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  1. The only time you read Blackstones is during your phase 2, after that it's just an expensive coaster. 😂
  2. You can say No, it is your right under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 to not say anything... Hence the first part of the caution " You DO NOT have to say ANYTHING". However it depends what did they stop you for, was it under PACE did they explain what powers they were using? To be safe and legal they MUST explain what powers they are using to stop you, question you or search you. Since the risk from Intl terrorism is severe in the UK at present : https://www.mi5.gov.uk/threat-levels Just remember that unlike some of the videos on youtube, if the officers have RGTS(Reasonable grounds to suspect) that you may have committed an offence, they are within the rights to arrest you. I would strongly advise you against looking at pictures of RIFs on public transport, especially in the present security environment. However being polite goes a long way and if you have done nothing wrong then just comply with the request of the officers and remember your rights under law: https://www.gov.uk/police-powers-to-stop-and-search-your-rights
  3. I am not angry, I am expressing my perplexity when people who shoot plastic pellets for fun try to compare things with the real deal. Either way all views are subjective. Wise man once said 'Opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one'
  4. Why so angry about what others wish to do with their money. Oh at BTW, calling an air soft PC "Body Armor" is just NO! It's make believe, none of the on market PCs or vests are NIJ rated!
  5. That right there is not just unsafe, it is very illegal under S139 of the Criminal Justice Act.
  6. I'm sorry, whenever I see that I am reminded of Monty Python. :D.
  7. Why are people debating what the Met buy for operational counter-terrorism officers, versus what airsoft players buy to pose at their local site? Met CT command seeks consultation and guidance from SAS and the police have a 'NATIONAL' uniform account. It's not like the chief con deputizes someone to go visit cadetkitstore to buy Gucci kit!
  8. How is service 'insignificant'? Pray tell?
  9. TRMR, please don't make the mistake of using airsoft Innovation burst xl, wasted money on two of their grenades both developed faults due to cheap construction: Grenade 1: Burst XL - The push on E-Clip which secured the firing mechanism failed after the 10th deployment. Grenade 2: O-Ring popped out, repaired, still works but prone to prematurely leaking every now and then. Airsoft Innovations even admitted that what happened to Grenade 1 was a manufacturing fault:
  10. I have no right to comment on what people chose to wear or look like when playing a game that involves expensive toy guns that shoot plastic pellets. But I agree that people should not pretend to be something they are not, i.e. lying about military experience or wearing patches/qualification badges they have not earn't etc. Why someone would want to spend £15 to buy and eat greasy MRE's ie beyond me, especially when TESCO do a deal on x2 Grenade Protein bars for the price of 1. But hey, ho. Their money, their choice! I take serious exception with his description of recipients of the T.A. medal! What a Supercilious wanker!
  11. Normal ATO wear the same trousers issued to response bobbies, some wear or are issued the bloused dog handler trousers. CTSFO's are issued with Arc’teryx trousers and shirts in Wolf Grey.
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