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  1. Any clue if that wrap would go over a vsr G-Spec silencer?
  2. Might have taken my rifle to work to take advantage of the perfect maintenance shed conditions!! I was hitting my 14cm pellet trap at 47m (length of two train coaches) quite convincingly with 0.4's but didn't bring very many with me. Is that any good? What sort of range should I be able to hit folk at? I had some 0.28's left in my rifle bag but they seemed to be flying anywhere and everywhere at that range. Might have to strip it down again as I can't tell if the hop rubber is fraying where the cylinder head hits it. Is that normal? Or could it be damage from fitting it to the wrong barrel earlier on in the build? Chuffed with how it's firing anyway, put a smile on my mates face who is big into his air rifles!!
  3. Small update! Stuck a Pantera concave nub in because I couldn't get a ML one from Skirnshop where I was buying the upgraded body cap heads from. All bits in nicely, can't really tell the difference in space I'm shooting in. Very close to buying a TM MK23.....
  4. I'll be keeping an eye on this! Payday has struck and I need a silent sidearm! Torn between genuine TM or a copy!
  5. Thanks again dude! Really appreciate it!!
  6. A quick spin out in the mini for a socially distanced collection of an M150 spring from @Steveocee earlier today! Had 5 minutes to swap the springs around! I have the power!
  7. It makes no difference at the moment when I'm not shooting past 60ft!! 😂 That's all I needed to hear!!
  8. Built the rifle back up with the M130 spring again but this time with the new barrel. Had grand plans of plinking in the garden but came across an issue with the hop adjustment. With the hop wound all the way OFF, the BB's DON'T roll out the end of the barrel like it has before.. Infact with no hop at all it's shooting around 370 ish. Is this something that can happen with a new bucking? Or is it more than likely an issue with my recent bridge removal job? With the hop adjusted up I'm getting around 415 ish before the bucking is stopping the BB's from registering on the chrono. The above tested with 0.2s as my 0.4s are far to precious to fault find with!
  9. I did install it, but ssssshhhh, don't tell Eagle6. There's about an inch of free space between the spring and the piston, so the spring just slides up and down in the cylinder! Wouldn't be the most stealthy of builds with that rattling about inside and it makes a right "boing" noise when fired! I'm interested mate! Drop me a message!
  10. What a faff. Get out of work earlier and didn't want to wake the wife and kids up so thought I'd get into the "armoury" and fit the new spring...... It's shorter and fatter than my M130. Now I'm new to all this but the packaging says it's for an L96. I have no knowledge of this gun but eagle 6's website says the spring is compatible with the L96 and the VSR, so I assumed I'd be getting the correct spring. Surely if I have to have components X,Y and Z installed to fit this spring then they should make that clear, especially if it doesn't even fit a stock VSR. I've asked to send it back, so I'll see what they say!
  11. leadly

    Patrol Base

    I've used them quite a bit recently and have never had any issues. Everyone comes well packaged as well!!
  12. Well, what else do you do at 3am on a slow night shift? Attacked it with a file then worked up to 1200 grit. Feels smooth enough and no sharp edges to damage the rubber on!
  13. Well Eagle6 has got my vote! Ordered yesterday at 14:00 ish, arrived today at 10:30. Ok I paid for first class postage but they didn't muck about!! Good job it's my rostered week off starting on Saturday!
  14. Yeah so I've just realised I made a bit of an error..... So I've been smashing holes in paper targets tonight and I thought right, I'll try get my hop up adjusted and play around with it. I seemed to have to do a fair bit of tweaking up for it to make much of an impact and then "whammy" it hit me! After @Steveoceementioning that I'll have to file down the bridge on the Laylax 303 barrel I bought so I could fit my Autobot bucking, I'd realised that I'd fitted that same bucking to the stock barrel......which is also bridged!! Hopefully I've not damaged the bucking. I've just been out to the garage to wind the hop up off until the BB falls out of the end to remove any pressure of it. Atleast it's pretty cheap if I have caused any harm to it! Ah well, you live and learn. I'm not afraid to admit to my mistakes! I was wondering why my grouping was a bit shit as well!! On the plus side, Eagle6 have already posted out my order, so they've already made up for the extra quid or two its cost to order from them. Right now back to my late night MK23 research, on nights tomorrow so I'll be up until daft o clock making shopping lists for next payday!!
  15. Ah ball bags, I assumed they'd be the same. It's ordered now so never mind, I'm sure I'll manage to remove it.
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