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  1. Sounds like I'll be holding off buying a run can then....anyone's magically get any better?
  2. Time Left: 4 days and 22 hours

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    Patrolbase have the tan in stock but no black. Anyone got a black one in good working condition? I think it would look great on my MTW! Postage to DE21 required. Cheers


    Derby, Please select a region, state or province. - GB

  3. Unfortunately my dreams were shattered! 😂 I had grand plans of running a semi only MTW with no M.E.D......but it wasn't to be. 80 P.S.I is the minimum operating pressure for the Reaper engine, which put me around 365 FPS. The above, plus issues with the reaper engine not resetting sometimes for upto 5 seconds I took it back to Paul. He kindly let me borrow a Forged / Inferno to try out. Took it to Skirmish in Nottingham for a day. It started off well enough, then the issues began. The first problem probably being my own fault and not having the dwell or a
  4. Quite edit because that was a bit long winded. Basically, I got a HPA starter kit from my mate Paul at http://www.ukfob.co.uk stuck some taps into my MK23 and AAP-01 mags and off I went. Paul ordered 7 of the new forged / Milspec MTW's. I took home a 10" Milspec with some heavy discount attached!
  5. I've been meaning to put together a build / life with an MTW thread for a while now but have never gotten round to it. So let this be the first step of many. I'll try to detail as best I can the general faffing and me being a bit of a pain in the arse (more on this later). Why I chose to spunk a wedge on HPA stuff and just general thread that might perhaps help others decide if this is the path for them! More at some point soon (probably when the kids have gone to bed), I'm typing this now while I'm supposed to be tidying up play-doh!
  6. My Lee's precision engineering adapter came today so I can fit my MK23 silverback supressor to my MTW!! I'm quite pleased with how it looks! A bit different to the KAC one I've been using! That can be my CQB one 😂
  7. What Steve said! Sort of gutted I sold my ARP9 as it was such a fun little gun, especially with the drum mag!!
  8. Go dive are open to fill by appointment if you have one near by! Ah, think it might just be a Derby shop!
  9. Thanks for the reply. So I'm better off topping up the tank that connects to my RIF little and often, makes sense to me! The reason I asked was just to make sure the 3litre tank will be sufficient to last me long enough for a decent "setting up" session and a couple of top ups on a game day. I live about 2 miles from my local go dive so getting a refill isn't an issue. Portability and space saving is higher on my list than overall capacity as I will only be using the gun in anger at most, once a month.......which will probably be even less once my wifes mat
  10. I've scrolled through all the topics in here but can't find any info.....however it is late and I am tired, apologies if this has been asked before... I've ordered, but not yet collected a 3litre scuba tank from Go Dive, how many times would that likely fill my 48ci tank? Cheers Rich
  11. Any idea how heavy the scuba tank is? Go-dive have go 20ish % off most things including tanks at the moment! It's payday on Friday and I did a lot overtime!!!

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    Basically, I've got an mp5 adapter for my MK23 and would like some low or preferably mid cap (no winding wheel / rattle) mags. Cheers Rich


    Derby - GB

  13. Either sell the tan one to me or run one as a pistol and one with the stock etc. I'd obviously prefer it if you sold me the tan one! It'd get a lovely camo pen job and my black one can keep its stock on full time.
  14. I've just ventured into HPA and I'm sure I was running my AAP-01 and MK23 at 60 P.S.I which got an average of 300fps on 0.2's. It's all trial and error I guess.
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