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    King arms oa16
    Asg mac10 Ingram aeg desert eagle gbb unknown brand
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    Usually go private security style
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    Apocalypse Airsoft Kent
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  1. Raytd

    tm Mk23

    Ok hold on do you and your wife rescue cats from abroad and re home them ??!!??
  2. Raytd

    tm Mk23

    Hey bro I’m in Rainham my nana has been hospitalised and it’s a very heart breaking time as it’s been ongoing with no idea if she will live or die but it’s not looking good so not hadn’t much spare time 😓 probs won’t be for a while still where abouts u based ? Kent’s a bigass place As allways bro your a ********* legend tackle 👍
  3. Raytd

    tm Mk23

    Ok so I’ve used one of these b4 and loved it so much and a friend of mine highly recommends it as a good sniper / dmr sidearm Any of y’all know anyone selling one ? If so what’s asking prices I have seen them b4 sub 100 that’s ideal for me but whatevs I just can’t find one that looks good to me
  4. Hey bro hospital basically lol 😂 how u doing pall
  5. What makes me think you have an m4 😂 Purchased this a month ago for 120 and absolutely in love w it 100% but looking to upgrade the motor maybe as I’d like to get better trigger response Purchased this a month ago for 120 and absolutely in love w it 100% but looking to upgrade the motor maybe as I’d like to get better trigger response
  6. Really ok I just saw a thing on this website saying how it was illegal but didn’t say what the issues are t thought they had to provide reason for purchasing I can promise the dude buying it isn’t planning on playing airsoft
  7. Hi I know someone who is possibly going to sell his rig to a friend of his who isn’t a .... reassuring person I want to put him off from a legal point can anyone find me a link to where I can find the legal penalties of selling an rig to someone without ukra please
  8. Total shame I didn’t experience that at all and the marshals were very good w cheats making them call hits the Saturday game is better tho as they keep more control over it all but the Sunday games I’ve not played yet so idk Ukasa sales pitch ? At the start they did the rules and health and safety mentioned the shop that was it so idk about that My friend has played the Sunday game last month he said was 193
  9. I swear honestly the site manager told me they had 220 players booked on the Sunday and he expects another 30-40 on average walking in honestly it’s crazy big 600 acres is a big site they boast the largest games in the south of the uk I belive no exaggeration don’t belive me ring them on the website I have the teams numbers they will happily tell u more Why not come on a Saturday w me n my friend oneday it’s 20-30 people but honestly I find it more fun lol
  10. Thanks for that bro I’ll be buying it for sure I have a particular set of skills so If u do I will find you .... and I will kill you ....
  11. ok So I’m thinking hi torque motor fast gear set Brand new hop up and barrel and whatever I need to increase trigger response @Tackle @Rogerborg now im crap w knowledge of parts what would be the best recommended part lists y’all fellers could suggest Also will just get an acog and play a flexible roll because Saturday games aren’t using all 600 acres lol we only use small areas for skirmishing game modes like cap and hold bomb defence ect
  12. I’m worried your mother knows that you having a wobbly sausage is honesty ... tad creepy bro
  13. Yeah I’m very torn as I want to upgrade what guns I like and streamline my collection to just one or two godly guns lol Thing is I do love my oa15 it works so well sadly tho not well enough to compete w the tms ect it has a slower rate of fire and also the shots seem to travel very slow Apocalypse Airsoft in Kent Saturday games are small but fast paced I love them but Sunday games your talking easy 200+ peeps show up 600acres of land ect Im no regular (yet) but I’ve only been able to play Saturdays the last few years Saying that however the gun makes up for speed with accuracy and relyability it’s a very good gun just would be cool to make it even better idk
  14. You and me 😂 Dmr isn’t nesisary but I want to be able to have some sort of edge with decent response Acurracy over range ect and probs get myself a x4 scope lol but still idk where to start with upgrading a gun
  15. Good point but not at my site trust me even the first time kiddies and their dad turned up with tm recoil guns lol I was very outgunned and out healthed to add lol I ended up being a belly crawling medic lol I was lucky to be on the team with the aa12 full auto shotgun firing 3 shots at a time lol the other team just had £700 worth of snipers 500 pounds worth of vector and more pimped m4s than I could count would just like to compensate for where my body fails me somewhat
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