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    • whats in the utility pouches?
    • Awesome If I Was to buy this do I get everything in these pics if so what rifles are they and how many 
    •   I have sent you a message.   Yes still available.   Thanks
    • Currently going for a new job where playing airsoft won't be feasible for at least a couple of years, so I'm "handing in my official notice to Airsoft", so to speak, which is sad, but necessary. So, everything must go.   Got quite a lot of stuff going here, so would prefer a job lot, but I'm open to reasonable offers.   All the sidearms have been stripped down, cleaned and greased up again, running smooth, all gas mags airtight, all AEG and sniper mags full working order.   PRIMARIES   M4 Bundle Make: CMYA (P&J Branding)
      Item: CM.007 M4 AEG  - Vertical grip  - Tan rubber rail covers  - Precision 6.03mm inner barrel  - Guarder SP100 AEG Spring  - EOTech Red/Green Reticle clone with Lens Protector  - Magpul PTS MBUS Rear Sight  - DBoys Gas Block/Flip-up Sight, fitted with Laylax Tritium nightsight (Purchased July 2017)  - 3x 400rd CMYA Metal M4 Hi Cap Magazines with genuine MagPul mag assists.  - Tan 3-point sling  - Also includes original 6.08mm barrel and 420fps spring   Above bought for a total of £315.05   JG Bar-10 Make: Jing Gong Item: BAR-10  - Bought through and fully upgraded by Airsoft Monkey at CombatUK in Stevenage. May need a new hop up bucking, willing to include this in a job lot offer. 3x Magazines   Bought for £440     SIDEARMS   Sig Sauer P226 Bundle Make: WE Item: F226 Rail  - 5 airtight magazines (1 magazine has light cosmetic scratches, pictures)  - Nuprol retention holster with paddle and MOLLE adapter  - 2 Nuprol double mag carriers with paddles and MOLLE adapters  - Some paint has come off the sights, and there are a few scratches and marks across the gun, but I've kept it in good shape with regular maintenance on the inside and still shoots like new.   Bought for £260   Glock 19 Bundle Make: WE Item: EU19 Gen 4  - 3 airtight magazines  - Safariland GLS 578 Holster with paddle, belt loop and dropped belt loop options.  - Nuprol double mag carrier with paddle and MOLLE adapter   Bought for £204.99   Still absolute mint condition.   Kimber Warrior Wilson Combat 1911 Make: Army Armament Item: R30  - 2 airtight magazines   Walther PPQ Make: Umarex Item: Walther PPQ M2  - 1 magazine, paint finish has been worn slightly on top of ejection port.     Rigs and Pouches    - Condor H Harness (Olive Drab)  - Condor Gen II Battle Belt (Olive Drab)  - Generic fixed-pouch Tactical Vest (Black)  - 8Fields Tactical Plate Carrier (Multicam)  - 8 Fields Tactical Double M4 Bungee & Pistol Magazine Combo Pouch (Multicam)  - 8 Fields Tactical Vertical Utility Pouch (Multicam)  - Nuprol Lower Face Mesh Mask (Multicam)  - MFH Double Magazine Pouch Small (Woodland)  - MFH Dump Pouch (Woodland)  - Condor HHR Pouch (Olive Drab)  - Mil-Tec Quick Release Belt 50mm (Olive Drab)   Bought for £145.22     Clothing    - Kombat Tactical ACU Shirt (Jungle Kryptek Style) - Medium  - Kombat Tactical ACU Trousers (Jungle Kryptek Style) - Medium  - Viper Tactical ACU Shirt (Multicam) - Medium  - Viper Tactical ACU Trousers (Multicam) - 34" Waist  - Mechanix M-Pact Multicam Gloves (Medium)   Bought for £124.20     Extras    - Bolle Raider eye protection with RX inserts.  - Bolle Silium+ Platinum eye protection  - Motorola TLKR T80 Extreme Duo Set - with earpieces, charging station, belt clips and hard case.  - Swiss Arms Carbine Case  - Synthetic wool lined rifle slip (for BAR-10)  - 8Fields Tactical Knee & Elbow Pads Altra Type (Black)  - US Govt. marked Mock Suppressor (14mm CCW) (Black)  - Nuprol CZ P-09 polymer retention holster (sprayed urban speckle)  - SWAT-style Helmet  - FAST Helmet (Olive) with NVG Mount  - 2 Crane Stock NIMH batteries   Bought for £270 (approx)     So, as you can see, I've spent quite fair amount of money on Airsoft in such a short space of time - the above all comes to an original tune of approx £2,000 (1911, PPQ and Carbine case bought 2nd hand). Vast majority of items are in mint condition. As such, I value this to a total of £1500. I only started Airsoft around September last year, so all items, with exception to 1911, PPQ and carbine case which were bought 2nd hand, are under 8 months old.   However, I am willing to accept a lower price for the convenience of a job lot offer.   And obviously, goes with out saying, all RIFs require buyer to be 18+ and have either a VCRA defence, or a VCRA exemption.
        And I'll throw in some really cool extra goodies for a job lot sale too.     Pictures:  (Obviously a lot to photograph here and I have limited floor space to put it all out to display it in, I'll do my best to get everything in as detailed as I can, if there's something you can't see, just let me know).   Photo lot 1 up: P226 + mags 1911 + mags M4 + mags Harness and Battlebelt Plate carrier Combo pouches Dump pouch Utility pouch Motorola Radios Multicam Trousers Silencer   Photo lot 2 up: Jungle Shirt Multicam Shirt Glock 19 + Mags Safariland 578GLS Walther PPQ M2 Bolle Raider Box Elbow & Knee Pads Double Pistol Mag Pouch M-Pact Gloves CZ P09 Holster  
    • If it's any consolation my CQB gun has just been apart and together three times after it broke a tappet plate then went from 325fps to 50fps in four shots for no apparent reason after the bust bit was replaced.   But you do get good at taking the bloody things apart and putting them back together after the fifth or sixth time...
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