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    “You will just have to mix and match!”
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    "I don't work for free, I'm barely giving a fuck away"

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  1. I swapped mine out for a bcm kag, much happier and doesn’t look like sh*t like the bcm vert it replaced
  2. Do you really think you would get a magazine resupply if you dropped all your magazines????? You would have been blasted in raf cadets for losing a magazine, outside of Hollywood and PUBG I don’t think anybody really drops magazines
  3. I was under the impression they were designed to be run angled forward, to work with a c-clamp grip.
  4. In the 80’s,90’s a dump pouch was a ziplock plastic bag to be used on hard routine on an o.p.
  5. Been done on here already, do a search and you will find it. They may even appear and help you.
  6. I just shoot every sniper I see unless they are plainly engaging the opposite team. The allowance of wearing marker bands on their ankles makes identifying them impossible so if in doubt shoot them and if they’re on your team then medic them back in.
  7. Happy now it’s finished. as an ugg boot fan I just wish there could be an mws version, but my wallet is glad there isn’t
  8. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
    • As new

    Unused GHK M4 stock Price includes postage and PayPal .


    , Worcestershire

  9. You have saved me a lot of typing as my experience was identical to this
  10. What is the equivalent value to an abused MWS?
  11. The difference for hpa is significant, well worth using a decent suppressor. the lack of noise with a suppressor was the reason I built an hpa setup. sold it to buy an mws, plenty of noise now.
  12. Looks to me like the cog on the left is 1 tooth out of sync
  13. A jefftron leviathan to replace the temperamental gate Titan that died
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