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  1. ok So I’m thinking hi torque motor fast gear set Brand new hop up and barrel and whatever I need to increase trigger response @Tackle @Rogerborg now im crap w knowledge of parts what would be the best recommended part lists y’all fellers could suggest Also will just get an acog and play a flexible roll because Saturday games aren’t using all 600 acres lol we only use small areas for skirmishing game modes like cap and hold bomb defence ect
  2. I’m worried your mother knows that you having a wobbly sausage is honesty ... tad creepy bro
  3. Yeah I’m very torn as I want to upgrade what guns I like and streamline my collection to just one or two godly guns lol Thing is I do love my oa15 it works so well sadly tho not well enough to compete w the tms ect it has a slower rate of fire and also the shots seem to travel very slow Apocalypse Airsoft in Kent Saturday games are small but fast paced I love them but Sunday games your talking easy 200+ peeps show up 600acres of land ect Im no regular (yet) but I’ve only been able to play Saturdays the last few years Saying that however the gun makes up for speed with accuracy and relyability it’s a very good gun just would be cool to make it even better idk
  4. You and me 😂 Dmr isn’t nesisary but I want to be able to have some sort of edge with decent response Acurracy over range ect and probs get myself a x4 scope lol but still idk where to start with upgrading a gun
  5. Good point but not at my site trust me even the first time kiddies and their dad turned up with tm recoil guns lol I was very outgunned and out healthed to add lol I ended up being a belly crawling medic lol I was lucky to be on the team with the aa12 full auto shotgun firing 3 shots at a time lol the other team just had £700 worth of snipers 500 pounds worth of vector and more pimped m4s than I could count would just like to compensate for where my body fails me somewhat
  6. I’m unimployed and disabled haha yup to save 48 quid it’s worth it
  7. Maybe I can find a broken one on eBay or even design one on my dads cnc machine in his workshop 😕
  8. Yeah that’s what I have but Ita the lid was chewed up by my dog I just needthe screw down flap
  9. I’m thinking upgrade my trigger response and barrel and gearbox /motor and take an acog sight so I can actually see shit
  10. You lie I raise my bolt gun and chainsword in glory for the emperor ! 😂 m9 And hicap are my faves as they fit nicely in my hand I don’t like grips to thick it annoys me lol
  11. Yeah I just hate glocks so ugly 😓 not fan of 1911 either
  12. I have a p90 box mag and my dog freakin bit it in half and I’m meant to be selling it anyone know where I can order the screw on lid as I can’t find it anywhere thanks in advanc
  13. https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/we-europe-m92-m9a1-marine-insignia-co2-gas-blowback-pistol?pv=854 i love the look of this I have like 1000 co2 canisters from my air guns so pls don’t shit on the co2 thing straight away but any opinions ? I feel it would be a nice gun ?
  14. I love to use the textured sand spray paint from b&q gives a fantastic look and lovely feel I did on my cheap src m4 everyone was making a huge fuss on how good it looked tbh suprised me to So yeah this is the sand paint you get from b&q I added another coat but this is just a cheap gun I did up for fun the sand spray gives a beautiful textured feel I had people all day wanting to hold it lol I recommend using hammorite engine primer as it doesn’t stick to most primers + its super resistant paint I recommend for anyone who wants a fun look just don’t whatever you do spray on parts that need to be tight or connected as it takes a good mill or two coverage they do sand tan or stone grey grey with black and white specks honestly looks like rock texture very impressed for the 4 bucks I paid lol I’ll upload a better photo soon when I’ve added some detailing ect Yeah cheap but effective also super easy to remove tiniest bit of sanding then just wipe with a meth rag and boom back to primer but it’s lasted a good 3 skirmish with no damage to paint
  15. Ok so my site limit is 500 and on smaller days 30-40 ppl we have a snipers only rule for tree lines so assault AEGs lmgs and mags have to play obj And snipers can go anywhere except enemy spawn so it could be good at the site I’m at my issues lol I broke my neck about 6 years ago (fracture) but still painful if I’m not careful I had surgery but I get allot of pain at times I also have fibromyralgia and type 2 cardiovascular EDS boardering type 3 but I’ve had surgery on my knees and hips to keep from further damage so yeah I could train but trust me it barely helps lol edit: ok maybe dmr not best plan maybe 😕 how could I max out my potential as a slower ar user I wouldn’t mind being able to be more accurate at range at 50m shots become unpredictable to a slight 😕 i find I see someone shoot and they have pleanty time to dodge so maybe I feed better trigger reaction and somehow boost rate of fire so I can send sooner send more and not push cqb limits ? ive never ever upgraded a gun so this is a project I want to do very much but I want it done right 😛
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