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  1. I can highly recommend the Cyma 098 platinum its their pre-upgraded version of a SR25, out of the box its pretty damm good I got mine from taiwangun for less than £180 which was a steal seeing as its £269 at patrolbase, came firing 460fps out the box and can fire full auto so needed a little work but only took me 30min to sort. The advise Adolf gives above is spot on learn your gun before you try and put upgrades in
  2. can highly recommend Leicestershire Airsoft Online always had fantastic service from them.
  3. wanted a diagram for reference on part names as ive a couple of problems I want to fix 1, safety not working . 2, inconsistent fps 3, very loud 4, doesn't feed with new g&g green bucking cheers buddy I was looking at the cylinder this morning and thought just that
  4. hey guys been looking on google for a diagram for a g&g pm5 blowback gearbox and unless im completely blind im having no luck, can anyone help me out please. regards john
  5. whats your lowest price ? as this can be bought for 120 new
  6. So who else is hitting Purple Thunder at Mayhem this Sunday
  7. hi guys how much would it cost to get one of these locked to semi only, I don't trust myself to do it right. mine arrived shooting 458-464fps so once it settles should be spot on for our limits for DMR . and as for magazines apparently the battle axe mid caps fit fine
  8. I see patrol base have just restocked the TM mk 23 at a new price of £164 🤬 guess we’ll be seeing more and more of this 😢
  9. Is this going to be a regular Saturday thing now ? 🙏
  10. bully78


    What waist size is the belt ?
  11. Welcome buddy I'm also West London based so if you ever want to meet up at a skirmish just send a message bud 👍
  12. Maybe for you but it's pretty much the only way Wombats going to get a skirmish
  13. Could always contact [email protected] they run skirmishes on Sundays and Tuesday's at bunker 51
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