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  1. So he emailed me back this evening, he seemed genuine, obviously it's hard to get over the overwhelming negative reviews this guys got. But he said he could post tomorrow, as the reason he didn't today was because I ordered the wrong gas and advised me which one to buy. But if I still wanted he has no problem cancelling the order. When I replied explaining I wasn't happy at the reviews I would like to cancel, he was prompt and very understanding. Obviously I'm not going to argue with people's experiences as it may have saved me a lot of money. But from my experience, Mark was quite reason
  2. Oh for god sake....... I ordered with him last night stupidly. Few hours after I realised he never asked for a UKARA which smelt fishy so I done some digging.... by digging, google finished off my search bar for me 'special airsoft supplies con artist'... Order totally 165, in the pending stage of paypal which means i cant open a case until its completed apparently. Any advice for a moron like myself to get my dollar back?!
  3. May as well carry this on! Case: Corsair 780T CPU: 4790k Motherboard: MSI Gaming 7 PSU: EVGA SuperNova 850 GPU: 980ti (soon to be 1080 or 1080ti) RAM: 16gb gskill HD: 6tb HDD 1tb SSD (total) Peripherals Mouse: Logitech G502 spectrum Keyboard: Corsair K70 Mouse mat: Bog standard ebay job Monitor: Acer 1440p 144hz 27"
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