhere that lists the internal diameter of NUPROL BOCCA Series One Rail 7''. Does anybody have one- and access to a tape measure to check for me? Thanks, Greg
  3. So I went with the warrior, and it's great! Fits the hi capa perfectly and I love the retention and release. thanks for the help everyone
  4. Sorry, I forgot to give my budget, about £50. I've been looking at the warrior for a while, which is why my budget is there. It looks good, but I've heard some iffy things about the retention, and since it's at the upper end of my budget I didn't want to just jump in without asking some advice. So far a lot of people have suggested the warrior holster.
  5. Hi, I'm picking up a TM hi-capa 4.3 45 extreme next week. I need a good holster. Not a leg holster, as they're too annoying (I'm sure you all know that already) Preferably something I can molle on to my belt. So far this doesn't sound hard does it? Well I'm a lefty, and everything good I can find is for right handers :-( Help, suggestions, advice, or links are appreciated. Greg
  6. I don't have a lot of experience airsofting in the cold, but in life I've never had army/surplus kit fail me- a good Norwegian and a water-resistant jacket should be fine......then a change of clothes in the car. More importantly, water proof boots and more socks than you think you'll need- thinking about taking a spare pair- take 2.
  7. This is fantastic, and really answers some of my questions about whether or not to buy this over the G&G...........its all moot til I get ukara anyway. I should probably mention that my oldest friend is a professional gun smith, and can fix/mod pretty much anything, and will work for beer :-)
  8. I don't understand the hate for upgrading basic guns. What's the harm in putting a high spec Hop up in a basic gun? Not like you can't take it out again
  9. Welcome. Im new too and having the same debate about how much to spend on a gun. I may be about to be crucified on the internet but I'm getting the sense that there isn't much gain between I'm getting too good a gun early, better to buy basic and spend money on skirmishes and petrol. To paraphrase a real steel adage: basic kit + range time is better than Gucci kit and no skills
  10. Thank everyone, this has been great so far. I'd honestly discounted CYMAs as being "too cheap", you know the second cheapest bottle of wine logic :-) As to the G&G, i didn't like the fixed foresight on the raider......yes I know it can be changed relatively easily, my thinking with the ASG was it's cheap enough that I can drag it through the dirt while I'm a noob, but has good enough fundamentals that with a few mods it can be an intermediate gun for the future. All I've ever shot so far has been real steel or a friends GBB, super high spec M4. So I'm just worried about polymer guns falling apart...........hence the keep it (relatively) cheap to start.
  11. Hey guys & gals, I'm looking for opinions and advice on a starter gun. I'm thinking about this http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft-m4-m15-m16-variants/asg-armalite-m15-series-m15-operator-black.htm#.Wbk5wLJ96Uk I like the M4 format, RIS rails are good, Mosfet is better. Does anyone know of anything better that will fit the bill? I've already looked at the G&G raider btw, and I think the ASG is better.
  12. I went to Skirmish Central near Santa Pod, it was a really good day.......except for the fact I borrowed a friends GBB M4 and the gas seals on the mags were rotten- One mid cap mag and a speed loader while tucked behind a barrel as a challenge :-) I've seen thats theres a CQB place in MK, was going to check it out after getting UKARA and buying some non-borrowed/functional toys.
  13. Hi everyone, I'm just starting out in arisoft, heading to my first event this weekend at the local field. I've read so many posts and watched so many videos my head is spinning and so excited................also ready to get totally destroyed. I've borrowed an AEG from a friend, and I've got some boots & googles, but is there and suggestions anyone can make for my first time? .
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