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  1. I think mine must b defective in some way then, just not sure if it's the rifle or the magazine
  2. Can I ask what Mags and Batteries you use in your Krytac CRB please PT?
  3. I'll contact the seller and send it back I think
  4. I'm pretty sure to release the mag I have to shimmy it from side to side, it's so bad it's taking the paint off of the mag itself! I don't know if it's a dodgy mag or gun? As my A&K high caps are the complete opposite fit in fine but they are to lose and the catch doesn't hold them in. So strange
  5. I bought a brand new Krytac CRB, it arrived and the magazine doesn't fit in the gun?? Has anyone else had this experience? Totally shocked to get this from a brand new gun.
  6. Hi guys are there any good Krytac forums about?
  7. Hi guys, I have bought a new battery but the mini Tamiya connector is to short to meet the connector in the gun. Is there anywhere I can by an 'exstension lead' (for lack of a better word) just say 2 inches to help connect the battery and the gun through the buffer tube? Thanks in advance!
  8. Kept them in a glass of water for 10 days, and it had no effect what so ever on them! No cracking, bloating or distortion
  9. What upgrades have you run on your SPR? Is there much difference between the CRB and SPR internally?
  10. I'm am thinking about getting a Krytac trident CRB. You can find them around the £300 mark. My question is, are there any better AEGs for the price with out of the box performance?
  11. Yeah it should be fine, I forgot to put my UKARA on one of my orders and by the time I realised and rang them to correct it, they had already sent it. 5 days later my order turned up with no problems what so ever.
  12. Yeah sure, I will . I'm assuming the .28 and .36 will be made in the same place so it won't matter which one I use?
  13. Yeah I know what you mean, if I have a big order I normally go to them as over £75 you get free delivery. They have some really well priced stuff as well
  14. Thanks mate, I will chuck some of there .28 & .36 in with my next order
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