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    G&P M4
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    Generic Multicam Opscore & AVS wannabe oper8or
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    Just moved to Glasgow - open to suggestions!
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  1. Two tampons are walking down the street. Which one of them says hello to you first? Neither, they're both stuck up c**ts!
  2. I think it's a tricky one. Ideally, once shot you'd drop it at your feet and then the ensuing 'friendly fire' would be observed. Realistically, I can't see that happening. Having had Pyro go off right at my feet before it wasn't pleasant. I think the best solution would be to lob it in a safe direction away from friendlies and the opposite team - but that requires A) a safe direction with no players present and B) the presence of mind to do so quickly whilst you're probably still sucking your teeth at being hit in the knuckles or something
  3. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Tokyo Marui P226 W/ 3 Mags & Blackhawk holster. As seen, original packaging for holster is available. No box for the P226. I bought this secondhand and have not skirmished it so cannot attest to the performance. As far as I can tell, functions as it should Price includes Parcel Force 48hr and Paypal fees.


  4. What's green and smells like pork? Kermit's finger 🐸
  5. My 'Close enough if you squint and turn your head a little from a distance' TM MWS based l119a1 TM MWS base Unknown brand CAR-15 stock from Ebay secondhand. Guarder Buttpad. Airsoft Artisan Flash hider and suppressor. Begadi DIS Spare barrel and frontsight chopped by Jim at LCs Engineering outpost. Have kept the originals should I ever wish to change it all back. USGI 'silent sling' Also a big thanks to AlphaBear for talking me out of selling this last year!
  6. Blue Force gear Ten speed magazine pouches 1 x double pistol magazine pouch 1 x triple m4 mag pouch 1 x single m4 mag pouch
  7. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Tokyo Marui M1911A1 Government model with 2 magazines. Price includes Parcel Force 48hr & Paypal fees.


  8. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Originally an ASG Mk1 which was sent to the now defunct "SkunkWorks" to be modified into a 'Hush Puppy' type pistol. "Suppressor" has a small dent in it the top, and the inner barrel has been hacksawed down as shown. Wood Grips were also made by SW. Includes the velcro patch. Price includes Parcel Force 48hr & Paypal fees.


  9. Mags are back in stock at Patrolbase guys. £44.99 a pop, so I've just picked up an extra one. Wish I'd of been patient enough, I ordered 5 from Rainbow8 the other day. Could have saved some dosh!
  10. 5 x TM MWS Magazines 1 x TM MWS 14.5 Inch barrel (Being machined down and re-threaded to 10 inches) 1 x TM MWS A-Frame Front sight (Having it's bayonet lug removed) 1 x CAR 15 Style stock. No prizes for guessing what my next build is... 😆
  11. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Tokyo Marui MWS with One magazine. Bought second hand on the forum “as new” and having had less than 100rds fired through it. I have fired zero bbs through it since owning - have only handled, cocked and de cocked. Not looking for any swaps.


    - GB

  12. I see your thicc boii and raise you a multi purpose scope / rounders bat. 😂
  13. Been a while since I posted any kit... My "Greenside" kit, messing around in the house: My CQB Kit - Photos from the night before my last game at "The Depot" on the 4th August 2019. Took the M12 Holster off in the end. Have since acquired a real MICH 2000, a PACA, MBSS and Warbelt.
  14. Been a good while since I've been on here properly... How's everyone keeping? Any old pals still around?

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    2. AK47frizzle
    3. AirsoftTed


      Hey Rogerborg - Username rings a bell! Maybe from trawling through the forums whilst I've been inactive :) I'll be sitting the games out for a while yet till everything dies downs. Track and Trace have asked me to self isolate after visiting a restaurant so now I'm back to being extra cautious. Sods law I stay in the house since March and Only go shopping once a week... First time out thats me "at risk".

      Hey Frizzle! Glad to see you finally managed to get your hands on some RIFs! 

    4. AK47frizzle


      ahah i'm actually making one and starting a business with it soon  : > Discord is way more active atm. I can send you a link to one if you want (not the afuk one... because that's a bit dead not gonna lie)

  15. A Tokyo Marui MWS... Dipping my toe into the world of GBBR!
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