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  1. Hi guys, I have bought a new battery but the mini Tamiya connector is to short to meet the connector in the gun. Is there anywhere I can by an 'exstension lead' (for lack of a better word) just say 2 inches to help connect the battery and the gun through the buffer tube? Thanks in advance!
  2. Yeah it should be fine, I forgot to put my UKARA on one of my orders and by the time I realised and rang them to correct it, they had already sent it. 5 days later my order turned up with no problems what so ever.
  3. Was the mosfet hard to install on the sr25?
  4. Hi guys is it best to store your AEG in safe mode or single shot? I've heard different info about the effect it has in the spring etc.
  5. Thanks, I keep hearing about putting silicon spray in the barrel every now and then? Any idea where I can get this from?
  6. Hi guys, so I've decided to purchase my first AEG. I have gone for a P&J M4 (essentially an A&K M4 but with upgrades from Taiwan Gun). I am just wanting to know around the basics of maintaining my gun... So tips on cleaning, storing, battery usage and generally maintaining the gun both internally and externally to get longevity out of it. If you guys can give me any tips it would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Sorry what does MRS stand for?
  8. All thE mags are ICS and there is 6 low cap (not mid). It had a madbull 6.03 tight ore barrel and an ultimate m90 Spring upgrade. I wasn't really looking to upgrade the gun at all I just liked the look of it. A bit different to the normal m4s and AKs. Just was wondering if mechanically the ICS SIG were sound. Thanks for all your help so far guys
  9. It is a full metal model he bought it in late 2014
  10. Hi guys, One of my friends has got a SIG 552 for sale, I just wanted to know if any of you had managed to play with one or use one and could let me know how the gun performs or if you know of any known problem with them? My main arena to play in is woodland. Also he wants £195 with 2 high caps 6 mid caps a battery and charger. Is that a good price? Thanks in advance
  11. Has anyone had any experience with the P&J M4s from Taiwan Gun? I was just looking through their website and it looks fairly decent and at a good price. I was just wondering if anyone had any hands on experience with them and could let me k is what they are like?
  12. Hi all, pretty new to airsoft. I've been 3 times in the last 2 months. My local site is woodland arena so any advice on what gun to get etc would be much appreciated! I have a budget around the £300 mark. Also any arenas or meets worth checking out in Devon/Somerset?
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