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  1. Knee pads a must! Are you going to urban on 27th? 7 of us going if you want to join us.
  2. I dont use Facebook these days. Ben we are going to Tuddenham 1st December can you make it? I'll see if one of the others has Facebook and we will look into the Vietnam day. Cheers
  3. We'd like to join you on one of those events soon. From what you described they sound great.
  4. I'm coming son. 6 of us so far....hope Ben and his Bro can make it. Anyone else welcome to join us. Andy meet at mine we can convoy to McDonald's for breakfast!!! Mark Andy Sarah Jake Luke Eloise
  5. Welcome!! Anyone coming to urban assault 15th Sept? : )
  6. Could you let us know a date in advance for Tuddenham and we'll join you for a game. Sept or Oct.
  7. Hi chaps... I'm actually going to Rift Village on Sunday 2nd at Royston. Not far away. At least 3 of us going and my brother and his mate are also popping cherries. Possibly 5 of us. So if you want to join us there instead you're most welcome. 15th Sept Andy going to Upwood and 16th to rift village Royston. I've yet to decide which one I'll go to.
  8. Cool just give us a shout when you're free. Sites that I've been to in Cambridgeshire so far include: Urban assault at RAF Upwood Rift Village Royston Free fire zone Bourne Lincolnshire Mag dog Brampton Me and my mate Andy also on forum would like to try Coms site 3 soon.
  9. Hi guys me and some mates are going to rift village at Royston this Sunday. Anyone here fancy going?
  10. Hey Evil Monkey and Ben when are you going to UA next? My mate Abaid is coming down 18th August from Manchester and fancies a game. Andy, that Free fire zone was a thoroughly enjoyable day! My next loadout is coming along nicely......I think Evilmonkey will be impressed with my attention to historical detail....
  11. I managed with 2 mags but I carry speed loader so when walking to spawn I can reload. Will be better with 4 mags but I'm waiting on stock of 50 round extended mags for my g18c : ) atmosphere was really good. Everyone had fun. that last light Andy was in the corridor of doom. Make a few mad charges trying to take the odd defender out. But we couldn't use windows that game which stopped us flanking.
  12. Sounds exactly like what happened to my glock. Try checking the following.... When the slide is off look at the inner barrel. It simply rests against another part in the middle of the gun. Sorry I don't know the terminology. Anyway, I noticed mine was angled down slightly. So I made sure it was horizontal when I put the slide back on. Hey presto it worked.
  13. It's an open skirmish. Probably give it a miss until a few of us can go to a film sim
  14. Anyone going this Saturday 14th July? I feel the need for a game. Not been there before.
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