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  1. That's a work of art matey. Absolutely beautiful build. Personally I love the futuristic look of the F4 receiver and SI parts.
  2. Thanks mate 😊 need some new foam in there as I have made many changes to the layout and its falling apart. Gonna get some denser case foam that you cut out layer by layer with a knife to make it look pristine.
  3. Ready for a session tonight!! Trying out the Scorpion Evo for the first time. 😁😁
  4. Some wire guides and some BuS. Only cheapo sights but I quite like them.
  5. Yeah it's certainly different. But that's why theres a multitude of different options, to suit is all
  6. The annoying thing is how ridiculously expensive indoor 'ammoless' target sets are. Would love some but for the price I cant see me ever getting some. I think I would rather a new pew.
  7. I'm not a missive fan of how the really tall ones look plus where I naturally weld to the stock puts my eye low anyway so true co-witness or lower ⅓ height is about right for me.
  8. Yeah they are tall. My riser is maybe half the height of a unity.
  9. I like the look of the 12 position. I tried it on my Evo and it looked quite cool. The torch was slightly visible in the sight on a riser bit nothing to worry about really nice to see a light specifically designed to be low pro for this.
  10. Managed to re use an old plug and solder a longer length of wire to it, whilst I was at it I threaded it through the handguard and also made my Unity button into a momentary switch as I prefer that to on/off. Had to disassemble the tiny button and basically super glued the 2 'clicky' parts together to remove the function and make it permanently momentary. If you ever wondered how clicky pens worked as a kid and took them apart to find out like me, It's the same mechanism. 😂
  11. Yeah i knew they were proprietary to surefire but with ali Express selling tons of clones. Some factory out there obviously makes them and I really thought I would be able to find them on there. Guess I'll just buy a few full tail switches for back up and to use as donors. Just a shame as a full switch is much more pricey than it would be to just buy a few plugs. @DrAlexanderTobacco thanks that's a good start will have a search using that term and see if I find anything.
  12. These ones.... They almost look like coaxial plugs. Have managed to salvage one from a switch as the wire is too short so can add my own length to it. But would be nice to be able to buy a few so i can make pressure switches the right length and hide wires inside handguard etc..
  13. Sorry, I don't mean the whole tail switch I mean a name for just the plug component.
  14. Hello, does anyone know if these plugs are available to buy as a component or what their actual name may be? I have searched extensively to see if they have a specific name but cant find any answer. I would like to buy a few that I can solder my own wire to. Thanks.
  15. Just bought a scorpion evo to add to my collection. Filled a great space I had in my case. £220 with bag, 6mid caps and a high cap! Bargain in my eyes. Will be selling the bag and high cap on as I have no need for them
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