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  1. I would wear a hat or hoody first time out as well to be honest. You don't see many playing without something on the noggin. Depends where you are playing as well to be honest. You might need a torch if inside...
  2. Definitely interested in this. Sure dad will be interested too after missing out last time due to illness. Can probably bring more players along if numbers are short but see who is interested from here first. Nice one Trigger
  3. Get an annotation on your video warning people about him, you'll save them a few quid and he's bound to remove the link too I guess...
  4. I'm the one in the thumbnail, having a knife duel with my pal and pointing a pistol across the Mall. Around 0:55. Was pretty good to be a part of, would like to see the unedited footage though!
  5. One of the best days I've had at the Mall yesterday. I think I had maybe one instance of non hit taking, great days play. Mannequin challenge was pretty fun, I'd like to see the unedited footage. Bit skint at the minute bit I'll be back down there after Xmas no doubt.
  6. We have a few going to the Mall on the 20th too.
  7. lafta


    I'll own up to playing this. Probably why I haven't been on here much recently...
  8. ASG blasters. I use there 0.2s in pistols and grenades and the 0.25 tracers too. Airsoft zone Romford are where I usually buy from, they give you a quid off each bottle when buying 3+ which is nice. Postage can be a killer but you have to counter that by buying in bulk.
  9. Once a month at least. Sometimes more if a few different groups I play with are playing on different dates. I would go every week if I could!
  10. Welcome. My next Mall outing is going to be July 17th I think.
  11. Epic night. Certainly feeling it after playing today too though! Thanks for organising Trigger, well done.
  12. Just look for the 'Zombie patrol' (something like that) van outside if you're the first there or everyone is inside already.
  13. Been trying to buy patches for a while. Seems an impossible task at the moment.
  14. You might be looking at having to pay for parking mate. Still seems like a good deal, will compare notes on the Sunday so we can see which is better for next time round? How many do we have for Sunday too then?
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