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  1. Hmmm, dunno... I think he'd be a double Deagle man, meself. I mean, you'd have to have a bit of an ego to set about feeding 5000 people full stop, nevermind with just 5 loaves and 2 fishes!
  2. You can tell us then... what would Jesus shoot?
  3. I know that Sacarathe deleted this question, but I decided to answer it anyway, because it offers the potential for good advice on a topic that is relevant to many of us... 1st off, I haven't heard of any particular criticisms of the CYMA P90, so I expect that it is no worse than most manufacturers' efforts and, despite the price, probably better than some. However, it is a P90 and, yeah, I must admit to a violent bias here, I mean I fucking hate 'em, but that aside, I'm not sure many people, except Stargate SG1 fans, who go airsofting for the first time, would think of a P90 as cool looki
  4. This weekend gone was the first time in a long time that I have had the energy to do anything, but my g/f came over so i didn't get round to powering up my sight. I'm planning to use a hot glue gun to cover the contacts of the AAA holder once I've soldered the wires in place - that's gotta be a lot better than bits of LX tape at preventing short circuits...
  5. Madbull do some 0.12g BB's - they're £5 in RWA's UK site holiday sale. I've mooted the idea of using coloured BB's to indicate that you're in your last few before, but nobody thought much of the idea. I still think it's worth checking out because I, for one, find it difficult to keep track of where i am in a mag once things get exciting. But yeah, 0.12g BB's would overhop like mad and, since the idea is to remind you to change mags immediately, you might think that's not necessarily a bad thing, but then again, you'd be about to be dry firing, which would make you change mags immediately, so a
  6. I ended up ordering some of Giena Tactics' standard Field Trousers and a UBACS but in Izlom rather than SS Leto/Summer cos they gave me the option to pay for them only once they have been made, ie just before posting, rather than fully upfront, plus the 20% Xmas discount: seemed rude not to...
  7. Indeed it is. Bit of an unwieldy beast, but at night creeping about slowly is the name of the game anyway, so that hardly matters. It's amazing how much the whole box weighs compared to the sight on its own, eh? Did you get a bunch of old-skool communist batteries in yours? Bloody Volta would recognise them! They would certainly add some weight to the scope too - thank fook for AAA's!
  8. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, fuck it, my credit cards are already gibbering wrecks, so may as well go the whole hog! Real Sword PSO-1 M2 Scope ~ $275.00 - $27.50 membership discount + $20 (10-20 day) Shipping = $267.50 posted
  9. Russian Army Gen 3 'RATNIK' 6B34 Armoured Goggles - $80 posted (gonna go ahead with my plan to add a 25mm or 30mm fan to each side of these, depending on how much space is available when they arrive) HDMI Type A Female to Type D Male Adaptor - £1.02 posted (for the H.264 Sports HD DV cam I, and others, bought a while back)
  10. My new CYMA CM.057S AEG Dragunov SVD with real steel NSP-3 night vision scope
  11. Yeah James, but that pot is continually getting annealed by being heated and allowed to cool slowly - they put dents in it with a BB gun they say at the top of the piece... probably .177/4.5mm steel BB's, but nonetheless, bugger all compared to buckshot. I dunno for sure that Herosharks would withstand buckshot mind, nor would i risk it, but i would put £10 on it if someone had a shotgun and some spare HS to test!
  12. Thanks BrightCandle, I will ask them if that's possible. Although I am also seriously considering trying to add a pair of 25mm fans, one on either side, to a pair of real Gen 3 6B34's. It turns out that those little fans built for electronic component cooling run on 12V, so they could be built into a pair of goggles with Deans connectors and share 11.1V LiPo's with my AEG's, since a fully charged Turnigy Nano Tech LiPo puts out about 12.3V...
  13. Is that from Giena Tactics, Chris? I was thinking of having a UBACS made by them in what they call SS Summer, also known as Partizan, SS Partizan, by BARS as Frogskin, but originally SS Leto. In fact since i didn't take them up on their first quote they have sent me a 20% discount offer (not a code so i can't pass it on unfortunately), but from the sounds of it, it may be a site wide xmas thing anyway.
  14. Ohhhhh, but what about those persons who walk about wearing golfing jumpers and Rockport boots as if they have seriously scaled the heights of sartorial excellence!?! TBH I've never played the game, for the reason that i secretly fear i would quite like it, but then i'd have to get to know golfers and that my friends is a burnt bridge to far...
  15. You know why golf is called "golf"? Cos "shit" was already taken...
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