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  1. You don't need to, as they're now firing bbs down a drainpipe. Aps co2 shells are 18 joules with a solid projectile. If you bought the 1 joule version I think it would be horrendously underpowered. I originally used the shells with just the primer hole, and that was too restrictive. Here's a short, shit video. https://youtube.com/shorts/EzElkb28-vU?feature=share
  2. £170 on the gun. That's been all I've had to spend, I have 22mm copper lying around and tools. As i said the shells are free, and use paper wadding like cheapskates use in APS shells. It's not hi tech at all, but that's why it works so well. Essentially the same sort of thing you do to a hwasan with copper pipe to make it use madbull shells.
  3. I've had a couple of Hwasans. The faults are 1. The triggers are just plungers so are a bit odd to use 2. The triggers are made from edam and break 3. Expensive and finnicky shells I've also done 3 denix 1878 coach gun conversions. The faults are 1. Denix 1878s now don't open 2. They have to be drilled and pins added which is a little difficult 3. The sears are made from dairylea 4. Uses expensive and finnicky shells I bought a Umarex T4E. Took 10 minutes to remove the inner barrels, cut down slightly at the breach end, remov
  4. It does, Shoei. You'll pay £1200 upwards for one, but they are just about the best made airsoft guns going.
  5. Finished my DH17 in principal tonight. A few little details maybe to add but I prefer it with the stock still fitted, rather than the on screen pistol type. It's a smart team sterling, with a homemade aluminium forend and a real singlepoint OEG.
  6. Buy a ktw winchester, buy a volante airsoft gas kit. Job done.
  7. I'll buy it back mate, pop me a message.
  8. Cromulon1994

    Tm Mpl

    Unboxed TM MPL, springer, works quite well, wondering if it's worth letting it go or keeping it to chuck on the wall. Got hold of it a couple of days ago. Gave away a boxed one last year but seemed quite desireable. Not sure if thats the right sling but it suits it
  9. If it must be a sig, then a TM 226 AEP is probably the only way of doing this and making it look decent.

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    S&T sterling Made into a DH17 (Rebel blaster) Machined aluminium forend Aluminium rail and a mock up of a singlepoint scope made from copper tube. More sturdy than resin or 3d print. Shoots fine, just something I wanted to make more than really game with. 2 short mags, and 1 long one. Tradewise I would like either a nice AKMS/AKM/AKs74u or RS type 97 or A WW2 bolt action But try me. £325 otherwise. Trades preferred though.


    Stoke on Trent - GB

  11. There are lawgiver kits out there to stick on to a TM glock. HWS actually make deckards M2019 from bladerunner. Make a few versions. Use Tanaka's pegasus system. Mals pistol would be quite difficult. Certainly not practical, looked at it before and it seems they had to disassemble it each time to load it.
  12. Not my sort of thing but that's a great set up for the price.
  13. Been more or less cleared up but shell ejecting automatic airsoft pistols are few and far between, shoot poorly, and are relatively fragile. They're really just collector peices. Revolvers that take shells are a much better proposition. If you want a decent beginners pistol, don't be tempted to buy something like a raven because it is cheap. You may as well budget £120 ish and pick up a TM. And it's personal preference from there on really.
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