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  1. Drakelow Tunnels near you are regularly used by more than 1 (I think) Airsoft company for games. I can imagine expanding from indoor CQB to a more mixed or outdoor site might be appealing for an established local provider perhaps. Let me know if you need more details.
  2. I've been tempted to do a Montreal Police inspired loadout, but I think I lack the flare to do it justice.
  3. Just to update this review a year on, and the site is going from strength to strength, and the quality has remained of a level the site organisers should be proud of. This weekend I was at their annual Apocalypse themed game, and the energy and resources that go into it are just fantastic, especially given they charge the same as a normal skirmish day (£25). The price alone remains sector leading (in the region) as far as I am concerned, with most in the area charging £30. At Frontier, you get a cheaper day, a much better player to Marshall ratio, and generally a lot more thought and effort goes into designing unique and novel games (which is crucial to keeping the site fresh). They have done a lot to update the site over the last year, including tidying up the safe zone a bit, building new structures on the field and opened the car park up a bit to accommodate vehicles more easily (this is a MAJOR improvement in my eyes - and I hope they keep it this way). As mentioned in my earlier review, the Airsoft side of the site is clearly the dominant one and that shows now even more than before, so if it is still used for Paintballing, you can barely tell. It is clearly configured with Airsoft at the core so the distance and placement of barricades, cover etc suit our style of play far better than most duel use venues, which really helps the quality of play. Regardless of your style of play, in close duel wielding pistols, standard AEG, Sniper, Support etc - there is something for you. The day itself was a continuous game all day, including over lunch, with various ways of scoring points. The main one was to collect gas from 3 points on the map using some toys they provide and returning it to the town banker. Other side quests and missions were available throughout the day and could still attract big points. Other options to score included novel things like rewards for art work, finding 'loot' scattered about the site and haggling for a good price at the town junker, specific sub missions such as intel gathering, search and recover, standard attack/defend type mini-games on the sites neighboring disused golf course (which Frontier legally use), through to a single combat pit complete with LARP weapons. This meant there was a lot of great choice as to how to spend the day, and how you could contribute to your team. The Frontier site is significantly modified for the day, for example with the safezone in-play and turned into a Township. This consists of far more than just them popping a laminated bit of A4 above a bench saying 'Saloon' - they really made an effort - including constructing the prison (which actually had a hidden key on a skeleton needed as part of a quest). And the staff all got into it with extremely impressive costuming, very much looking the apocalypse part. And I'm not just talking about a ripped shirt - once pictures are available I'll pop some in, but most are something any cosplayer at Comic-Con could be proud of. To me, that speaks to the commitment they all have to the event and the experience. Hit taking is generally good at Frontier anyway, but on this day I think it was excellent. I can't recall seeing a single issue, nor did I hear anybody else grumble about it. Frontier and Bill (the site owner) could easily charge a lot more for this annual event and people would still pay it. Other sites certainly would. But he doesn't... That he and his team go to the lengths they do for no extra money says a lot to me about their approach to the sport, and their players, and I think they should be commended accordingly. In short, I would highly recommend this site to any players new to the sport, or seasoned players looking for high quality. I've been going there on and off 4 years now and I have no plans to stop.
  4. Yeah ask the site first. I was talking to a site manager a few months ago about this and he came to the conclusion he'd prevent German WW2 uniforms for standard days. The site already had some PR issues with locals and after one game day, FB pics with an ocean of MTP broken up by a dude who stood out for his WW2 German dress... He knew external parties wouldn't understand, or even care, if Nazi/SS insignia was worn or not, the guy was making a statement that could be used against the site.
  5. I like games that make use of their woodland setting and scale but as above, suitable numbers are key. There's one mode I like where a fixed objective releases something over time - a set amount of liquid every 15 mins or whatever, which you have to obtain. Over a larger site it can give players choices (especially if there is more than 1 of these) on whether to attack, defend, strike routes between the objective and the enemy base or whatever, and can be a bit more dynamic than standard BF/Conquest type games.
  6. Howdy. Frontier Airsoft (Penkridge) - Highly Recommended. West Midlands Airsoft (Stoke X2, plus Birmingham and a new one coming in a decommissioned nuclear power station - no joke) - Highly Recommended. Hilton Park Airsoft (run by the JD Airsoft people) - Recommended, but JD is not what it once was. Fireball Airsoft (By Bassett's Pole) - It's there as an option but I cannot recommend. 10 years ago I took a vow I would never go back after I found them (the Fireball site team and player Marshalls) to be low dirty cheats. Ace Airsoft (Cosford - they are also running the Airsoft at Swynnerton MOD site as part of the annual Paintball big game in May) - Never played with. All do UKARA as far as I know.
