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  1. No, he's actually not one of those people, genuinely just doesn't interest him.
  2. A mate of mine has a TM recoil in a box. In bits, complete. He can't be arsed to put it back together as, his words, "meh" I don't see their appeal either.
  3. Time Left: 6 days and 1 hour

    • For sale or swap
    • Used

    Unskirmished Marui spas 12, with a sheriff spas 12 stock and steel heat shield 1 of a kind Trades for a wood kitted G3. Not too fussed about actually selling it.


  4. Damn right. Doing my best to increase the uzi population...
  5. VFC only recently bought an aeg version out. It has issues, similar to the v5 gearbox of Marui which is a similar concept, that also has issues. What Cyma do (in general) is clone a design, skipping on lots of R&D costs hence being cheaper. You can't have something both ways, something new/unusual and cloned.
  6. Time Left: 5 days and 8 minutes

    • For sale or swap
    • Used

    Tanaka Snake eyes python Boxed In great condition. Fired 12 shots never skirmished. £175


  7. No. I've agreed to sell it. I doubt the stock will ever be unfolded in game, let along used with the hook support. Better it go to someone who wants one than have it sit in a drawer.
  8. It's done. It's heavy, it's much more solid than originally. Steel cage fitted quite easily with only minor mods to the cage and only mild swearing. And I'm not going to sell this one.
  9. The heat shield is almost identical to the TM. I agree with the stock though, it's a little different...but it looks fine on the gun. (Needs painting, to be honest the whole thing will be done today) The heat shield has needed a tiny amount of trimming. (Not fitted in photo all I did there was fit the stock.) Oh, the reciever is polymer. As per jap laws
  10. Jac hi power mk3 Desert storm commemorative Guarder Marui glock Tk twist barrel
  11. The KTW spring ones are much better than the gas ones.
  12. I haven't yet got my own spas 12. Despite selling one about 4 weeks ago 😂 But I had a mooch at a mates and compared the "cages" and they are identical in size. The stock on the sheriff is wider than the Marui but will still fit and work.
  13. We haven't given mr Zuckerberg a penny. Though he bombards us with ads for advertising now. We will be setting up a website Asap though.
  14. Time Left: 2 hours and 23 minutes

    • For sale
    • Used

    Kingsman style tt33 Will come with 1 mag and an aps shotgun shell. 3d printed shotgun attachment.


    - GB

  15. It's for sale, but if you want a good skirmish gun then look elsewhere. It's a collector piece really. A very nice one though.
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