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  1. But you don't have an opinion, you appear to just believe [and repeat] what you're told. Not trying to provoke you. Edited.
  2. I can explain the trump thing, it's not about the man, it's about the President. I've placed a very big bet (life savings big) on the outcome of something currently going through the US political system, which ultimately comes down to a decision to be made by donald trump. As a man, he's garbage, but as a President (who admitedly takes credit for things Obama did - and constantly attacks minorities and womens rights on behalf of Pence) of their administration he doesn't get a fair shake. Okay, so she said she joined ISIS, where's the proof that she's not mistaken? I'm not trying to poke holes in your position, in our society, proof (in terms of crime and punishment) is and should be down to the Courts of Law. If I told you I murdered someone would that be good enough for you? It shouldn't be, but based on your words I'd have to presume it would be. That is (I'm not taking the mick) when I ask that where is the proof that the organisation she claims she joined was in fact the prohibited terrorist one she says she joined? FYI, you might say "well here it is", but I'm not a court of law so I really don't care whether such proof exists I only care whether the courts will accept it as fact - as I've made clear I'm all for appropriate punishment. This girl is evidently lacking wit... but she hasn't said she is guilty of a crime. The specifics of the law don't really matter. Can you agree that a certain standard of proof should be required before punishment and someone saying they [believe they] did something isn't enough? Remember "I did it" =/= (does not equal) "I plead guilty". I should have read your post(s) before I replied.😭 So succinct. I'm just waiting for the political fireworks [in Britain] when she sneaks into Turkey (or the EU) and can't be deported because she's stateless. Or even better, is deported to Britain aha. 😱
  3. Not every bad situation means the perp had no free will to do it. You couldn't make this stuff up. 😑 People that are groomed often have no ideological free will. Absolutely they do, that's exactly why it's so bad that she has gotten away with her transgressions without any punishment under law (which as we know, the only known possible offence is [as a child] joining a terrorist group). People should be outraged that she had no trial, no lawful punishment. She got away with it - no one should be able to join a terrorist group and face no lawful punishment. And while some people that says being made stateless is a punishment, that's no better either because it's arbitrary punishment without law, ahah, without a trial, it isn't 'proven' that she has contravened any laws. It doesn't matter our opinions, if she got treated this way anyone could be next, would you like to be punished without the state proving you did something wrong?
  4. Modern. 🤔 I'm guessing you don't know what groomed means. I like flowers.
  5. The title of the thread. The "I'd" is short for "I would", not "I do".
  6. Ah, so you do have an opinion then. I can't speak for trump (I'd like trump if pence wasn't in the picture pulling his strings), but ms begun has not put herself in the spotlight at all, when she left she did it of her own volition (and not for attention), albiet as a 15 year old groomed (for sex), and was in the news more because of the cluster nature of that event than the actual act; and when she returned to the public eye it was because she naively allowed unscruptuous journalists to interview her without anyone looking out for her welbeing. And those journalists failed to point out that when she was interviewed she was surrounded by ISIS sympathisers and couldn't really speak ill for them for fear of, you know, being murdered the next day. Your premise that she "put herself" is wrong. She was put in the public eye by main steam media. To save you asking where I might stand on the greater issue (largely irrelevant here) I think it's a great injustice that she has commited a crime in the UK and then gotten away with it without any punishment under law. That is offensive to me, she should be back here doing the time for her offences (whatever they might be).
  7. Absolutely, in terms of accidental injury to self airsoft guns are more dangerous than airguns - I speak of rate of fire and ricochet. And that's not taking into account use of magazines/clips.
  8. If I said I was baiting you would you believe it? (I wasn't.)
  9. Is this that merry situation where a defence to the "manufacturing" offence (ie converting an IF to RIF) isn't restricted by the age of the owner/converter of the IF?
  10. Breaking News: BBs leave 'bullet' holes. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D0Z1O1mWsAIVBr2.jpg
  11. Thanks for sharing this vid, I'd never done a range test with my 0.3g bbs but if it's as they said I might not both using them and just see if I can find anyone to swap them for 0.28s.
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