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  1. Thanks. Just what I was looking at for. 40 usd per mag plus shipping plus import fees, bargain. The question was does anyone know if it shares magazines with anything else. What we're you hoping to achieve with that asinine comment?
  2. I've been looking for spare walther ppq magazines and haven't had much luck. Does anyone happen to know if it shares magazines with anything else?
  3. Have you checked your mags for leaks?
  4. Best place for cyma030 upgrades is eagle6. Not sure what there stock is like nowadays but that's where I got mine. Motors I couldn't find anything, if you find anything that fits let me know!
  5. Me and my wife take two bottles of .25 and we barely use half the 2nd. And I'd find a way to make the mesh mask comfortable. cutting/adding padding/bending the mask to fit your face goes a long way. Without it you will regret not wearing it.
  6. Lower face-pro is worth it if you haven't already.
  7. Right you are. Yeah and one of the site owners has about 3-4 mk23's of different configuration. They'd want to chrono it which is fair enough. I am correct that by removing the inner barrel on the extension would reduce the fps to fieldable levels though right?
  8. That means even if I order it and remove the inner barrel from the silencer, up until that point it's illegal to own right?
  9. Mk23 for £40 is so sorely tempting....
  10. If it's got one of G&G's wonderful mosfets in it, yes you have to use an 11.1v otherwise you'll have no end of problems. I've found that G&G's old mag issues have been resolved with this new iteration of combat machines.
  11. Nope. It'll be fine. it wont affect the tracer unit negatively at all
  12. I forgot to select delivery, so one of the guys rang me on the 23rd/24th of december - I cant remember which - to take payment for postage. He definitely didn't have to so fair play. All in all a great experience
  13. I just tried using it and it says code expired.
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