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    For sale here is a resident evil inspired GBB pistol made by WE Europe. It is in fantastic condition, has only been fired twice, I took it to my local skirmish site, but it was too hot to play with coming in at over 330fps. I’m not sure of the exact fps to be honest. It was fired into the chrono, and then I placed it back in its box where it has been since. The gun does look great with a STARS Raccoon PD badge in the grip and oversized style. I am fully up to date with my UKARA and I expect any possible buyer to be too, with proof please.


  2. therobbafett

    Patrol Base

    Yes, patrolbase are definitely one of the best websites for airsoft needs. Very quick service whether it be questions or orders. And customer service is always second to none, I have made a few mistakes on orders and they always seem to go out of their way to help me out
  3. therobbafett

    Traffic Stop with rifs in car

    Hi, have just joined the website so first of all, Hello everyone. I found the best thing to do was be polite and honest with the officer. Explain what is in your car if asked. my nuprol case wass in the boot but has to come into the rear seats through the 40/60 split, that is why the officer saw it. She asked what it was so I told her politely and as calmly as I could give the circumstance. She asked me to very calmly take her to my boot to show her what I meant. She had a look inside my case, saw the battery, the bottle of BB’s, had a look at the email receipt from the venue I had just played at, all whilst I was trying my best to explain things. She didn’t call for armed response. After looking at my equipment and deeming me “safe” she even asked if it hurt so I showed her my “wounds” and she laughed and asked why would you do that?! Ha i think honesty and not being a dick is the right way forward. Obviously it depends on the officer in question. I could have easily ended up being handcuffed in the back of the police car waiting for armed response to come and deem everything safe. But hopefully that day will never come