  7. Yes it is. The thread is titled "Is Airsoft getting..." When you look at the way prices for Airsoft have increased some reflection and a 'back in my day' are quite acceptable thank you. I've just looked and a days Paintball for own gunners at the site I used to attend is £65 which gets you 2000 balls, game fee and air refills. That is exactly the same as it was when I stopped. The Airsoft games that run on this site now charge £30 per day, and £9 for ammo. While still cheaper than a days Paintball, they are now approaching double what it was when I started. I reflect on this, bobbies being on the beat, pothole free roads and wonder... And Airsoft has indeed tried to be cheaper than Paintball. The folks running Fireball Squadron as well as players in attendance there, and at Hilton Park said as much to me my first few games. Plus, JD Airsoft (or part of Airsoft Armoury as it was then) used this as a pitch when I got my first toys. Maybe they were the only 3 places in the whole wide world who peddled such notions then, but I bet you 1 X Bic ballpoint that they weren't. And then there's the fact that UKAPU, First and Only's and Airborne Airsoft are 3 websites that still cite airsoft's being cheaper than paintball as a selling point - I bet you a further 1 X Bic ballpoint these aren't the only ones still doing it either.
  8. I think that is is getting more expensive. I switched from Paintball to Airsoft some 10+ years ago, in no small part due to cost. At the time, I was paying £5 game fee (£20 annual membership fee), + £60 for a case of paint = £65. I had 1 marker, a Tippman A-5 which would never ever ever play up/break. Gas refils were free. Maybe new lenses for googles every year or so. When I started airsofting, i thought after initial costs, I'd be paying £17 for a skirmish, and £6 for 6000 rounds of Blaster = £23 which appealed and hooked me. Now, I pay £30 a skirmish, and £8-£12.99(!) for the same 6000 rounds of ammo = maybe £43 a day. But I also have to buy a new gun every few years at least, a backup for when it breaks - repairs and parts when it does so, a side arm, magazines for them all, new batteries every now and then etc etc. Airsoft presents itself as cheaper than Paintball but in actuality, I think it's a far more complex picture. * Yes yes - buy ammo in bulk, don't buy crap guns. But shhh, I'm making a point.
  9. Some possible inspiration for you here and here. My main recommendation, go for a loadout that is still practical for Airsoft purposes, not just stuff that would be practical in a post-apoc setting. I once tried using some old 58 pattern webbing as part of such a loadout. When time to reload came, I struggled with them. My gas mask tube also got in the way when switching between primary and secondary weapons. So while you might want something that looks awesome, don't lose sight of function over form.
  10. Respectfully, I would pay this price as it seems fair but I would only pay it again if the team who run it prove themselves capable of delivering a quality days Airsoft. However impeccable their credentials in other regards, that is all that would matter. I have attended sites run for a long time by former forces personel or sites with armed response police as part of the Marshal team - and I stopped going (in-part) because they were crap at running it.
  11. I found myself biting my tongue at Sundays game. I was faced with 3 players, all with more expensive guns than me (and more of them) - on their 3rd game ever, including Sniper rifles as their alternative primary. They were nice enough lads no doubt about it, but I decided 3 things: 1. They need to learn the old fashioned way. Unless it's a safety thing, I let them learn through experience. 1B. Anything else would just be a stranger bursting their bubbles, being Captain Negative and telling them what not to do - and who likes to pay £25 for a day of that? 2. This must be the 70th pack of 'just about to get UKARA' guys I've come across in the last year or two. How many of the others do I still see at my site... Very few. So I'm not wasting energy trying to guide greenhorns through the ins and outs of kit anymore. So... You'd rather buy 4 BFGs than a single speedloader for your many pistol mags - whatever. You want to buy £70+ suede desert boots for use on waterlogged woodland sites - whatever. You want to buy a scope that cost more than my monthly gas/electricity bill and then carry it around in a rucksack with a hole the size of my head in it - whatever. Maybe I'm just getting to be a grumpy old man.
  12. I wear expensive gloves and use them to point the rentals where they need to be advancing in front of me so I can move up - therefor I am better than most.
  13. This exists. Sensor fabric has been around for years - DARPA and the MoD have spent a fortune developing it to name but a few. I don't think it's cost effective for Airsoft manufacturers to adapt it to our needs, even after it gets cheaper, and nobody else would care enough to do it as necessary I don't think. Plus, I wager most sites and the purist 'But Airsoft is a sport of honesty' types would fight such things.
  14. I'm bored so did this, but I think it's fair to say at this stage it's a bit light on detail and specifics, and I'm far too dubious about it to have left my email there... Good luck though, I guess.
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