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  1. Andy when we were defending that end room it was intense in the darkness waiting for them to search the rooms. We fought off the first wave did you fight off the second when I got hit?
  2. Was great fun. 20 of us. Nice close quarters room by room action. As the light faded it got more tense. Had capture the flag, assassinate vip and finished with zombies which was hilarious. Need to get the word out and help grow the numbers.
  3. It's pistol and shotgun night tonight 645pm! Me and Andy going.anyone about?
  4. Hey guys me and Andydynamic playing at Mad dog Brampton on 29th now. Its free pizza event!!!
  5. Was a good day today. Marshalls did a good job and both teams fought aggressively with lots of movement. Weather was good too and less fogging was a bonus! Was good to meet Louis and his dad Dave first time at the site. Dome good team work. And welcome to the forum Louis.
  6. About 1 hour 45 mins give or take from Eversley. It is a good site. Me and two mates are still on for saturday. Anyone else making it over?
  7. Nice one, did you chrono your gun? I saw you were saying you were hoping it wasn't hot for the site. Just a week to go looking forward to it as always.
  8. Give us a shout when you next go there we want to try that site out Ben.
  9. Park next to white tiguan and we can team up. Should be 4 of us if you can make it. Anyone else about pop by and say hello. Bring cake.
  10. Hi L3wisD do you have any spares still? I could get a couple for me and Andydynamic. A tan and a grey would be cool ideally but open to whats available.
  11. Yes there was some non hit taking , I didn't notice too much but my mate experienced it. I think they need more marshalls, you need more eyes on the action. We had to tell the other team to vacate the upstairs of buildings as they didn't listen to the rules in a few games. We have a few more guys coming up on the 14th April to Urban assault. Then on the 29th we should be going to Mad dogs at Brampton. Glad your nose is better Ben, next time get to me quicker when th ecoast is clear hahahah ; )
  12. Markuz

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    It'll be a Px4 next haha Was the same for me on two shirts. I bought a second one cheap on ebay and mother in law cut materiel off the sleeve and lengthened the arms.
  13. From the left......Matt, djben, Andydynamic, Markuz Was good fun as always, a couple of game modes need a bit of tweaking but over all a great laugh today.
  14. yep the shop is closed today, as long as you've emailed them should be OK. It's only really a problem getting fully booked if trying to get a rental gun, but looks like you have your own. Still two of us going tomorrow, may be three. temperature dropping to 7 degrees so hopefully our pistol mission can still go ahead. : )
  15. Quite likely a few of my mates are coming with me on the 14th. Welcome to join us, look for a White Tiguan.