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  1. Maybe for you but it's pretty much the only way Wombats going to get a skirmish
  2. Could always contact [email protected] they run skirmishes on Sundays and Tuesday's at bunker 51
  3. Not a bad starter package bud, you playing tomorrow ?
  4. Hi guys just thought I'd warn anyone thinking of buying one of the Nuprol lipo balance chargers to not bother, I picked one up from Patrol Base as a spare and tried using it last night as soon as I plugged the battery in it shorted and stopped working. Good job I never leave a charging battery as the charger started smoking and I believe if this had happened while I was not there a fire would surely have been caused. I emailed Patrol Base this morning and I'm waiting on a reply
  5. bully78

    Tracer bbs

    Yeah that seems to be the case with anywhere that has them at a decent price. But found some in stock at ammo drop so that will do till I can get them in bulk Cheers lads
  6. bully78

    Tracer bbs

    Always thought that these forums were a place to share information about our sport, guess I was wrong in expecting an answer about where to buy something in a sub-section called (Places To Buy). Maybe if you got off your high horse and shared a little you may find it refreshing
  7. bully78

    Tracer bbs

    No I prefer to listen to the opinions of my fellow players rather than a search engine that gets paid by companies to put them ahead of the competition
  8. bully78

    Tracer bbs

    Hi everyone I'm looking to stock up on a load of tracers so where's best to buy in bulk. Cheers
  9. Hey all I'm hitting the Bunker in the morning if any of you are there I'll be the fat bacon lover with the tan amoeba 008, Can't wait first trip in months 😁
  10. bully78

    WE PX4 mags

    Hi all anyone know where I can get a couple of new mags for the above pistol In the UK
  11. bully78

    Best gas

    Hi all looking to buy a few more gas canisters for my we px4, I've been using abbey predator but I'm wondering is there better out there.
  12. Anyone going this weekend?
  13. Yeah mate I got a new m4 and a px4 off them recently pretty good service so definitely
  14. bully78


    Their gen 2 so no extra light needed I've used them as spotters while out rabbit shooting in the past and they work pretty good. It's just an idea at the moment but they may prove useful at some point. Thanks for taking the time to answer lads 👍
  15. bully78


    Yeah I'd be using it to have quick scans down corridors looking for hidden players rather then constant use if I was too use it. And airsofters can't be any worse than all the sea fishermen with their head torches while Im bass fishing 🎣
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