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  1. Markuz

    TM Glock 18 - Problems, please help

    Sounds exactly like what happened to my glock. Try checking the following.... When the slide is off look at the inner barrel. It simply rests against another part in the middle of the gun. Sorry I don't know the terminology. Anyway, I noticed mine was angled down slightly. So I made sure it was horizontal when I put the slide back on. Hey presto it worked.
  2. It's an open skirmish. Probably give it a miss until a few of us can go to a film sim
  3. Anyone going this Saturday 14th July? I feel the need for a game. Not been there before.
  4. Anyone fancy Tuddenham this Saturday 14th July? Not been before.
  5. I'm not aware of any but if you find something let us know. I think I'm going to free fire zone Lincolnshire 29th?
  6. Welcome, if you're back visiting Cambridgeshire pop by Upwood or Mad dog Brampton. I now also go to the RIFT village near Royston, that's a fun site.
  7. Was certainly hot. It goes so fast when doing a half day. We dominated the blues !
  8. Batteries charged ready for tomorrow. Looking forward to a few games. Will be back at the end of the month for a full day as well. Plus the next pistol night. Don't forget your water!
  9. All try to park near the gate. White tiguan. Team up and whoop some ass Ben don't wear black mate you'll roast! Also they said gates close at 915am due to people delaying the game and being late.
  10. I'm coming down for the morning on the 7th! We can have lunch in the club house lol I can squeeze a few games in before I have to leave at 1pm. Off to watch footie with my brother later that day. Anyone else making it?
  11. Markuz

    Noob looking for advice

    Hi don't quote me on price it's just approximate but got from fire support. They also did upgrades. Very helpful guys. Really good to ask advice from and they price fairly. After support has been great too. I had a little issue with a connector coming loose and they sorted it quickly. Really handy as well because they bring orders to site if you ask them.
  12. Markuz

    TM G18c holster advice

    Looks like I got a bit of Fortune. The nuprol g17 retension holster I bought off eBay that I intended to file down turned out to fit like a glove with no middling required. Must have actually been a g20+ holster. Happy days 12 quid delivered off eBay! Cheers for the advice guys
  13. Markuz

    Opinions on TM 416 Delta

    Great gun, love it. Just posted about it in a reply to a similar thread. Enjoy it when you get it. Impossible not to really.
  14. Markuz

    Noob looking for advice

    I got the TM 416d recoil very similar. Love the recoil effect and the extra sound near my head when firing. Converted to dean's Fps mod to bring it up towards Urban assault limit. Upgraded gears to take extra power of the Fps mod. Was around 600 all in with four batteries two sets dual wired plus charger. I didn't have the patience to try it before the mods but by all accounts it shoots great without them too.