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  1. Saw one of the screen used ones earlier this year
  2. Probably. But it's early days currently. Looking at getting a few jac ar18s and some tm uzis over next.
  3. Popped into Staffordshire militaria recently. I've been twice, once on my own and then again with a mate to show them how, er... bad it is. It's a shop based in Hanley Town centre, in Stoke on trent. 2 things really stood out. 1- they were flogging used trmr grenades for 120 quid. The rest of their airsoft stuff was laughably priced too. 2- they sell cheap katana swords, there was a guy buzzing off his tits on something and the teenagers sold him a 40 odd quid blade. Probably not illegal but definitely irresponsible to be selling what realistically are weapons in a town with a bit of a problem with that sort of thing at the moment to make a quick quid. Just bugged me. Feel free to tell me that I'm wrong on that point but you didn't see the guy they sold it to.
  4. Yeah I see the resemblance. The calico was a real thing though. I think the m100 that mine is a model of was 22 rim fire with a 100 round magazine. It was banned in America under the federal assault weapons ban but legal in the UK. It's mostly so I can run around a skirmish doing spaceballs or the running man quotes though.
  5. Spare mags are a pain to carry around as they don't properly hold the bbs in. But make some wood grips (really easy on the mk1) and add an integrated moderator and they look great.
  6. Bought a couple of harder to find bits. Been searching for the calico m1000 for a few years but only recently set up a contact in Japan who's willing to ship juicy things out. The calico is sat in customs while they figure how much lube they're going to use, and I found a goblin deuce as a bit of an impulse buy. The photos are from the guy that's sent it over from Osaka. I can't wait to actually have it. And it will be skirmished.
  7. I'll start sounding like a broken record soon. But I've been through over 100 rifs and the best has been the real sword type 97. You'll get one second hand within budget, I think there's still a b variant for sale on here. It'll do everything while being unique.
  8. I've just bought a goblin deuce so It'll probably now sit in a drawer for the foreseeable future.
  9. I made a wrist mounted one, that I use in cqb for clearing corridors. Just some modified pipe fittings and an archery wrist guard.
  10. Yes, but at least you've actually got one. I'd like to see how they compare when you've got them. Mines the best airsoft gun I've owned.
  11. Have you managed to get the 20mm rail adapter too? Got the full size one as I think it looks like an 80s muzzleite bullpup.
  12. RS type 97b? There was one for sale on here. Ticks your boxes.
  13. A somewhat more left field option is a Tokyo marui 24 shot revolver. Especially one of the longer models, the snub nose ones tend to have slightly less power than really needed. Quiet with very good range and accuracy.
  14. Getting the kit sorted for tomorrow. I was planning on actually going to attempt to go in more useful kit. But no. Realsword type 97- absolutely flawless. But... Kwa skorpion- shit itself, waited weeks for replacement part, turns out KWA employ Helen Keller as their quality control person. So that's a no go. We bulldog- missus kindly moved it to the garage, where it has now decided it wants to have the gas retention properties of a colander. Asg model 3- just sold it, now I'm feeling somewhat stupid. Old ktw flintlock-working perfectly. So fuck it.

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    I've wanted one of these for ages. Bought one expecting an easy fix. The lower receiver needed replacing. Ordered the replacement part and waited weeks for it. It's come, and it's chuffing awful. It's a genuine kwa replacement and I've given it 2 hours of my life that I'll never get back gingerly trimming out rough parts of the casting that foul the tiny springs and mechanism. It's atrocious. Someone might give it half an hour and have it sorted, but frankly I can't be arsed now, I'll recoup some of my losses. 100 for the gun as a project and nearly 55 for the lower by the time customs had had their go of me. I didn't get a reacharound even after paying the admin fee. Rude. So, it's for spares. 1 short mag, 1 long mag. Everything else is fine. Figure it's worth something to someone as spares and the mags. I'll take a trade of a cheap pistol or a px involving some m16vn mids.


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