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  1. Mine has been found......but is currently "Held in warehouse". I've harassed UPS on Facebook again and they've confirmed they have it and I just need to keep on checking the tracker.
  2. Best of luck, enjoy the read!
  3. I'm at Anzio Camp on Saturday, so i may whip out my AAP SMG if the air on my MTW runs out. Had a little play with my mates SMC-9 yesterday, feels really solid! Mags are very very heavy though!
  4. Enjoyed the loadout video. I've just spunked on a load of new viper stuff so I can have an rig for sniping, one for the MTW (dressed as a bush) and another for CQB and none bush days!
  5. I've emailed TG explaining the UPS have said my package is lost and have started a claim through UPS, uploading my invoice etc. Hopefully should see something come of it soon. Also had notification that my Novritch order is in motion and they have fortunely used DHL, so hopegully that turns up a bit quicker.....or just turns up at all would be nice actually!
  6. They've told me mines lost after I confronted them on Facebook.
  7. Well, courtesy of @alxndrhll the MTW now has a 285mm 6.05mm PDI barrel and silent industries 1.0 arm. Also have the 2.0 incase I want to try a different nub. PIcked up a G&G green hop rubber from UKFOB last night as well. Pumped half a mag through it last night just to check it fires correctly after putting it all together. Fuck me the hop rubber was tight to get in. Liberal use of silicone oil and then a through clean after helped get it in! The nozzle got stuck a few times but came unstuck with another trigger pull. I assume it may stop happening once
  8. Wow, there is hope...... Unfortunately mines still on an import scan from the 29th.
  9. Well quite a bit of fun was had at Phoenix on Monday. Turns out there were atleast 6 or 7 YouTube snipers there so I'm sure one of them will have footage of me getting hit! There is also a possibility I may have hit a few of them, I did fire BB's in Mustangs general direction! The MTW performed well enough. Every shot curved off to the right past 40m or so but a bit corrective shooting sorted that. I assume the hop unit might need looking at or possibly it could be some of my leaf wrap getting in the way? It was an absolute pleasure to get some more close up
  10. I'm at Phoenix on Monday hunting YouTubers 😂 so hopefully now I've got it set up better it'll do the business! 80 P.S.I gets me around 360fps which will do me. Phoenix limit is 370fps for full auto (including HPA) so near enough a full auto capable DMR. Exciting!!
  11. Snap! Plus another import scan for good measure! Looks like mines been back dated because it was out for delivery on the 30th and 31th.
  12. A dumy grenade will definely be friendlier on the ears. I suppose it depends if everyone in the room notices the granade. Might load up my dump pouch with pine cones on monday and see how i get on
  13. I've always had really good service from Airsoft world. I ordered a few bits that unfortunately due to my inexperience weren't compatable, they very thoughtfully called me before the parts got dispatched to check if I knew they woudnt work together! Can't say I have ever had that level of service for an online order before.
  14. I decied to email TG about whats happening with my order. I had a reply pretty much just giving me tracking information that I already had from the UPS app. Waited a few days as it was apparently out for delivery, then instead being delivered they treated it to another import scan. Sent that information to TG, so ill see what they will say.
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