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  1. If they steal packages might I suggest posting yourself a dog turd or two? Should fix your issues.
  2. I'm about 90% done on this now, star wars DLT 20 inspired thing. I'll probably change the stock, was going to keep it but it will just finish it off, tomorrow it gets weathered. The barrel is chemically blackened, and just needs its heat colouration adding. There's a functional laser in the small diameter tube on top of the vented outer barrel, a tracer unit, and a nerf sight maguivered onto the front of a red dot. Other little greeblies have been added, and there's a couple still to go on. A circuit board from something, the flash moderator is mounted where they put them on the film m16 based guns. So it's all functional. And it's all pretty solid.
  3. I've had most airsoft manufacturers revolvers, single and double action versions, and out of the lot my favourite was the relatively new schofield. Single action only. Easy to reload from the front of the cylinder without needing extra shells. I fitted a fixed hop, and could run it comfortably as an only weapon in cqb. Really miss it.
  4. Not after 3d printed parts, after a metal build, and kitbashed the old fashioned way. More fun.
  5. Another one. Twice the going rate of a new one imported (still relatively avaible from Asian retailers) Aaand, the market for posh pistols has pretty much evaporated.
  6. Started making headway into my dlt20 inspired rifle. Couldnt find an agm stg44 l, and even then they're a bit "meh" so base is an ics c15. Fore end is home made to the sizes of an m1919 barrel shroud. Got halfway through making a steel one and burnt out that many drill bits I restarted with aluminium. Still to be done are side panels, top tube, a sight arrangement more like the film guns, and an inbuilt torch and laser hidden in some of the "greeblie" bits. There will be no 3d printed or resin bits on this one. I will probably keep the stock original as I like it. Everything will then be disassembled, polished and then chemically blackened. I'm about 6 hours into this already. And it has a tracer hidden in the shroud.
  7. Kwc Lugers a quite solid but you aren't getting any spares for it. Tis dead.
  8. New member, first post is a thinly veiled advert.
  9. If you're going to stick it in a oeq box, look at rc shops for your battery. The "20c" will be the continuous discharge rate. There is also a burst discharge rate, which comes into play with semi auto. This is what the battery is capable of delivering on demand for a short burst. This is what RC car racers look for in their batteries.
  10. Dammit I've just found that absolute gold and I thought macks was where it needed to be. Seems you got there first. 80 quid new on Taiwan gun. His ageing job is wank.
  11. Worth going and fondling a load in your local shop. I remember doing that, fondling all manner of platforms and walking out with an AGM Sten. Can't really say why. Wasn't a wise purchase, but I liked it.
  12. Time Left: 2 days and 7 hours

    • Wanted
    • Used or new

    Wanted, a non working or shot out eotech, to be used as a shroud on a sight for a star wars rifle. Cheap, please.


    Newcastle under lyme

  13. Shirley not. I'll show myself out.
  14. Bought an ICS C15. It's old tech but tbh less to go wrong and they had a reputation of being rather good when they were new. I want it for an a280 or DLT20 type build. Probably more DLT20 as I can hide a conventional tracer unit inside the m1919 style barrel. I wish I'd not started watching the mandalorian now
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