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  1. Give it a couple of years months and there'll be plenty of shopping trollies and burnt out cars to add to the post-apocalyptic theme too.
  2. I was watching TV and they said there's a documentary about the clitoris on the red button ....... but I couldn't find it
  3. thanks! I searched Bristol airsoft before posting on here but somehow managed to miss those! Sounds like the Bristol one is super close, may visit the Gloucester one first.
  4. Tracer (and 16mm adapter) for the pistol I don’t have yet.
  5. Anyone been to Bristol Airsoft? mid-week games work best for me and now my super-local Z-mart aren't doing them anymore I need to find somewhere new to get my fix. Bristol Airsoft seem to run games all through the week which would make fitting it into the diary much easier, but it'd be good to know what it's like before driving the hour there. The other option (also an hour) is Strikeforce CQB.
  6. Gutted. Was off to Z-mart again tonight, but Thursday games have been cancelled for the foreseeable.

    Midweek games are so much easier for me to work in around all the stuff the kids do too.


    (No, they’re not old enough to go yet).

  7. Think we can all relate! In fact I think I've spent as much on rifle/pistol accessories than I will the actual RIFs themselves 😂
  8. I don’t have the talent to artificially age something without it looking naff, so am very much in the camp that says to let it wear naturally. Although I’m also in the camp that says it’s your kit, do what you like to it!
  9. Burner PAYG SIM that you/he pays for separately. PAYG as if/when it gets found you won't be using it again any time soon, but at least being a SIM it's small enough to keep in a wallet or stash somewhere. Obviously you'll have to deal with the fallout if it goes pear-shaped but I guess you know that already.
  10. Any recommendations for a holster? Plan is to get an FNX-45 when the UKARA happens, got a Nuprol NX300 light from a mate to go with it, so need something compatible with that.

    So far I have a list of one - the DC5.

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    2. Madhouse


      Good suggestions there, think the Deadly Customs one has it at the moment, I like the idea of the release on the Blackhawk one but if I’m running a tracer and a light the DC one is pretty much the only option.

      Only problem now is that DC also do a belt with mag carriers and you can get them wrapped … and then it’s like ‘ohh, that looks nice’ …….. could spend more on the belt than the pew it’s meant to carry!

    3. Krisz


      Omnivore bottom need some cutting regarding tracers I think but I'm not sure if I would do it by myself it's not cheap and you can't send it back it if it's butchered.

      Kydex type holsters could offer you a solution but for tracer space you may pay premium and to my knowledge kydex wears your slide faster than anything else.

      If you don't insist on a flashlight warrior systems ultimate holster could be a cheaper alternative but drawing isn't the best (I own one and you can't grab the grip properly while you draw it you have to readjust your palm on the pistol).

      Cheapest solution is a gun clip style holster from patrolbase but FNX-45 trigger is very different in style compared to a Glock/AAP-01 so I'm not sure if it's gonna be compatible. TTI Trigger wasn't so I had to send it back.

    4. Madhouse


      Thanks for the info, hadn’t thought about slide wear but I guess with TM’s being plastic I probably should.

      Chatting to a mate this morning and he uses a trigger guard holster similar to this:




      Tempting for the versatility as any light/tracer combo will work.

  11. Red Alert today - although taking the kids paintballing rather than playing myself.

  12. No idea, so I googled it: Linky You might need a new barrel depending on what your plans are.
  13. For new players add a quid or two to a rental price and include a couple of litres of water. Anyone playing their fourth game should be aware of the physicality and their hydration needs. It's a sales opportunity for a site though, buying water by the pallet's relatively cheap (15p/bottle) so if you sold it as low as 50p you'd still make a healthy margin, added bonus is you get an extra pallet to make defences/obstacles/seats out of.
  14. Between injury & life my third game at my local site will be a full 13 and a bit months since my first. Just messaged them about UKARA, fingers crossed they're ok with it, if not I'll just have to wait a bit longer.

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    2. Druid799


      Funny thing about life , it does have a rather unfortunate habit of finding a way of taking a giant shite on one’s plans ? 

    3. Madhouse


      Certainly does @Druid799!


      That was my thinking @Lozart but they seem to want the three games inside a year - their site, their rules. I don't mind if that means I have to wait an extra month or two and I'm not gonna kick up a fuss as I don't want to be 'that guy' and quite frankly there's bigger things to worry about .... like what pew to get and whether it's in stock anywhere 😂

    4. Druid799


      We need a new category, the ‘Covidcara license’ ! You play one game per year over this year and the previous two years to too qualify for ya airsoft ‘license’ !👍

  15. Glad you both enjoyed it, sounds like you had a cracking experience 👍
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