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    Ares Amoeba AM 008,G&G firehawk, KT PX4 custom.
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    British Army MTB with cheap tactical vest.
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  1. Hey all I'm hitting the Bunker in the morning if any of you are there I'll be the fat bacon lover with the tan amoeba 008, Can't wait first trip in months 😁
  2. bully78

    WE PX4 mags

    Hi all anyone know where I can get a couple of new mags for the above pistol In the UK
  3. bully78

    Best gas

    Hi all looking to buy a few more gas canisters for my we px4, I've been using abbey predator but I'm wondering is there better out there.
  4. Anyone going this weekend?
  5. Yeah mate I got a new m4 and a px4 off them recently pretty good service so definitely
  6. bully78


    Their gen 2 so no extra light needed I've used them as spotters while out rabbit shooting in the past and they work pretty good. It's just an idea at the moment but they may prove useful at some point. Thanks for taking the time to answer lads 👍
  7. bully78


    Yeah I'd be using it to have quick scans down corridors looking for hidden players rather then constant use if I was too use it. And airsofters can't be any worse than all the sea fishermen with their head torches while Im bass fishing 🎣
  8. bully78


    Hi all quick question for admin How long is the delivery time of the site patches. Cheers John
  9. bully78


    Hi all do any of you run night vision on your guns for night games and if so what? Reason I ask is I have an old set of NV binoculars that can be taken apart and mounted on a rail
  10. bully78

    New sniper

    Hi guys has anyone on here got or seen the new CYMA CM.700A M40A3 SPRING SNIPER RIFLE as I was thinking of getting a cheap sniper rifle and this looks interesting.
  11. Hi all I'm looking for a tracer unit to fit my Amoeba am008 what would you all suggest?
  12. Unfortunately not as had a family event I forgot about. But I am going next weekend I may even dress up for it as it's the Easter Egg hunt day 😁
  13. Welcome Jamie I'm from just down the Rd in Shepherds Bush and in the same boat with transport, I'll probably be heading to Reforger not this Sunday as it's mothers day but the following Sunday if you want to tag along And to any others
  14. bully78


    Cheers guys
  15. bully78


    Hi guys I'm looking for a holster for my Px4 but not sure which ones will fit, Hoping you can help
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