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  1. Hello I have a we katana raptor that i killed the gears in this morning. Could anyone help me selecting the replacement gears ideally hardend steel thanks
  2. Hi i'm looking for a guide to strip lube and check the gearbox on my Katana if anyone could help with a guide please i would be very grateful.
  3. Dose anyone know if you can you buy a recoil system for a WE Katana Raptor.
  4. I'm thinking of getting a B&T Tracer Silencer and wondered if they were any good.
  5. Thank's i will let him know that's what to look for then.
  6. Hi my son is thinking of getting into Air soft and is looking for a budget metal M4. I wondered if G&G combat machine would be a good choice for him, any advice would be much appreciated thanks.
  7. Thanks i'm going to a CQB site next Sunday in Chesterfield so i will have it tested to see what its shooting with 2.5's in it
  8. Thank you for your advice i will take it. I'm going to use an equivalent to a M100 and a M110 spring so i just wanted to put a stronger motor and a stronger gear box in it so it would cope easier with the stresses of this
  9. I have a We katana Raptor that i'm looking to run on11.1 lipo batterys so i'm looking to upgrade the motor and gearbox can anyone please recommend a really heavy duty gearbox and motor that will fit without modifications please.
  10. Thank you for your help imusing 7.4v lipo batterys at the min but would like to use 11.1v lipo so i would like all the advice i can get please
  11. Hello i'm looking for advice please on my We Katana Raptor. I'm looking for a decent motor one that kill the standard gearbox but will work will M120 M130 springs. any advice would be welcome thanks.
  12. Can anyone help please i'm looking to upgrade the inner barrel and hop-up on my We Katana Raptor.it is standard at the min other than having a madbull M110 spring in it thank you for your help.
  13. Hi i wounder if anyone can help i'm new to the airsoft world i have just ordered a WE Katana Raptor now i need some iron sites for it would they all fit.
  14. The site I play on at min is a CQB site but we're going to a woodland site soon so I will be needing I decent rifle. I have TM Desert Eagei with a tightbore barrel for room clearing just need a rifle for outside.
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