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  1. I've got a couple of the WE extended mags that work well! Never had any issues with them, however they haven't seen much use!
  2. @Steveocee I ran it as an AEG as Phoenix don't knock down HPA users and AEG's can run at 370! Gives me a nice advantage over most AEG's as you'd expect them to be sub 350 as per everywhere else. Now DMR's are 450fps at Phoenix. My mate ran his MTW as a DMR and had a blast! I'm tempted to try DMR next time I'm there. However being a bushman, I got a good 20+ kills within 20m. I went invisible and hit a 10 kill streak. Had the other team moaning at eachother thinking they were getting team killed!! 🤣🤣
  3. I can only assume that when used with just the pistol the drum mag could be a bit cumbersome but on my AAP SMG it's weighted just right!!
  4. Brilliant! Reloading is soooooo overrated!!
  5. I'm a fan of Hells but yes, the dust seems to be getting a worse as time goes by. There is a largish woodland area on the site as well. The woods are currently being used to breed pheasants, but the breeders lease runs out in October and he's not renewing. So once he's gone, their going to start developing that Into an airsoft site as well!!
  6. Fantastic day at Phoenix yesterday. I ran my VSR for a few games but with towering 10ft ferns everywhere, it wasn't that fun. Switched to my MTW and engaged hedge trimmer mode! My bloody flash drum mag full of 0.32's shat itself later in the day but fortunately I had 3 mags full of 0.36's to test with me in my rig. Oh my, just that little bit more range was so helpful and the consistency was spot on using the heavier BB. Will definitely be buying some more!!
  7. It's because people like the customisability and versatility of it. The amount of time and effort people put into making and sharing their own designs and products, most of the time for free is quite staggering! Plus it's a cheap £80-90 pistol that can quite easily (using readily available AA parts) be turned into essentially a DMR with full Auto capabilities. I know most people own more than one of them (me included) but you could use just the one pistol as a DMR in the morning, rebuild it into an SMG after lunch and then use it at a pistol by just whipping off (or just folding) the stock and use it as a secondary. I do understand your point totally, but why do we do any of it? Why do we mooch about in the woods or abandoned buildings shooting eachother? Because we can and because it's fun!
  8. I've read that the hop unit is quite clunky in adjustment. They bought out a O ring to fit on it so make the adjustment a little more finer. I'm sure my mates got one and he said you still have split the upper to adjust it. (Although I just lock the slide and use a small screwdriver on the original hop). Adjusting the CNC will be more difficult with the stock fitted as you'd need to remove it to take the upper off. Not first hand experience or advice so may not be 100% accurate.
  9. I used the replacement AA one that Airsoftworld stock. In sure I put a screenshot of it in an earlier post!
  10. Just bought a brown KMCS 3.0 from Empire Airsoft. Very impressive service, the suit was with DHL about 15 minutes after purchase! Should be here tomorrow!!
  11. Another thing that I've noticed is the use of tourniquets / bandages for being revived back in the game. For the immersion I guess. Again, like the dead rag, not something I'm overly bothered about using but I suppose the bandage helps signify if your on your last life. (Yes I'm aware people can still just remove it to get another life).
  12. Both looking very smart @Skara I can also vouch for the sturdyness of the folding stock @Shaydee, well worth the money!! I used my AAP SMG for the full night on friday at my local CQB site. The frame on my beloved Hi Capa cracked when i was setting it up the night before so i didnt want to risk further damage. After getting over my sulk from my scope battery dying 😁 I soldiered on and had a great night. I've got a woodland game at Phoenix coming up so the AAP SMG will stay at home. My AAP pistol will get an outing though. Then i've got Leicester Gaol in September, will probably use a mix of MTW and AAP for that.
  13. Dead rags is something that sticks out for me. Seem to be used everywhere but in the UK!!
  14. A Dye I5 mask! Go on judge me, i don't mind!! My revision bullet ANTs fell to bits and after a new CQB site opened up 15 minutes away from me, I needed a new fog free option. Tested it out on Friday night, comfortable to wear and no fogging!!
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