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    After several years and building up over a thousand members on Facebook, Milsim UK News and Events has decided to open up a parallel group on Airsoft Nation and a relatively new social media platform MeWe. Facebook is fine up to a point, but not everybody wants to use FB, they dont allow RIF sales and they are quite fond of shutting down groups without appeal or notice. Some other airsoft groups have disappeared losing thousands of members, lots of reference materials and thousands of hours of work. The new platforms get cross posted with the same information as the primary group on FB. MeWe is already attracting members because they dont use targeted advertising or track what websites you view etc,
  3. Tokyo Marui run on green gas. i have a Dan Wesson CO2 which is a beast. You can buy reduced power shells to get it below site limits or you can run the higher power ones if you want high power garden plinking.
  4. Ive tried the Emerson and quite a few of the others. They are copies of real steel ones and so are inadvertently designed for real chunky antennas like the Thales or Harris. If you want to use a standard Baofeng antenna (not recommended because they're crap) or a radio ham style whip, they wont retain it properly. The only one Ive found which is pretty universal and handles different size antennas because its not a straight forward copy is the Morion one.
  5. Remind me nearer the time and I will test the Nagoya in mine before you buy. Bear in mind that Morion builds to order and I think his current leadtime is about two weeks.
  6. Ive got two of these retention pouches from Morion. Ive tested them with most antennas. Im sure it will firmly hold the Nagoya whip as it was designed with that in mind. It certainly holds my Sandpiper which is similar but with some ribs.
  7. Depends on what type of milsim you want to play. Some milskirm "lite" games are just green vs tan and there is rarely weapon types specified. If you want to venture into proper milsims, the loadouts are a lot more specific. Green and DPM are usually used more for other forces rather than Russians, so there is usually flexibility. The Okto Eight games for example had a nationalist army faction which used semi DPM and had both western and eastern weapons, so M4 would have been okay in that example. All organisers are different though. The best way forward is to research where you want to play and the type of game, check out their loadout rules and then go from there.
  8. IMHO thats equally if not more important than getting a licence. Make sure you only dial in the frequencies that OFCOM have given you on your licence. These radios can interfere with lots of legitimate non airsoft users if you dont stick to the given frequencies. Happy coms.
  9. Sites will take a private booking and Eversley are no different. However, please bear in mind you are personally liable for take up and numbers. They normally charge a flat fee to hire the site and I know they have such a booking for a weekend Milsim run by a group of friends in early September. If people let you down and airsofters are notoriously fickle, you as the "organiser" are still responsible for paying the flat fee so you could be seriously out of pocket. Do I think it will work financially on a regular basis ? Who knows, but you have to ask yourself the honest question which is why would players come to your regular private club event when they can walk on any number of games at different sites in that area, when they can afford it and when they feel like it, without long term commitment. Site organisers generally know what the optimum frequency is for running skirmishes at their sites, based on local competition, planning restrictions and reasonable player numbers. Comparing airsoft with badminton, football etc is probably not a good analogy as it is very different activity in terms of the motivators. Good luck but it needs some thought.
  10. Too small. Ideally you should be looking at 40 acres or more for woodland if you have no special features to attract people in. Forget log cabins, airsofting general public are typically not looking to spend much to play and if you see the state some leave portaloos in, you wouldnt want them near shiny log cabins. Check out your competition. Not much point in opening if you have other sites close by depressing the pricing. Dont underestimate the investment needed in terms of time and money. Many airsofters get romantic notions about running their own site because they think it will be fun. Its a business. You dont get to play much and its hassle dealing with difficult people. If you have access to 100 acres plus, I might know someone who would blanket rent the site for a few weekends each year for their milsim games and they would handle the insurance.
  11. Depends how far you want to travel. Try C3 Tactical.
  12. Just saw this as I dont come on here very often. The original calendar was clunky but one of our FB group members who works with ones and noughts for a living has designed his own website which carries the milsim games in its calendar. Nothing to do with me as we just link to it in the group for peoples convenience. Its much better than the old clunky version we tried to do ourselves.
  13. Have copied it to the milsim uk news and events group on Facebook too
  14. Ive done quite a few milsims but not a Stirling game, so cant answer your question from personal experience. Your question is a sensible one; why dont you post it on the Stirling community group on Facebook ? Failing that, its worth asking the question on the Milsim UK News and Events group on FB - quite a few Stirling players frequent that.
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