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  1. I go away for a week and Swiss Tony has taken over Macks
  2. Chest rig and keep moving. Free mag heating from the warmth emanating from within, powered by the smugness of knowing I have the superior airsoft system with which to play a glorified children’s game of hide and seek.
  3. I used my mws between Christmas and new year, 8degrees with asg green gas and .32 bbs mods tan modify bucking hsb buffer sixg brass nub out ranged most things on site, two full mags from each gas fill. (no full auto though) Very happy bunny arp 9 users with drum mags are louder and provide a challenge to engage against but each hit is so rewarding carrying 5 mags means a realistic 300 rounds before regassing, based on my experience last week that is one full auto burst for some
  4. Like all memes some truth in it, just a magnet and a micro switch but it’s on the outside not in the feeding area. It’s actually less of a problem than the trigger microswitch wire routing which is a going to be a joy to replicate on the new one (I don’t think)
  5. Just had the joy of stripping this down as it went full auto when testing it prior to posting as it was provisionally sold. One faulty trigger micro switch I’d the culprit. Whilst it’s open I’ll replace with a Tokyo marui hop rubber and hope that when the new microswitch arrives and I put it back together it’s one that will only need to be reopened once in a blue moon. if you have had the pleasure of servicing a cyma/Tm m14 then this is even more fun.
  6. I have some experience using revolvers for competition use. the Dan Wesson are very hit and miss, it’s only worth getting one with the adjustable hop even when they work you tend to find that as already stated single action is usually better than double as the cylinder lines up more regularly than when double auctioned via the trigger. i usually get a random flyer in every cylinder regardless of how I shoot it. (It’s not the same chamber or cartridge every time). make sure if you are purchasing new you get the moonclip ready cylinder as this provides another loading option as the quick loader slightly fouls on the body of the gun when the gate is swung out so if you prefer loading with moon clips you are sorted. they are pretty consistent and with adjustable hop they are not bad at all, my hop rubber did look like it was covered in candle wax though and a good clean transformed the range. the 715 is the better system with the forward opening lever but the choice is yours
  7. I’ve put about 500 through mine and all the creep/ grittiness has disappeared from the trigger now. For a stock trigger it’s more than adequate
  8. I await the day plod find out about HPA, it won’t be a good one for the sport.
  9. Like all sports it’s evolving to the most exaggerated version. as an ex hpa user there’s no doubt that if you value low gearbox stress high rof, with near silence over 10m semi auto then nothing comes close. if you just value hosing/winning then Hpa is for you. i sold my hpa rig as truth be known it’s more fun using low cap gbb’S and noisy rattle ngrs. when I found myself grabbing my cyma galil over my hpa I knew I was done with it. i’d ban them now as I don’t think they help the sport and tend to bring out the worst in players
  10. Was this the item you designed? The humiliation of being knife killed by this would almost be enough to make me wear it.
  11. Not a chance, it’s staged and choreographed to make a point. I would have been happier if they had left the whole film on the cutting room floor, it’s diabolically shit. I expect the deeply unfunny Martin Lawrence’s investment portfolio was struggling so he called in a favour to Will Smith to boost his funds
  12. I know he is an American and slapping a gun down is an appropriate reaction, I just wish he had the class to administer a swift “judo chop” Sean Connery style to the wrist to disarm him instead.
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