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  1. I have done several before, however, there's very little space in a realsword type 97. Nor are spare hop units sitting on the shelf in the local airsoft shop. That would have been ideal as I'd like to shove a bayonet on it rather than a tracer.
  2. I definitely need robust. Thanks. So which would you actually buy?
  3. If you want to try one out, I'll sell my B&T one for £25. It works, obviously, just not as good as some other options.
  4. Time Left: 6 days and 15 hours

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    As above. Ksc/kwa mac 11 wanted. Prefer an earlier non ns2 model. Ideally with the g&p kit. Thanks.


    - GB

  5. I would like something that still resembles a moderator. Though the good thing about a 301 is it could fit in other shells. I'll take a look. Aren't they a bit fragile?
  6. So I've got a B&T tracer unit on my type 97. It's not massively bright, and it eats AAA batteries. Will I see a difference between an acetech and my current B&T?
  7. I believe the spectre is actually an AEG.
  8. I only started in 2012/2013 I blame call of duty and it's decent into wankness. Seriously. This is the obsession with m4s and "new" models that have just had some selectors anodized. Go to a site with an uzi, or a mac, noone under 25 knows what it is. There's the technology and the companies out there to make some really nice stuff but it's more profitable to sell tatted up reheated crap. I would love a North East gbb sten but no UK supplier kills it for me. Call of doodie has also bought about a weird obsession with making juggernaut load outs or riot shields, because they alone want to walk around in god mode. We should organise a day to let them all do that and they'd see how wank they make the game. And lastly, youtoobers, like nob itch. Don't need to say anything about his antics, aimed at a target audience of new players. There's an obsession with winning, and if they come with that mindset they miss the point. Come, play, enjoy, have beers after.
  9. Time Left: 6 days and 3 hours

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    Wanted, a tanaka m36 revolver. This is specific to building a blade runner m2019 so it needs to be an m36. Unless you have one of the 1990s airsoft charter arms bulldogs lying around. Then I'm also happy to buy it. Defence held and money waiting. Don't need a pristine one, I'm happy with scratches, cracks or sights missing ect, as long as it works. Price is rough estimate but depends on condition obviously. I know wolf armouries have them in currently. Thanks.


  10. It's how I got into it, a guy at work took me, now we're very good mates. Instead of hiring, it was "here, use this tm uzi" and "now try this mp9" and "have a go of this tm spas 12, don't damage the stock" I also think its where my rather expensive tastes have come from. Damn him.
  11. An asg/kwa mp9, and then buy 2 mags a month until you've got 5 or 6. Learn how to do the maintenance, and look after it.
  12. Oh, and it's not someone on here, they contacted from used airsoft, a guy in Scotland called mark
  13. They're nice. I used my mates recently, it makes rentals shit themselves
  14. You're definitely missing a bullpup shotgun...
  15. The calico sold last night, that was unexpected.
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