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  1. BBrotherwood

    Hi from Rochester, Kent

    +1 to Apocalypse, its the only other site in Kent I played at other then Sandpit when I lived in Gravesend.
  2. Fun morning watching the police engage a gunman on campus. The police used my block as cover so we took a few rounds xD (Training excursive).

    1. JamesAirsofterAgent
    2. Max2000


      Is that in UK?

    3. BBrotherwood


      Aberystwyth - who said nothing interesting happens in mid wales?

  3. BBrotherwood

    ARES L1A1s

    FFS I was after one for two years, I let my defence slip due to being at Uni and not having the time to play and then they release a new batch
  4. BBrotherwood

    Ian's guide to noobism on a tight budget.

    I'ts a bit late to berate him now... On a practical note ditch the pistol and the CYMA M4. If you want an M4 to use the mags you have, just buy a G&G combat machine.
  5. Woop, had my first airsoft game in 7 months today! Buzzing :)

    1. PT247


      nice, you had fun I take it? :D

    2. Albiscuit


      Likewise.. I think July or August was my last!!

    3. BBrotherwood


      Just a bit :) It was one of UCAPs Battlesims.

  6. I know these feels, the local site is only reachable by personal vehicle or taxi (fecking expensive here) as no public transport goes near it. And then the nearest site is the other side of Wales I believe. Wales is a bitch to travel through xD. Due to work I cant play anyway but if I could here I would have to rely on the university soc to get there and back.
  7. BBrotherwood

    Insane ROF M4

    A single one that stings like a bitch or hits something unfortunate is fair play, it's not the other guys fault its bad luck. Them lighting you up on the other hand is their fault and completely unnecessary/painful and far more dangerous. TBF I have only had the one bad experience but that was enough to question how much I want to trust a random stranger to not be a complete nob.
  8. BBrotherwood

    Insane ROF M4

    Getting shot across the back of the knee caps from 10 metres by a half second burst while 'dressed properly' was a lovely pleasant experience that left me limping for the rest of the day... Dressing properly is not the problem its the fact that people are twats and aim for stupid places and hold the trigger down on something that shoots an unnecessary amount of bbs. I don't play the game to get shot to pieces.
  9. BBrotherwood

    Insane ROF M4

    I can confirm, getting shot by a trigger happy tit with a high ROF weapon ****** hurts.
  10. BBrotherwood

    Squad - Clan Recruitment

    If that's how they get their enjoyment from a game then so be it. Different styles for everyone. As long as it's not shoved down everyone else's throat as being the only way to play the game. For the record the Games Workshop clan would go home and paint some more models.
  11. BBrotherwood

    AUG Rebuild Can you check my theory.

    My challenge to you would be to adapt the rails and turn it into a proper replica of an AUG A3 rather then the horrendously bad and non existent in real life system the airsoft companies dreamt up.
  12. BBrotherwood

    B.L.TECH B.O.S.S Would you?

    They seem to have managed to overcomplicate the very simple process of setting light to propane to move a big striker... What is the point in the key card? Extra money for something pointless. If you leave your rifle unattended then its your fault if it goes walkies.
  13. GHK AUG... Excitement levels rising!

    1. Zak Da Mack

      Zak Da Mack

      :o I saw that this morning. Makes me want an AUG now
    2. GiantKiwi


      yay more different types of mags, feed lip is different to the M4/G5, so no compatibility

    3. BBrotherwood


      I prefer that they are using the traditional design mags.

  14. BBrotherwood

    2016 Project Plans?

    Get my work shifts changed from a Sunday. Smuggle my AK into Uni owned house. (What could go wrong?). Go with the uni society to some games. Get a valid defence again. Become poor and be forced to assume student life of eating pasta while struggling to find places to hide a growing collection of contraband RIFs.
  15. BBrotherwood

    Zak Da Mak

    Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): yes Any other comments:Would recommend you to anyone.