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  1. 7.2V would be a smaller NiMh or NiCd. Did you mean a 7.4V LiPo?
  2. That IS correct on new the new ones. Check the EVO owners club on FB and Lasse (the chap who makes them?) and Paul (UK ASG Rep) have confirmed it. Something to do with barrel length/BBs/return cycles of pistons not being quick enough. If you wanted to run 11.1 in a longer Evo, you'd need to short stroke and use a larger spring, but obviously that would invalidate warranty anyway too.
  3. depends on the retailer, but under warranty stuff is a postage refunded deal/collected by the retailer. EVOs do sometimes eat themselves if you double feed, but if you aren't technical it's a send it back to be repaired job
  4. As above, barrels are 6.01 to 6.03 usually (some go to 6.23) BBs are 5.95 more often than not, certainly most decent brands. What BBs are you using that claim 6.00-6.01 sizing?
  5. Apologies for the earlier spam. Offending account has been blocked and deleted.
    Thanks muchly to those who flagged the posts via our report system, it makes tidying up that much quicker.

  6. isn't fucking up a perfectly good gun the best bit of the hobby?
  7. all the valves are reparable with time and the right O-rings. good starting place is a £4-5 bottle of abbey maintenance gas. Usually sorts out slight leaks.
  8. I'd disagree with trigger on that one As a table top/board game playing, firearms geek and ex-iron maiden t-shirt wearing nerd it's just a good fun energetic game.
  9. ok that bit is a support to help the slide lock catch properly and wear out slower. I'd say a bit of superglue would hold it on OK, but it's not ideal Maybe try some Qbond?
  10. it's not from the back of the nozzle housing in the 'cocked warning' section is it?
  11. your daughters mistake fixed Edit: his daughter had caused a momentary lapse in concentration, and rather than typing 'trusting' the OP had written something more along what an infant child may have expressed through their dinner
  12. I'd have said Gen 4 as the Gen 3 mag release button is too small Good stuff: basically all Maruis, just be carfeul with gas choices in the summer NEW WE stuff, including the WET hi capas, glocks, and some of their other more unique bits. Bad stuff: KWA/ASG on the whole I'd avoid in the UK, they're good. But only if you run powerful gases and avoid the asg shadow completely, it's made of dog farts. I don't like M9's, slide mounted safeties were invented by hitler, I'm pretty sure, plus they're fiddly to operate compared to other stuff. Lugers, Browning hi-powers and that sort of thing. Obviously, there are things that don't fall into either category, and many people will come on here and say my XYZ was good, or my Marui broke when I fed it black gas and dropped it 12 times, but I like to think I know what I'm talking about: Basically only use pistols when skirmishing Shoot pistols competitively. Work on basically every pistol booked into PB. If it were my money, I'd have either a WE Gen4 G34 or one of the split slide Armourer works capas. for CQB
  13. sounds more like a short in the gun to me, before any load like the motor.
  14. anything 'fun' won't make much money. Those who have lots of money often do something tedious. More millionaires doing manufacturing of springs, bolts, washers, small electrical components etc. than there are playing with toy guns If it's a decent amount buy houses, rent or sell for profit. I should have done that 2 years ago, I might now just afford a deposit on a second place to rent, kick myself daily for not jumping at it faster. If you come up with a better business in the meantime, you can sell up to release money. Imagine it like a big bank account that is almost never going to lose the money, but nearly guarantees decent reward on investment. smaller amounts can be beneficial in other ways. Can you pay off your mortgage for example. Do you have any saleable skills or interests?
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