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  1. Sacarathe

    Plate Carrier Joule Creep Airsoft Argument

    I assure you that my post was not serious.
  2. Sacarathe

    Plate Carrier Joule Creep Airsoft Argument

    This feels like reddit. I thought the new mods had banhammers for this?
  3. Ah, then you pull out your special magazine loaded with black bbs, activate your cloaking device and shoot them over and over.
  4. I was just explaining what I thought the other guy meant. If my words are clearly read then I'm talking from the perspective of the hit player and not an observer, which means that if a player is not hit and flinches they cannot be included because they wouldn't be acting reflexively. I believe a reflexive action is much more recognisable than a conscious attempt to avoid because the initial reflex (or twitch) rarely involves actually getting out the the way. That said, I otherwise agree with you. I once got a tracer BB inside my DyeI4, in the area with my eyes, I was certain I had fired it, but that was just weird.
  5. Referring to people that consciously and unconsciously acknowledge their hits by body movement (such as flinching or rubbing the impact site) but make no game related indication that they're hit. That is to say, people that don't call their hits are in two obvious categories - those which flinch, and those which don't, the former cannot be innocent...
  6. Sacarathe

    Who makes what?

    Little old now but still a good post. There are others. Its not a perfect answer to your specific question but the author is quite thorough. Re-branders are mentioned within the prose. https://www.airsoftsociety.com/threads/airsoft-aeg-brands-a-rundown.71711/
  7. Sacarathe

    Displaying RIFs securely

    Don't let people you can't trust stay in your home? Have you tried putting up a sign: "landlord may beat you if removed".
  8. Sacarathe

    Joule Creep

    Maybe they should charge more money, more chronographs, less players, win win.
  9. Sacarathe

    New Moderators 2018

  10. Sacarathe

    New Moderators 2018

    But who will wield the grammar hammer.
  11. Sacarathe

    do you train?

    Given that most of what I do at airsoft is running and walking, I would say that I do in fact train, and regularly.
  12. Sacarathe

    Joule Creep

    On full auto AEGs I completely agree.
  13. Sacarathe

    Joule Creep

    Actually. I don't get your point. I suppose that's the crux of our exchange. But I'm going to bed now I'm caught up on UFC. In an ideal world the site would provide the BBs and you wouldn't need to change the settings on the chrono. As for honesty if you can't trust fellow players why bother going at all?
  14. Sacarathe

    Joule Creep

    To be fair I never used it before. Didn't want to be rude.
  15. Sacarathe

    Joule Creep

    <Snip> YKWIM This is pointless, you take everything personally. How you play, where you play, and what gun you use is irrelevant. I too operate the same way you do when I come to a field, I chrono on 0.2g, I put in my 0.25g or 0.3g BBs and play the game. But this was never about how you/we play. Twas about why you think 0.2g at various FPS is the best system for chronographing. But you can't manage to discuss it without all this foofa about "I follow my local site's rules". It's clear that you would personally be disadvantaged under the joules/players chosen weight system. All that said, because I REALLY don't wish to be antagonistic, please don't take this conclusion as judgemental or sarcastic or whatever. I had hoped to change your mind, but you hoped to change my mind, so impasse it is. I think you're wrong, and you think I'm wrong. No harm. PS I'm not smug.