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  1. Wow... I haven't been on hear in about two years now! Time flies. Hope you all are well and keeping safe. To any oldies on here, I still have all my gear... just been silly busy with work and life in general. Maybe one day when all of this virus sh!t is behind us I will venture out again, dressed like special forces, ready to shoot grown men with little plastic BBs. Until then... I'll be reminiscing like the rest of you. Anyway, one of the best youtube videos I've seen in a long while... enjoy! (if you haven't already seen it. In that case, enjoy it again.)
  2. They are the same AEG pretty much. There are loads of threads on here about them and all your questions should be answered if you search those threads. They cost a premium for a reason... one of the best stock platforms out there.
  3. I run a bit of viper and think it's alright for what it is. Prices could be a bit more reasonable for certain items but they do carry a load of gear for budget prices (when compared to real tactical gear). You can also try Condor. I have a few of their chest rigs which are quality for the cost. http://www.condoroutdoor.com/
  4. I'm still lurking about every now and then... don't comment much but I'm still here. The majority of my time has been going into diy on the new house and working silly overtime at work due to being short staffed.
  5. Really good idea. You don't live too far from me Samurai. Sent you a buddy request.
  6. I've done a lot of Thursday nights but that's down to my work schedule etc. They can be a bit slow sometimes if you don't have the right crowd. It's far less players than a Sunday and it's dark so tracers are useable throughout. Sundays are usually packed and game play is very different. You also get a mixed bag of decently lit areas and pitch black areas. Saturday night open games are fairly new. Saturday nights were usually private games which if you ever get a chance to attend a private game jump at it... well worth it. Saturday night open games seem to be all themed which can give the extra flavour needed rather than just running around shooting each other. IMO, The Mall is definitely one of the best indoor sites in the UK. Regardless of what day you choose to go you are likely to encounter little flaws in game play just as you will any other site but the possibilties of bad do not even come close to outweighing the promise of good. It is more than worth a try bud.
  7. How's it going Jedi? Apparently the chavs are all booked up! Justice League it is!
  8. I see Trigger is intimidating The Mall patrons again.
  9. Had a blast as usual. Missed the Sunday though... again. The Terminator game was surprisingly enjoyable.
  10. HPA will not be used as an arguement against airsoft because just as easily an arguement can be made to just ban HPA systems from the sport. HPA systems wont be banned because it's a frivolous act to anyone outside the sport. If the gov has issues with airsoft guns it will be because they are RIFs... not because they shoot plastic bbs at 40+rps lol.
  11. Site is to blame 100%. If you go back then you will be to blame. Find a responsible site dude.
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