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  1. That's not really airsoft though is it.
  2. So sad. But it's an outdoor site, I'll probably still go along some more come winter. Will be interested in the med on this thing.
  3. My local site is selling these now, has public opinion changed?
  4. Sacarathe

    Would Airsoft be bigger in the UK without ukara?

    Buying a RIF isn't illegal... 😛 #troll Was this thread started by someone that only viewed UKARA through a UKARA shaped lens?
  5. Sacarathe

    petition on knife law changes

    Being sensible is being sensible, but what the person possessing the item thinks is not relevant, it's whether they can convince someone objecting to their possessing it in a particular place which counts. As a rule I say never possess a RIF in public unless you're taking it somewhere, and you have a good reason (which to me, and as you say, means an intent to perform maintenance of any kind, or shooting of any [legal] kind. Same for knives really. That being said, a lot of us carry a knife everywhere, so that's not a fool proof line of reasoning, lets lets leave that at "cutlery knives".
  6. Sacarathe

    Would Airsoft be bigger in the UK without ukara?

    UKARA is the a solution, not the problem. What you should be asking yourself is why do players have a problem with two tone. It seems like you know what's what so it's kinda odd question? If people could just buy RIFs, they'd be common and with common comes crime/fear etc and a general banning - and then there would be no RIFs and it would be difficulty for IFs (imitation firearms) aka two-tones, to stay legal.
  7. Batteries. I bought three to get back into the hobby, one had a manufacturing flaw and did not fit into the gun it's marketed for, and now the other is dead after ~10 rounds. My last is a different voltage.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. djben9


      i use the ones firesupport sell, 'kong', some are 3yrs old and have had no issues......

      do they have a 'life expectancy'...?

      Can you return them as 'faulty'??

    3. Jedi_Master


      Make a topic in Tech Help & Advice and summon the Duck.

    4. Sacarathe


      ASG branded. @Jedi_Master my dad is a retired engineer, he's diagnosed the problem already. :)


      So far patrol base are responding positively. :)

  8. Sacarathe

    = Equal Airsoft

    So, after all these posts, we've still no links. Hum. /shrug. I can't see how creating an us and them situation can improve a problem I don't think exists, all you do is [further] alienate those few people which might perpetrate bigotry.
  9. Sacarathe

    Best airsoft guns for amputee

    Maybe you've seen this maybe you haven't, might be helpful. https://youtu.be/Lep25fb8CgM?t=42s
  10. Sacarathe

    Importation - Charges by HMRC

    Though slightly off topic, it has been my experience that slow post through our nation's capital attracts far less attention than some of the less busy places which can examine every parcel. While I lived in London I had >$2000 in imports which did not attract any charges (admittedly most of them were fraudulently marked down at 1/10th of their value (though still over £15) - something which I never requested. Since moving back up north every package has attracted the charges. I do believe I did once have a package which attracted more than £11.25 in duty - that was nice (as the duty was included and limited for orders under ~£750). Ah, the point. While I was in London all of the "speedpost" packages of any value always attracted the charges. When ordering from Asia - in or around a big city opt for the slowest delivery method. And watch out for evike and UPS, UPS demands your UKARA number before they will even process the package through customs if the shipper is a known airsoft retailer (and their daily rental pre-customs is much higher than post-customs). You can of course get around this by telling them to open the parcel if ukara doesn't apply.
  11. Sacarathe

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    And the price has risen £100 since I got mine.
  12. Sacarathe

    Plate Carrier Alternative

    http://www.shootercbgear.com/index.php?cPath=22_50 Flyye is much cheaper in asia (and shooter CB mark all packages value as 70 USD). I recently paid £22 on a $280 order (charge should have been £55). Interestingly that particular item is not a whole lot cheaper (£150), but flyye is definitely not worth that kind of money - and everything I use in airsoft is flyye (got well over $1000 of flyye stuff). I have had multiple HK orders > $400 each from asia that had nothing to pay by slow post when I was living in London though.
  13. Sacarathe

    VFC 416 vs M27?

    Assuming this is VFC try shooting them off an email and see if you can buy the upper for one of the two separately. Also, I believe VFC and others do both GBBR and AEG versions, can you give more information, or are you really only interested from a "real world" observations point of view? Also, these guns have daytona and polarstar compatibility (polarstar used VFC as main guide for their FE). (does anyone make an M27 after VFC?)
  14. Sacarathe

    Plate Carrier Joule Creep Airsoft Argument

    I assure you that my post was not serious.
  15. Sacarathe

    Plate Carrier Joule Creep Airsoft Argument

    This feels like reddit. I thought the new mods had banhammers for this?