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  1. ARKTIS c222, don’t waste your money on crye
  2. Just zeroed both this evening. red dot, actually responds to turns of the screws with less sensitivity. The knock off moved with the slightest touch of the adjustment screw which meant you would get it zeroed and then when the lock screws were tightened it moved much brighter with a new battery, I’d guess almost twice as bright to my eyes than the knock off my red dot is the click adjust and I prefer it to the rheostat type on the knock off and my cheap version doesn’t actually fully turn off the glass is better/ clearer the scope is much clearer glass than the 1-8 vortex it replaced which is a bonus as I actually changed it because of the reticle plus the quick adjust locking caps are handy. better light gathering plus it’s a true 1x
  3. Not to me, got it from a local gun shop. But very happy with it
  4. Will do later, the cmore comes in a crappy cardboard box. The knockoff came in a half decent plastic case. For the price it seems to be the wrong way round
  5. A genuine Cmore red dot to replace the knock off version. Thankfully the knock off railway clamp uses the correct bolt spacing so fits perfectly!
  6. Did you hear about the man who was so bored whilst riding on the London underground he decided to teach his dog how to play the trumpet. He went from barking to tooting in under an hour.
  7. Is that honestly a genuine shield???
  8. Neg airsoft uses it as his special cylinder/gearbox grease. (So he tells me, cos I know him really well)
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