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  1. Thanks for all the info chaps and answering without criticising what, to some may seem like a stupid question. Confirmed my assumptions.
  2. Perfect answer. Just as I suspected, thanks for clearing that up. Curious as to what this devil hunter mod is though.... I'm off to learn some more. Thanks
  3. Hey, so excuse my naivety of being new to the sport, but... I was pondering on the thought about HPA vs Propane or 'green gas'. Obviously HPA as a propellant is much cheaper than propane. But I don't like the idea of tapping via a line either. So could someone enlighten me as to why a gas mag needs the likes of propane etc. And as to why you couldn't theoretically fill a gas mag with HPA somehow? Is it to do with the pressure levels. Is HPA under a lot more pressure for the same volume of effective propellant thus meaning a gas mag wouldn't be strong enough to contain enough compressed air at the required pressure? May seem like a stupid thought and I'm sure if it was possible it would have been done already but I am genuinely curious as to why HPA needs to be tapped and not just contained within the mag??
  4. A rif only a mother could love 😂 fugly but beautiful in it's own way.
  5. Not usually a fan of bright coloured rifs. But damn, does this look fine. Great job
  6. Bought one too. Haven't had chance to try it yet as I haven't got a rif yet. One more game to get my ukara but I didn't want it to be out of stock by the time I had a rif. So just bought it Also just got some Mechanix Mpact gloves so my PPE is all complete now. Bolle Raider goggles (with prescription inserts) Onetigris lower mesh with ear protectors Mechanix Mpact gloves Viper tactical cap Fabric mesh neck scarf Really happy with all the PPE. Definitely the most important purchases initially in my eyes. Not cheaped out on it and it's all super comfy. Then accessories... Acetech Bifrost Feyachi RDS-36 red/green dot Feyachi RS-29 reflex ALL black for that stealth look. Just need that rif now... will update here when my wallet takes the biggest hit in the near future... hint. A TM gbbr is on my horizon. Cant wait!!
  7. @Jedi_Master I alway visit on my phone which doesnt have that option which is why i wasnt seeing it. Good to know its there on desktop site. Maybe i will just view it on my phone as desktop not mobile when i need that search feature. Thanks for informing me
  8. Have just tried this and it still only searches a sub forum like gas guns for example. Not one individual topic. Still gives better results but I think it would be nice to have a 'search this topic' at the top of the page when viewing a topic. Just a thought...
  9. 🤦‍♂️ Haha, how I missed that I don't know. Maybe I saw it and thought it meant something else. Forget I opened my mouth... 😂 Thank you. Fail of the day goes to.... 🥁🥁🥁🥁 Me! Edit.. come to think of it i do remember seeing that and thinking it meant searching the topic title. I'll just leave quickly before anyone notices
  10. Hey back again. More of a question over a request. Is there a way to search specifically within one topic as some of the topics have 100s of pages trying to narrow a search either returns too much or too little sometimes. For example i would like to search in just the TM MWS topic about specific questions and using the general search just returns too many unrelated posts. But then refining the search with quotes limits too much. I don't want to ask questions that are already answered. If this is not possible, could it be added at all? Thanks
  11. Good shout. The ideas i have don't really have anything in common with traditional FPS online games as A. They are old and played to death and B. Like you said would likely not work as intended. That's the idea... if people just share ideas then individuals can take as little or as much and transform it to work for them. I think your right in saying if a game organiser cant tweak a rule set or objective etc to fit their site then they probably aren't going to do well designing a game from the ground up. I'm going to write up the ideas I currently have and start a topic on it. If any admin decide that a sub forum would be a good idea (mainly so each submission can be its own topic so you don't have to scroll through pages of threads on one topic to find new games) then it can be moved to that forum. Thanks for your input guys I may be a noob to the sport but I'd like to bring something to it.
  12. I see where your getting at and totally agree that a lot of game modes may well be defined by different factors based on site layouts etc... I still think it could be a good place for players or even marshals on here to get inspiration that can then be tailored to their specific site. The beauty of it is that many objectives can be tweaked or rules added/dropped to suit various layouts. Just by being asked by marshals for input showed to me that they want players to have more control to make their local site more varied and fun. If people have a specific idea it could be stated in a simple rule set with factors that are needed e.g. boundaries, objectives and specific requirements to layout etc... even if some one submitted a full objective game and some one took just one rule for inspiration on another style of game that would suit their local site then we are all getting something from it. Surely cant hurt to discuss I think I will start a topic about it anyway and see what input we get. I already have a few ideas.. some which may well be limited by factors that only some sites can accommodate and some that would probably work almost anywhere.
  13. Hey guys. So I had a game day yesterday and was chatting to a Marshall at the end. He asked us of we had any ideas for game modes to try, they are open to suggestions. This got me thinking.. I can think of a few potentially fun objective based games. I think it would be nice to have a sub forum dedicated to the discussion of new games that people come up with and get shared input from everyone. Or to share unique ones they have come across at certain sites etc... Anyway just a thought... what do you guys think?
  14. Thanks! Had that second day today. What a blast. Was so much more fun having decent visibility as the rental are full face mesh. The goggles and mask married up almost perfect with no gap between them. Sweated my ass of and didn't fog up either as the Raiders are slim but full seal and vented. And the mesh lower was extremely comfortable and did the job perfect. Got shot in the ear at close range and heard a loud ping that no doubt would have been extremely painful if i didn't have ear pro. Also the fabric cheeks make welding to the stock very easy compared to the rental mask. So all in all very happy with my first purchases and my second game day
  15. Literally just bought one of these today as I couldn't find anywhere that sold PC discs less than 50mm diameter to go on my feyachi RDS-36 so got one to fit my RMR. Aside from that bought the new acetech Bifrost, Onetigris lower mesh mask with ear protectors, bolle raider glasses all this before I own a rif 😂 got the eye pro and mask to make my second game more comfy as the rental masks were sh**....
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