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  1. Well that's two Skirmshop orders made this week now!!
  2. Has the spring had much use? If it isn't already, once it's bedded in you'd probably loose those few FPS you were over wouldn't you? What other internals have you got out of interest? I'm sure I've got an M150 spring in my G Spec. Just trying to learn. * I may be wrong but I'd rather comment and be told i'm wrong than to keep my opinions to myself and not know if I'm right!
  3. Cheers for the replies guys! The rifle is getting taken apart shortly for a clean and to remove the two tone now I've earned my UKARA. So while it's in bits I'm going to install a Gunsmithy TDC. I know once the hop is set I shouldn't ever need to adjust but this just makes minute adjustments easier. I've been kindly given some of Nov's 0.46BB's to try, so I'll see how things go with those. Thinking back to the game now I should have whipped my ARP9 out and been an aggressive drum mag winding bush! I've just switched to Hero Shark gogg
  4. My 3rd game at Matlock today! Didn't have much fun in the morning, massively overgrown area we were playing in, I just couldn't see anyone clearly enough. But overall, fun was had. I did feel I was lacking in range. It was probably down to not being able to see the enemy clearly rather than not bring able to hit them but it did make me doubt the rifles ability a little. Now, I have a question. I know the hop unit is used to apply pressure on the BB to create backspin. This (depending on the amount of pressure) altering what the BB does when it leaves the barrel. However
  5. I use a honeycomb shade on my Hawke scope. I tried to get a cheap one from eBay but the size was a bit off. So ended up getting an official Hawke one for about £25. Pricey, but my scope cost about £80 in the first place. Hasn't really altered the view at all, maybe just a tad darker due to less light getting in but still usable in the woods!
  6. Wow, that came fast! Ordered at 4am ish on Thursday and arrived dinner time Saturday! Worth getting woken up early after a night shift for!
  7. I added some acrylic ink and water into a food back at a ratio of 3:1 in favour of ink and threw in 20 or so leaves at a time. Got a really good coverage. I ran them through the washing machine and tumble dryer inside a pillow case to soften then up first! I roughly followed this guide https://www.google.com/amp/s/stipsniper.com/2017/10/29/crafting-leaves/amp/ Mine turned out pretty well!! That's them bagged up after.
  8. I only mentioned the loading nozzle as my Raven 1911 came with a different nozzle for using co2 mags, so I just assumed it'd be the case with everything else. Is this a thing?
  9. Would you need to change the loading nozzle?
  10. My fanboy weakness made me buy a green KMCS Leaf suit now they are back in stock! My self imposed spending ban didn't last long!
  11. Well I let the Araldite cure, oiled up the o ring and rebuilt......leaked instantly! So stripped again and broke out the Plexus (forgot I had some), tested it this morning and no more leaks! Happy days!!
  12. Thanks for the reply, I'm just bored I guess and like tinkering with things. It was chucking some 0.32's down the garden with minimal hop yesterday so I know it can do the business!
  13. I did try the mag with some abbey gas and the over fill valve blew the second any gas went into the mag. To be honest, it did blow on green gas last week then I stuck some abbey in and it stopped. I'll get some Araldite in it tonight and rebuild it in a few days. Tempted to try lubricating the o ring first and testing before I stick some sealant where the o ring should go.
  14. New bit of kit in my arsenal, managed to get my hands on an Action Army AAP-01. Had a few blasts in the garden and I love it! Had a play with my MK23 as well to test some new BB's and my TM mag has started leaking from the over pressure valve. I've drilled the blind pin out and punched the others out. Lost / removed the over pressure valve. My plan is to Araldite the void where the over pressure valve is then add some sealant around the base of the mag. Sealant wise, I'll be using what ever I can find at work, possibly black sikaflex so if the ma
  15. Managed to have a quick mess about with it while the baby had a nap! Really impressed with it so far, hope to give it an fielding at Leicester Gaol on the 11th. Just googling for minor upgrades at the moment like hop rubbers and H plates etc! Small edit, I did notice that the loading nozzle gets stuck a little. I can pull the charging handle bit back and when I let go it needs a gentle tap to get it fully home. I assume it may stop doing so when I've put a few mags through it. Anyone had a similar issue?
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