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  1. I has arrived a bit later than expected, as expected the quality is great, now yo go buy more pouches and holsters.
  2. So I have also received an email telling me mine is on it's way,, I ordered mine on black Friday.
  3. I figured he could be busy, I've only heard good things about his gear.
  4. I was hoping it was just me, this could be bad news for us if more people respond.
  5. Did anyone here buy anything from FRV Tailoring on black Friday? have you received it yet? He doesn't seem to responding messages and I still haven't received my order from him.
  6. cyrexx

    Warrior assault systems Plate Carrier

    Hi, What size is it?
  7. cyrexx

    Low Profile Belts

    I'm looking for a very low profile belt to hold my pants up, I normally wear a Riggers Belt, but i'm finding when wearing battle belts (I use a HGSI Suregrip Belt) by the end of the day I can feel the rigger belt starting to dig in. I'm looking for something comfortable enough to wear under the battle belt. The closet thing I've found it the LBX Fast Belt.
  8. cyrexx

    Radio Issue (or not?)

    Sounds like they have ctcss or dcs set on them.
  9. cyrexx

    Airsoft in manchester??

    Thanks for the info, I'll check them out.
  10. cyrexx

    Airsoft in manchester??

    I did have a look at that, but I have usually found it to contain lots of outdated information.
  11. So I've been out of the loop for about 6 months as I've moved to Manchester and got a new job, so it's time to get back into action, what are good sites in the Manchester area to go?
  12. cyrexx

    Gaming PC..... Where to buy?

    They lowest they do is about £550, it's more that they systems they make are great especially the mid to high range stuff but you could probably find the similar spec PC cheaper somewhere else.
  13. cyrexx

    Gaming PC..... Where to buy?

    If moneys not an issue overclockers.
  14. The Socom Gear x Gemtech Oasis is back in production, I'll be able to get my hands on one now with out paying stupid money

    1. cropzy


      To say how much faster it is for the price point it's insane.

    2. Bloodless2010


      They have a RPi 3 already? 2 hasn't been out for that long.. or have I been day dreaming?

    3. GiantKiwi


      All that extra power is pointless until they replace the memory controller, $30 android devices have better RAM allocation than that.