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  1. Yeah if that’s what you paid mate I’m hoping no one with sense pays what your asking.. bit of a dick move but you do you.
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    Hi guys Got this beauty in a trade but after a mws instead. Locks back and fires brilliantly. Don’t get me started on the trigger pull *chefs kiss*. Run likes a champ and can see it firing threw winter summer you name it. Comes with one leak free mag. Upgrades are in pictures with what’s included. Not after any other trade other than a mws not bothered what length. Face to face meet ups around Edinburgh or Glasgow or can travel for the right deal just not in Leeds again as I nearly died 😴


    Edinburgh - GB

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    * EVERYTHING INCLUDING ACCESSORIES ON RIF FOR 650 just add what postage you would like and pay for that. * UPGRADES ARE IN PICS* Hey guys Looking to move on my Mk18 as doesn’t get used that much anymore with me hardly playing. My loss your gain few scuffs from playing but nothing serious. Nothing is broke or bent full laylax internals done by last owner, Specte mosfet fitted. Set to single fire and 3 round burst. Dean’s connection thing has been brilliant, never let me down just keeps going. Will also come with 6 pts mags and the box it come with. pick up around Edinburgh or Glasgow can also drive. Not sure what else to say about the rif other than it just works lol been set for 32’s and easily hits 55-60 metres. Not going to get what I paid for this that’s fine but no silly other please. These are 600 alone stock so add all the internals etc… any other questions feel free to ask. Cheers



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    Hey guys Bought this off a friend a while ago, but haven’t played a game in god knows how long. Only been used in the garden for plinking and tinkering. Gun has fired brilliantly especially during the warmer days and even on cold rainy days it’s quite surprising. Never had a single leak or changed a o-ring after I learned to just leave the mag upside down for a while with gas in it! Comes with 4 leak free mags, two which are brand new. *Which will come without gas in them obviously* I’ll take off all the old lube I’ve put on it so the buyer can use whatever they want. Great little pistol and quite a decent kick too, sure maple leaf do a bunch of upgrades for them. postage included in price. Any questions feel free to ask open to offers cheers



  5. Time Left: 6 days and 16 hours

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    Hey guys Emersongear plate carrier I’ve had a while but hardly used to be honest. Comes with a brand new warrior assault triple pouch for the front. *the Emerson clips were to short to clip in to the warrior pouch so have been cable tied around the clips to hold them in then Velcro’d on as normal, inserting mags and taking them out isn’t a problem in the slightest* Will come with the dangler and fast mags plus the ptt for a radio not looking for trades. Postage included in price.



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    Hey guys Fma helmet with retention system lovely and comfy bit of kit plus has the Wilcox trades on the nvg mount comes with headset, cover in multicam and counterweight pouch with patch. postage included in price any questions feel free to ask cheers


    Edinburgh - GB


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    Hi guys Take the whole lot for 55 pounds or sell individual. Selling a few things that I haven’t used in a good year or so. All been washed and sprayed then put in a box. eagle industries chest rig RS 4 m4 or ak pouches and 4 pistol mag pouches - 35 pounds. Tear in one of the m4 mag pouches doesn’t effect use at all. Viper dump pouch-5 pounds Tmc crye rep belt no inner belt size 32 waist and lower- 10 pounds Tmc m4/pistol pouches 2X sold. viper radio pouch- 5 pounds Tmc cyre rep trousers good condition no knee pads-20 pounds viper plate carrier bag- sold. Think that’s all, mite be posting later on if I find anything else. Bundle deals are always welcome.



  8. Appreciate it Dave cheers
  9. Hey guys, is it true that you need to remove the Mk18 rail gbbr to access the hop rubber or inner barrel? Or can you access it by splitting upper and lower? That’s the thing that’s putting me off the Mk18 atm. If I can change/clean the inner and change the rubber without taking off that rail I’d be a bit happier. Cheers
  10. could u dm me back if u can 

  11. Hi mate would u do 300 for the we mk18 post made and with postage 

    1. Sylithics


      Sorry sold ages ago. 

  12. Thanks mate appreciate the help, I do love the immersion of the ngrs that’s why I got it in the first place but there’s nothing really behind it so to speak to when I push the bolt catch etc. But I do think your right, I’ll try and save up for a mws and keep my ngrs. thanks again 👌
  13. Hi guys new to this mws scene long time lurker I don’t actually have a mws yet (yet is the word).. anyway I don’t play as often as I like anymore and have always fancied a gbbr but been put off by the uk weather. I’ve got a tm Mk18 ngrs that I’m currently using but feel it’s a bit dull. Yeah it’s great at range etc but there’s hardly any feedback.. ill get to the point.. Has anyone traded or sold there ngrs to get a mws? Any regrets at all? cheers again love the posts and pics btw folks makes me want one even more haha
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    One of if not the best Airsoft holographic sights you can get... Holds zero when it was on my gbbr and it’s also fine on my ngrs. Goes up to 10 brightness levels quite bright even in the sunlight :) will come with one battery. Any questions feel free to ask. Cheers


    Edinburgh - GB

  15. Can you mark the fde mini socom as sold mate if like you said it’s sold. 👍 cheers
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