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  1. Not too far, about an hour from us here in cambs.
  2. I'm going with a group of us to Rift - The Ridge near Luton on the 28th if you fancy it. Not sure if I can make it on 20th, but if I can I'll post here.
  3. SWAS at Wyton near Huntingdon (now my regular site) alternates Saturdays and Sundays which is great as it allows people to fit the games around work/family time at weekends.
  4. Sure Ben let me know when you are going I'll get a few of us to meet you at Tuddenham we are interested. Also, come to see us at Sway, we are there a lot these days. Worth going to SWAS, I've been going for several months now and help them to build lots more structures. Theres now more bunkers and a large fort. yes its still growing, but thats part of the charm. Very friendly atmosphere, you can get to know each other on your team and opposing team during breaks etc. I'd like to see more people try the site, build numbers up each week because it has a lot of potential and they listen to players and tweek game modes and missions using our feedback.
  5. Hi yes RIFT does UKARA however you now have to join as a member 25 quid as they use the membership number. Free fire does too, no membership required but further to travel. Looks like my group are going here on the 28th July if anyone wants to meet up. RIFT - The Ridge (near Luton) old Quarry
  6. Come to SWAS on the 30th mate, they are having a pyro event at least 6 of my group going. Lots of stuff going bang. We play there a lot now. Good fun and a friendly site.
  7. Hi guys thought I'd start a thread for any new and current players in the Cambridgeshire area that are looking to find each other and get some local games going. Sites to go to include RIFT - The Village (near Royston) Apocalypse Paintball Site SWAS - at RAF Wyton Mad dog - at Brampton A bit further out but worth visiting include: RIFT - The Ridge (near Luton) old Quarry Gunman Airsoft - Tuddenham Free fire zone near Bourne If you're looking for people to meet up with, perhaps for your first game or you are already a regular player but don't knmow anyone local get in touch here.
  8. Quick review Our group has been going to this site for a few months now. I'm pleased to say we have always had a blast! Main points: Good facilities including : Toilets, BBQ, Shop, firing range, fully covered warehouse for shelter, heating Playing area is huge, 45 acres! Lots of new features being installed weekly. Barricades, forts, bunkers etc. Shrubbery areas, open plains, ditches, ponds, hard standings and roads. Varied game types Good marshalling and safety. Marshals are friendly and offer advice to new players Alternating Saturdays and Sundays which gives everyone a chance to play (especially us busy dads!) Easy to get to Great atmosphere Summary: Well worth checking it out and one of our favourite sites to go to now.
  9. Hi guys, I can highly recommend SWAS at RAF Wyton. Its my local site and the guys there are very helpful and welcoming. The games are well marshalled and there are some good game types. The site itself is huge and is constantly evolving, new hand built bunkers and forts are going up all the time. They have snacks, burgers hot dogs and drinks available too which is great. As far as fair play goes, the marshals are taking it seriously, the majority of players are taking hits and the marshals make sure the games flow well. Safety is well catered for too, the briefings are good so everyone knows what is expected of them on site. A bunch of us are going this saturday including @Andydynamic and others, feel free to look for us and join us. I'll be the guy with an M14 or Thompson.
  10. Knee pads a must! Are you going to urban on 27th? 7 of us going if you want to join us.
  11. I dont use Facebook these days. Ben we are going to Tuddenham 1st December can you make it? I'll see if one of the others has Facebook and we will look into the Vietnam day. Cheers
  12. We'd like to join you on one of those events soon. From what you described they sound great.
  13. I'm coming son. 6 of us so far....hope Ben and his Bro can make it. Anyone else welcome to join us. Andy meet at mine we can convoy to McDonald's for breakfast!!! Mark Andy Sarah Jake Luke Eloise
  14. Welcome!! Anyone coming to urban assault 15th Sept? : )
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