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    I'm a Bullpup bitch (with snipers' SMG's, PDW's & Battle Rifles too)
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    90's DPM with OD or DPM PLCE, or Modern MTP with MTP PLCE or Osprey MkIV chestrig.
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  1. Pfft... the jokes on Iain, we can buy them fully auto. Ok, they only fire 6mm BB's but that's irelevant.
  2. Your post confuses me but I'll play along. This is me in uniform...
  3. *cough* I think you mean... 'POLYMER' *cough*
  4. I seem to remember it being easier to buy a RS in USA or some parts of the US than it is to buy a RIF, dunno where I read it or if that's true or not.
  5. I'm still holding out for an H-bar... yes, I believe in unicorns
  6. Are you sure? There is a difference.
  7. Does two tone make everything custom these days?
  8. Historically pews seem to sell better without the tape.
  9. Apparently the site got one too.
  10. Well... I had a day at POW near Falkirk today, took my gbbr XM177 & SCAR-H along with my trusty aeg L85A1, partnered with a Browning Hipower & a Glock 17. The L85 was too hot at the chrono firing 0.2's at 364, 363, 367ish so took it to the range and blasted through a hicap which managed to bring the fps to the 350's, the XM just wasn't working right for some reason, very inconsistant and pathetic, I'm gonna blame a bit of midcap syndrome as I filled the mags the night before, the Scar was a bit better but still not performing properly so I used the L85 in every game. Decided I prefer using the DPM chest rig I bought last month , very comfortable to wear & holds plenty of mags, extra BB's (just in case 6 hicaps isn't enought ) & some fluids, it's also got a short bit of plce belt on the left side where I've added a holster, would like it on my right be hey-ho. I say prefer because of the convenience & as a fat fecker the mag pouches on my belt kit are at my side & round the back & a bit awkward to reach and guess where the open pouch is. I'll still use the belt kit for my Scar Gas mags as on a chest rig it felt so unbalanced & actually painful to wear when I tried it last night. I played the first 3 games (usually 4 at POW), first game we were defending the fort from a bomb attack (we failed) but quite happy as I got 3 kills with a possible 4th and was only hit once (unusual for me), I'm not built for any front line duty but I'm one hell of a rearguard. Second game we were attacking the M.A.S.H area & despite staying side by side with my team mates I only killed a few trees & destroyed several twigs, got hit once near the end of the game but the only event really worth mentioning was jumping into a bog and spending the next few mins trying to extract my feet without loosing my boots. Don't think we won this game either. Third game we were defending the flag in the Town area, all credit to the Reds as they played a great game, pushing all the time through the Bunker area and had us yellows pretty much cornered 10m from our spawn point, the flag was just within range of most of our pews so taking the flag wasn't as fast as it could have been if the spawn was a little further away. So we lost all 3 games, more were played after I left but I'd had enough of the heat and my total knackeredness. (plenty fluids were taken) Spent about 20mins emptying my gas mags at the range then went home. I think I've pretty much decided I'm not keen on using gbbr's, partially due the the weight of the mags but mainly coz I've not got them working properly (I take it ALL back, they are a different kettle of fish), I'll take them next time to see if filling the mags at the site makes any difference but suspect I'll take a couple of AEG's too. Biggest challenge for my next game is to loose some weight, always been a fat lad (even in the TA) but my uniforms are either too tight or unwearable at the moment & that certainly doesn't help me enjoy my rare outings at playing soldiers. p.s. lost my boonie.
  11. Well the deed has been done, played at POW today.
  12. new they're about £430 & it's showing it's age so pop it onto the classifieds and ask what you feel you could live with but be prepared to take offers. I'll certainly message you with an offer.
  13. Have you bought any rif's from a dealer since? If you're a regular player at the site that registered you then it's maybe been automatically updated.
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