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  1. In what way? I get my hands on rare bits. Got myself a couple of unicorns on the way one of which I can find nothing written in english about a marushin anschutz 1403.
  2. Time Left: 4 days and 8 hours

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    Heres my A&K Winchester 1892. These normally have more leaks than the Mccanns alibis. This does not. Its seals are tighter than the locks on Joseph Fritzls basement. I've also refinished the metalwork, though not the actual mechanism, and taken the stock orange varnish off. The same shade Katie price is currently using I believe. I've gone over it with the finest wood oil that I could find in the back of the garage. Given the stock a few knocks, been beaten up more than Jonny Depp. Its does actually shoot quite well if you use it like a martini Henry, and live out your Zulu war fantasies. In reality this probably means it's good for shooting the opposition if they're armed with nought but a pointy stick. And then you'll lose the second game. It'll look good on the wall of your mancave, which is the middle class word for mastabatorium. Or even pride of place in the living room, take the pictures of the kids down, what have they ever done for you, right? I'm open to offers, if it doesnt go it'll just sit on the project pile, though I'm going to use it as a single shot breech loader if I still have it next weekends western game. Swaps for revolvers are a possibility. Please have a defence. Shooting the neighbour's cats, no matter how many times they shit on the lawn is frowned upon and not a defence apparently. BlOoDy UkArA pOlIcE. First to see may not buy. Collection preferred. Oh, and just incase. Hello Mack's.


  3. I would cancel the order. There isn't restriction on the shells, that seems to be made up. And unless you specifically need an 8mm marushin, there is a licenced chiappa Rhino coming out which is what the Mateba is a copy of.
  4. I'm not a fan of AEGs, it's something I can't really put my finger on but I guess I prefer the mechanical nature of gas and spring, especially the physical triggers. However, build quality is what I look for and realsword is the best in this field.
  5. Found an A&K winchester at chatham militaria fare this morning. 90 quid, the wood version too. Yoink.
  6. Stoke on trent. Not north, not south, not east or west and somehow rejected from being truly midlands. Uzi no longer available but I will probably list mine soon.
  7. I'll get pictures early next week, but I'm helping a friend liquidate a collection. I'm helping a friend liquidate a collection. It's mostly more unusual bits, collection or meet up is what's preferred, items will not be posted. This list isnt exhaustive as we find more, havent started on pricing but this is what has been uncovered so far. Located stoke on trent. Tanaka M700 PCS (pre ban) with a Tasco scope, bipod and sling. Thinking £300 Western arms kimber marsoc, unboxed. Metal slide, genuine blackhawk serpa holster. Western arms AMT Hardballer, boxed. As new other than insertion marks on mag. Thinking £250 Boxed KSC mac 11 with steel body kit and silencer, 4 mags. Tokyo Marui thompson, 10 mid cap mags, boxed. KWA FPG, boxed, 6 mags possibly a couple more. £550 KWA MP9, 3 mags, boxed. Tokyo Marui KSG 12, boxed, with eotech style sight and magpul pts MVG Tokyo Marui Glock 34, salient arms slide and gold outer barrel. Very well stippled frame. Tokyo marui/guarder kitted glock 17 with new world order desert storm commemorative slide George Bush version. I think its boxed. SRC EBB Mp40 with a few mags, boxed Classic army Krebs KC89, boxed. ICS M1 garand with bandolier and spare mags. Low fps, issue with a seal we imagine but never investigated. Maruzen m1100 shell ejector with shells. Unskirmished as new in box.
  8. I haven't had a UKARA since last year, just due to moving "home" site, coupled with forgetting to get it logged and then covid. Though all my current RIFS are pre 1870 design and technically they are exempt. Little bit of trivia, we can probably agree that the mad max hwasan is one of the most realistic firearms for someone of the wrong persuasion to get their hands on? Well, boxlock shotguns are a product of the 1850s. They just havent really changed since. The term ‘modern firearm’ is defined in subsection 8 as a firearm other than one whose appearance would tend to identify it as having a design and mechanism of a sort first dating before 1870. The law is odd.
  9. Escort engined guns, like escort mp5s or shoei mp44s, and daytona guns and tipmanns are definitely an exception. Hpa powered blowback guns with aeg mags. And they have been around for years.
  10. Hi, Would you sell this without the longer barrel? I'm not too fussed with the scope either.
  11. Maybe they're that fed up of warranty claims theyve just thought fuck it, maybe had 2 left?
  12. Chiappa. Because they make an outstanding reproduction of a Spencer carbine, an 1860 and an 1887 model winchester. I seriously want a colt navy, a Spencer carbine, a yellow boy and an 1887 in real steel. Just on a waiting list for the local gun club.
  13. I agree with hitmanno2. Unfortunately they're not worth as much as they should be. Very nice though. I think you're looking at closer to 110-120 though as a selling price. Unless you need the money I would keep it.
  14. Thought I'd take a pic this time. 35 quid for a broken well p90 that's missing the mag.
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