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  1. People really do lack common sense these days... 🤨
  2. Is there a particular store that I can go to find original TM internal parts? Or is it a case of phoning a supplier and seeing if they can contact TM directly? 


    My KSG hop chamber needs replacing as the tiny screw threads are fooked! 





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    2. sonofsammo


      Or if you can wait a little while:

    3. StayOnTarget


      Nice one sonofsammo for posting that link,to be honest if Eagle6 goes by their usual service standards the impulse101 parts will get here before them anyway😉🖖

    4. RMDavis


      Thank you very much @sonofsammo I emailed Impulse, and they are sorting things out for me. It's going to take about month or so to get the parts but I'm more than happy to wait! 



  3. RMDavis


    Website: http://www.wiitech.com.hk/ Ordered a load of internal parts for my KSG from these guys, great communication with shipping details etc. Arrived very well packaged (even after customs must of had a look) and the quality of their CNC work is very impressive! One of the parts I had ordered was missing unfortunately, but after an email to them I received a very quick reply with an apology and a new tracking number to show my missing part was on the way. 👍 Would happily use them again!
  4. Welcome bud! Ground Zero is a great site, and I've always had a good day of 'pew pew' there!
  5. 3 days now and my parts are still stuck in customs... 🤨

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    2. Lozart


      It's pretty decent, like any CQB site it can get a bit choke pointy. generally pretty well marshalled though. Come on down, be good to meet up!

    3. RMDavis


      Sounds good mate, can't be any worse than UCAP's bunker or the Mall when it was heaving!


      Do you need to pre-book or can you just turn up on the day?


      I think both me and my mate will head down there for sure. 👍

    4. Lozart


      Best bet is to book, drop them a line with which game date you want through the contact form here: https://www.ironsightairsoft.co.uk/contact-us and Lorraine or Paul will get you booked on!


      Not as bad as The Mall when it was busy, that place was a complete gagglefuck at times!

  6. RMDavis

    Division 2

    You can shoot them down!? 😲
  7. You don't secretly work for them do you? 😂
  8. RMDavis

    Division 2

    It's a bloody awesome game bud! I agree that it's a massive improvement over the first game in pretty much every aspect. I'm playing on Xbox - Gamertag: RMDavis Reached level 30 last night and managed to beat the first 'stronghold'' mission. I can see this game keeping me occupied for quite some time!
  9. I've bought a Geissele rail for the A5! What do you chaps think? I'm personally a fan, and although there's not much difference in weight. It feels nicer to hold, I may not even bother with a vertical grip. Here's pictures of before and after.
  10. That's good to know bud. Is 370mm inner barrel regarded as the sweet spot for a DMR build regardless how long the outer barrel is?
  11. Time Left: 2 days and 12 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    For sale is my Tomtac Comtac II Headset (black) complete with FMA fast helmet mounting brackets (black) This headset is only a couple of months old, and the only reason it's up for sale is I honestly I can't get on with them! Not a negative on this particular headset, but personally I really don't like having both my ears covered up during a game. Combined with a helmet, eypro etc it's just too much for me and I need to find a less bulky option for Com's. It's literally been used for about 20 minutes if that, and works perfectly. Sadly the headband is missing as I stupidly binned it as I intended to use it exclusively on my helmet, but as mentioned I will include the FMA helmet mounts. I would like £40 posted, but can arrange collection for anyone that's interested. Any questions etc just drop me a message. Thanks for looking, Rob.



  12. I'm going to stripdown the KSG tonight... Wish me luck! 😐

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    2. RMDavis


      @Asomodai I've just placed a considerable order with Wiitech...


      KSG (T.Marui) CNC Stainless Steel Loading Nozzle Gas Inlet 4097 1    
      KSG (T.Marui) CNC Hardened Steel Enhanced Hammer 4095 1    
      KSG (T.Marui) 170% Hammer Spring 4094 1    
      KSG (T.Marui) CNC Steel Loading Plate A of part No.42 4091 1    
      KSG (T.Marui) CNC Aluminium Loading Plate B of part No.42 4090 1    
      KSG (T.Marui) CNC Steel QD Sling Pin 4088 1    
      KSG (T.Marui) CNC Enhanced CTG Stop Right 4087 1    
      KSG (T.Marui) CNC Enhanced CTG Stop Left 4086 1    
      KSG (T.Marui) CNC Aluminium Hop-up Chamber part No.50 4085 1    
      KSG (T.Marui) Long Inner Barrel Set (6.03mm x 380mm) 4075 1    
      T.Marui: KSG, M870 Enhanced Stainless Steel Valve Pin 4043 1    
      KSG (T.Marui) CNC 7075-T6 Standard Loading Nozzle set 4092 1    



      I will let you know how it goes and whether the extra effort/money was worth it! 😂

    3. Asomodai


      @RMDavis That looks awesome. Cant wait to hear the results. Out of curiosity, how much did that lot set you back?


    4. RMDavis


      Ahem... £290 with postage 😅

  13. Evening bud, I use one of these for my TM HK45T https://www.uktactical.com/p-8927-warrior-universal-pistol-holster-multicam.aspx It can be adjusted to suit various pistols, and works perfectly with my 45 Tactical. I would assume it would work just as well with a Compact.
  14. Hands down the best 'thing' I have ever bought for airsoft!
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