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  1. I probably manage a game once every 5 or 6 weeks. I can sometimes get a few more games in if I use a some holidays when I'm rostered to work a weekend. I'll try get a midweek CQB in every now and then if I can't make a weekend woodland game. I should probably thin my gun collection down a bit, because the amount of guns I have Vs how often I play is quite silly!
  2. After I nearly bought a stock KC02 to build up gradually, I ended up buying this instead from @Alimcd It's absolutely beautiful!! Can't wait to give it an outing at The MAW on the 10th!
  3. I put a wanted ad up a month or so ago and didn't have any joy. Apparently they're either working on a new one or waiting to see if Novritch's one will be compatible and ruin any potential sales.
  4. Might be best to just message Wolverine directly Dayne. When do I get to shoot you again?

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    Trying to source a HPA adapter for a KC02 before I actually pick up a KC02. A bit backwards I know but I don't want to fork out big money for loads of mags and then end up buying an adapter anyway. Cheers Rich


  6. I've had an ender 3 pro for about a year now. Upgraded with a glass bed, CR touch and new bed springs. Really happy with it so far and havent really had any issues. Getting some nice consistent prints at the moment. It's currenty just printing off a sanding block that i need for tomorrow morning, as i've been laser engraving some signs for my mates airsoft site and they just need a bit of claning up!
  7. Definitely going to cost you a few quid, I've spent loads on mine on never bloody use it 😭
  8. I've not long had a delivery of Warhead 0.32's. One of the lads swears by then as well. Should also be giving the a testing out on the 22nd, as well as a few others!
  9. You down on the 22nd dude?
  10. Killzone Airsoft have a game tomorrow. They're in Derby. Nice small to medium woodland site, give them a Google if it's not to late for you to decide!
  11. Looking good Steve!! I'll be slapping a longer inner barrel in mine and trying it as a DMR. Couldn't quite justify a full KC02 build, so this will hopefully scratch that itch. The General kindly gifted me a 200 and 220mm barrel to try in it!!
  12. I'll have to keep an eye out, not really got enough spare dosh to drop into a new build at the moment! Slapping a longer barrel in the AAP to test out as a DMR, should scratch the itch for a while!
  13. My mate had one but had to run it on white gas to pass chrono. I'd assume with a HPA adapter it would be absolutely fine. I think you can replace a nozzle or something to bring the power down but they were out of stock everywhere when he had his and he was dead against HPA at the time..... Until I got my MTW now all my mates have got them 😂 I had a few shots with it and it felt rather nice! That's all I can offer though.
  14. From watching Kicking Mustangs videos I believe they're from the states. They seem to send him some decent stuff every now and then.
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