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    VFC HK416 A5
    TM HK45 Tactical
    TM Beretta Px4
    TM Super 90 (shorty)
    TM P90 TR
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    Lots of WAS gear (mainly MTP)
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    Combat South Fareham
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    Apart from the obvious, I am also very much into anything with four wheels and an engine! I have always loved cars and will try to attend as many Track Days as possible. Any spare down time is spent on the Xbox

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  1. RMDavis

    TM P90 TR *bundle*

    Time Left: 6 days and 5 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    For sale as a package is my TM P90 TR I bought this P90 on it's own secondhand at the end of last year and have done a few minor things to it since, and has performed faultless out on the field. It is excellent condition with barely a mark on the receiver, everything works as it should. As far as I'm aware the gearbox internals haven't been touched but I have fitted a Prometheus tight-bore barrel and a Prometheus purple hop rubber. Externally I have also fitted a Laylax sling swivel, and a Laylax enlarged magazine catch (makes quick mag changes much easier) Included with the P90:- * Condor chest rig (tan) * x3 P90 double mag pouch (tan) * Nuprol bungee sling (tan) * reflex red dot sight * Odin speed loader P90 mag adaptor * King Arms QD silencer * x2 TM low-cap mags * x4 MAG mid-cap mags I would like £250 for everything including postage or I can arrange collection for anyone interested Any questions just drop me a message Cheers, Rob.


  2. Making the trip over to R.I.F.T 'Coms Site 3' this Sunday. I'm looking forward to it, and have heard good things. Any AFUK crew been there?

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    2. Prisce


      The site is great, Tony is a great guy. 


      The site is medium sized for what I’m used to. (Maybe 10-20acres tops)They use the whole site, it’s got a bit of everything, underground rooms, buildings for extreme CQB, wooden pillars and turrets, an open field, trees. You name it it’s there.


      Tony is extremely strict on the rules, so days are usually epic as I have never had a cheat call at any of the days they do.

    3. clumpyedge


      I've been planning to play there since i started airsoft and still havnt been 😂

    4. RMDavis


      Thanks @Prisce sounds perfect. Roll on Sunday! 👍

  3. RMDavis


    It's lovely mate. One day I aspire to own a 'Hulk' but a Tudor Pelagos might be a little more realistic!
  4. RMDavis


    Loving that 'batman' 😍
  5. RMDavis

    Metro Exodus

    Totally understand that chap, I bought a copy for my Xbox One X I didn't get a copy for my laptop for that exact reason. When it's on Steam, with a cheap code from CDKeys I will probably reconsider. The Redux versions are bloody awesome!
  6. RMDavis

    Metro Exodus

    Fair comment, I really mean they don't get the credit they deserve compared to more 'popular' shooters. Especially when they first came out!
  7. RMDavis

    Metro Exodus

    Anyone playing this? I picked it at the weekend, and it's been consuming a lot of my spare time! Lots of fun, and I love the custom/makeshift weapons all set in such an interesting world. The last two games are real hidden gems, and both some of my favourite shooters. They do not get the credit they deserve!
  8. RMDavis


    Don't lie... We all know how you got those 'steps' 😂
  9. RMDavis


    If your 'leftie comunistesque rant' was directed at my little joke, well I'm sorry as you have completely taken it the wrong way. I couldn't give a flying f*ck what somebody puts on their wrist, whether its a Rolex Submariner or a little digital Casio. budget aside most watches are bought based on their aesthetics and that's obviously down to the buyer. Personally for me I am more interested in horology, the history of these manufacturers and what goes into making a decent watch (regardless of cost small or large) Fake watches do not keep decent time. They have some crappy quartz movement from china stuffed into an equally inferior case. Unfortunately there is much division in the watch community, mainly due to closed mindedness, ignorance and vulgar petty bourgeois snobbery. However, there is one thing ALL watch fans agree on, from rookie hobbyist, aspiring collector such as myself to seasoned connoisseurs, and that is the unpleasant subject of fake replica watches You don't buy a fake Rolex as a 'cheap' watch in order to tell the time, you just don't! The sort of person that buys these fake watches IMO is because they want to provoke a reaction or get comments about said watch, when it's a sham because it's fake. If they really wanted a cheap watch watch in order to tell the time, there's a whole host of watches that can be had for under £50 from legitimate manufacturers that do the job without the 'fake' bit.
  10. RMDavis


    Okay... 🤨
  11. RMDavis


    No... But it lies about your bank balance! 😂
  12. RMDavis

    Nicest M4 AEG you have.

    Here's my VFC H&K 416A5 Nicknamed the 'Caramac gun' 😂
  13. RMDavis

    Gate Titan V2

    They certainly are a game changer, took my VFC to a different league in terms of performance. The trigger response on single shot is incredible! Geeky details like connecting your phone and adjusting the settings etc is the cherry on top! 😁
  14. RMDavis

    Helmet Advice Please - GoPro mounting

    Hi Henry, and welcome to the forum! I can't comment on that exact helmet, but I use one of these: https://www.davescustomairsoft.co.uk/EmersonFastHelmet?search=EMERSON HELMET I then bought one of these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07F28R65K/ref=asc_df_B07F28R65K58548619/?tag=googshopuk-21&creative=22146&creativeASIN=B07F28R65K&linkCode=df0&hvadid=309924740778&hvpos=1o1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=1160736233406329025&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1006501&hvtargid=pla-523248989404 Which simply clips in securely onto the NVG mount on the front of the helmet. I use a small cable tie as a lanyard in case for whatever reason the mount gets detached from the helmet! I'm using a GoPro Hero 4 Silver, but I'm pretty sure they all use the same sort of mounting's?
  15. RMDavis

    TM PX4

    Time Left: 1 day and 9 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    For sale is my TM PX4 In very good condition, and perfect working order. Its about 4 months old, and has seen at least 10 games. I've carried out a couple of upgrades which comprise of a Prometheus tight bore barrel, Laylax piston, and a LayLax lanyard adapter. (all the original parts will be included) There's three TM magazines included which are leak free. Two of the mags developed a leak, but I bought a seal kit and renewed the seals on all three mags just to be safe. I will also include an IMI holster, with paddle, belt, and molle attachments. I would like £150 posted, but can arrange collection for anyone that's interested. Cheers, Rob.