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  1. Thanks guys, I've put gun oil over it now and it looks a lot better than previously. Now I need to fix the damn lower handguard wobble 😤
  2. I recently picked up a Bolt AKS 74u from airsoftworld and after 3 days I've taken a closer look at this and seen this? Is this rust, bad steel quality or just something else random because I literally haven't an idea. Thanks for any help too.
  3. I'm having problems with my new JG G608 G36V. I'll wind up the magazine, insert it into the rifle and begin firing. Around 5 - 10 shots on full auto or 10 odd shots on semi - auto the BBs stop leaving the gun. I find that winding the magazine again allows BBs to fire? I have no idea if this is standard or that something could be wrong with my rifle. I am new to airsoft so it probably is normal xD Cheers,
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