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  2. Sacarathe

    Swapping two tone parts.

    It would not be 'illegal' for you to buy the black part, only against that law if you were to fit it to the gun without a defence. If someone else with (or without depending upon how you read greater firearms law) a defence put it back together you would be in the clear - so long as there was no quid pro quo (exchange). Else every time I take my TM G17 slide off I'd be manufacturing a RIF to put it back together and that would be silly.
  3. Sacarathe

    Swapping two tone parts.

    There is no grey area. This is not true. Substantially not true. I don't mean to be rude, but not only is this also not true but its very misleading, if you purchase a RIF, you are only able to convert it (relevantly speaking from IF to RIF in terms of manufacturing a RIF) if you are 'still' eligible to purchase a RIF. If I buy a RIF when I am eligible, and if I at some point become ineligible (widely accepted to mean having not played a any insured UK airsoft site for a period of 12 months) I would lose my eligibility to also modify that article or any other article (a'la manufacturing a RIF) until my eligibility to purchase was restored. This is still true of an IF - buying (or eligibility to) a RIF doesn't give you carte blanche to convert your old IFs into RIFs. And in fact manufacturing is a far more dangerous offence than sale because sale places onus on retailers, whereas manufacturing attacks the little guy. If a person is eligible to purchase a RIF, they are eligible to "manufacture a RIF". This is not grey, it's black and white. In fact, they are eligible to manufacture a RIF from parts they do not own - on behalf (if acting without remuneration/contract) of a person ineligible to do the same. I repeat, there is no grey area. /notatroll
  4. Sacarathe

    Glock Holster

    Do tell?
  5. Sacarathe

    New to playing but a keen watcher

    That and think about how ankles get broken on day one.
  6. Well, take any of your existing guns and turn the hop off completely and go shooting and that's way you can make your own assessment of how useless zero hop is. Also, some sites don't allow [unregulated] CO2, so before you buy it ring round all your locals to check. I can say that cyma non adjustable hops work well so adjustment is not required, but iirc hop increases range roughly 4x and up.
  7. Sacarathe

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    While an airsoft BB can break the case, the gopro wont get damaged. That being said, the LCD on my gopro broke during airsoft, but the camera is fine.
  8. Sacarathe

    Parcelforce Import Service Fees Changing a Bit

    That's not entirely fair, if you duty due is 2-5% you save money on goods over £500.
  9. Sacarathe

    Got onto UKARA database today

    Does this mean that they're going back to the manual "self-checks" etc? At least they finally admit they lost the data.
  10. Sacarathe


    What was wrong with the existing threads?
  11. Sacarathe

    Propane in the UK

    Airsoft propane is available.
  12. Sacarathe

    Right handed but left eyed shooter

    Also, I can't watch 3d movies while wearing my own glasses. Because they're designed for normal eye function - I can watch them without focusing lenses though. But I chose not to.
  13. Sacarathe

    Right handed but left eyed shooter

    Another way to think of it is this, I look at something I see it (and everything else twice) but when I close my right eye, the image which appears to "disappear" is the one on the left. It happens least when I am wearing no focusing correction (lenses of some sort) - but you know, focusing is important for airsoft and other activities. When wearing no lenses, it only happens when I'm tired or not concentrating, but I am very short sighted (for reading) - I need lenses to function. Samurai, imagine how this makes websites like the daily mail almost impossible for me to read. As - while the object of my focus from the right eye is projected to the left of my good (left) eye's identical focus - anything to the right hand side of the object of my focus is dragged over the top and simultaneous underneath the image of primary focus for the left eye. Just drag any image on windows so you get a ghost and that's what I experience except neither image has behind/infront priority. It also means at the cinema I must sit as far to the left as possible so that the angle at which fire exit signs on the right side of the theatre is small - if I sit on the right the sign can migrate up to 10 metres on a big screen vs less than 2 if I am sat to the left side. Signs on the left side have no effect on me. It's a really sh*tty problem and I haven't even told you guys about the really obvious bigger problem since what I have elucidated here is about 'perception' never mind dominance (I can consciously reverse it so that instead of everything being from the perspective of the left eye it switched so it's all reversed - when I lose control of this.... I have no choice but to close my right eye). I'm soapboxing a bit here, sorry, it's not as bad as it sounds because its a perception malfunction not a so much one of vision - that is the issue is neurological/muscular, however since my vision is so much better in one eye than the other its difficult to explain the whole situation other than to say: In airsoft it is impossible for me to ADS with both eyes open if the cheekweld is from/for the right eye - but my learned left eye dominance means that I have no issue with the reverse. Here's the crux (edited in): The reason for this is that I have instinctively learned to live from the feed at the left eye, so if I ADS with a right side cheekweld, I will be attempting to shoot things which are around 5-10 degrees to the left of the barrel because while my right eye is correctly looking at the red dot there will be a second red dot in my vision which is over to the left a bit, but it will be superimposed over where my left eye is looking an the left eye is dominant. So while general advice is "learn to use the other eye, or other hand, I am simply not capable of using the other eye without closing the stronger one. When I was aged 4-6 I used to wear an eyepatch over the dominant eye. EDIT: I just experimented with my AEG, and you can experience what I see. Get a gun with just iron sights, focus on the front sight (ignore the back), now alternate closing each eye and you can see that there are two different images, from slightly different angles which merge when both eyes are open: When I have corrective lenses I don't experience that merging, I just see the feed from both eyes separately, and it just happens that because my right eye is lazy (to the right) my brain pulls the image across further than necessary so not only do I see two images but they overlap. If you with the gun staring at the sight quickly alternate winking you will experience what I experience to a lesser extent. I'm sorry I lack the vocabulary to better explain this, my opticians always tell me its quite unusually for persons with this problem to have the level of conscious control I possess. H onestly the best example is taking an image in windows from a browser and dragging it for the c&p ghost. But here's a real spanner for you if you've read this far - the image which moves from the right eye across my left also moves vertically... (about 3 degrees up)
  14. Sacarathe

    Right handed but left eyed shooter

    Just a self depreciating joke from me. I have Exotropia linked to Astigmatism and cannot control it if looking at something which my left eye cannot see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diplopia In lay terms, I see an image from my left eye, and my right eye, (like a normal person - when and if concentrating), and when not concentrating the image from the right eye appears in my visual feed as being to the left of the image from the dominant left eye. So basically I see the image from each eye separately and the image from the right eye appears to the LEFT of the image from the left eye. Making things somewhat confusing. This is made worse because I can switch eye dominance - sometimes without knowing I have done so. Overall its just perception - the visual data is no compromised although one eye is colourblind and has poor focus. For airsoft I solve it by only wearing one contact lens, and holding my gun in the non dominant hand. Still its funky when driving as I see two roads neither of which is visually infront of me one at 5 degrees and the other at 355 degrees. The visual data itself is not actually compromised, just how I experience it.