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  1. Decent, Lozart. Yourself?
  2. Yeah it was a CO2 converted sniper, I think the last thing I did to it was install a maple leaf rubber into it... But that was months (a *year* ) ago, haven’t played since. Because my brother who used to take me ha sounds been busy with work, and his house, so haven’t really been able to play. Will probably have to sell all my guns and equipment, or just sit on it and wait for my brother to have some free time 😕
  3. haven’t been on in a while, been on a bit of a break. Hows Airsoft doing as a sport?
  4. Gunman Tuddenham still running?

  5. Reason why I don't want to dive into holding multiple items in stock is because I don't want to invest heavily in a shop when it's meant for something that is just a small side thing. so drop shipping is my only way that would be economically safe. Otherwise, it's just selling different things.
  6. Yes, looks like you haven't been on here for too long, but I'm 15 years of age. A shop will most likely happen, just got to rethink drop shipping and what I've got to bring to the table. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will my shop be built in a day.
  7. you've missed one of the major points. this is not going to pay my wage, I don't even have a wage. It's not designed to pay my wage, I don't even need a wage! It was just something that would be slightly cool and could maybe make a few pounds. but as for the rest, you're completely right.
  8. It's crazy how a Chinese item can be put up for so much more for simply just being branded. Nurprol for example, £14 for a lower mesh guard. And all they did was stick their brand on it. which got me thinking, to add value on to something, you can paint/brand something. all things to consider. I could just stock the items, or find a different place to buy from. Easily enough.
  9. Being 15 doesn't give me an excuse for anything, correct. So why do you use it in your arguements? And I'm hardly wasting people's time... People can reply to my thread if they want to, and if they do I thank them for taking the effort. And I might actually create a shop, as it won't really cost me anything... So it's not like I won't bother because it's risky. Responding to a thread in a forum isn't a gruelling, sweating and breath taking task is it. If anything you've wasted your own time.. The thread was actually going fine, and then you realized that 'Mos' has made activity on the online forum and saw this as a chance to funnel all your anger and rage into it. Consequently de-railing the thread. I know pretty much exactly how Drop Shipping works, it's actually quite a simple process. Infact, incredibly simple process which I have managed to pick up quite easily. But that's beside the point, you make another invalid claim in order to make me seem silly.
  10. If those delivery times were down to 10 days or so, we'd be in business. And I'd be rolling. Holding stock I would say is too risky because I have no credibility and am not associated with any website and am not advertised - basically I probably wouldn't make enough sales.
  11. wuhay. thanks for the constant stream of intelligent replies you seem to never stop giving! Getting mad at 15 year olds seems to be a bit of a hobby at the moment...
  12. Hi Williamson, Thanks for the reply, I agree, drop shipping is fantastic, it simply takes out the holding stock aspect of selling stuff. Thats cool that you're setting up a drop shipping system, I can imagine having a full time shop where you sell a lot of things, you'd have to be very automated which I imagine is quite difficult. Because this wouldn't be a major business/shop advertising wouldn't really be invested into much if any at all.. And where I'd actually have a selling point would be another thing, I imagine if I got in touch with the forum devs/mods I could set something up or ask. or create a website to sell stuff on, or even use eBay - despite the percentage it takes. The main problem I'm having is, the place I've found to actually buy the items is in China, and because they're wholesale related shipping times are '20-40' days, and using those delivery times in my sales won't attract many people. So I'll have to think of something else, which I have sort of though about, although is a little trickier. Thanks for the help, I'm sure if I'm in need of crucial information, I'll ask a few questions. But thanks for the useful words.
  13. Quite the opposite. On a basic level I could start a shop with £20
  14. Its from China. But yes, 20-40 days is a huge selling point. If I was to buy that, and Ho,d it as stock and then sell from there. It'd work, but I don't want to do that. What you described as a middle man is basically what every online shop does. Just that they probably hold items as stock and then ship them to you. Many companies do this drop shipping method, and you've probably bought an item through a shop that uses drop shipping anyways. I do have another method, which will cut down the shipping times drastically. Most likely cutting down shipping times to a week. But it will definately be harder to actually find the items to sell. But delivery/shipping times would be cut down from 40-50 days to about a week.
  15. Only downside is, there's like a 20-40 day shipping time. had a quick search, and saw on Amazon the lowest price for one of those lower face mask made from wire mesh and material (the half and half ones) was £11.98. I can pick the exact same one up for £8. I've also just found one of those wire mesh masks selling on Amazon for £9-£12. Can get the exact same one for £2 whether people want to save a fiver but have to wait 20-40 days, I don't know. but the opportunity is definately there.
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