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  1. Thanks @Tommikka for that link. I've been looking for some unusual sized o rings and these guys have them.
  2. Don't spam the trigger. Always fully depress it.
  3. I have had 3 forever AEGs so far, now I'm on my second forever boltie. 🤷‍♂️
  4. Oooh, these just came out. Steel-wood goodies for pennies. https://gunfire.com/en/parameters/specna-arms-edge-tm-j-series-18572.html?fbclid=IwAR1XNFzFjP3X6ErEsNF3EjhDdgVRW31n5QM9NaXzJbr2G5WD18ftd6FSrt8
  5. First try: it indeed fully seals between the two O rings, even just by pushing it in by hand. There is an air cushion of about 6-7mm. This would break the piston or the gear on the second shot. I removed the small O ring and there is a noticeable resistance when pushing it in by hand and covering the nozzle, but that didn't make much difference to the impact sound. The gearbox cycles fine like that though. I'll check with smaller O rings that won't seal perfectly.
  6. It has arrived. It looks super well made. Let me find a gearbox to put it into.
  7. TM: was it unused for a long time? Change the O ring on the piston and the hopup rubber. JG: 1: make sure you pull the trigger all the way every time and use a good battery. 3: checkup, clean and relube
  8. Conical piston head (silencioso) might be one problem. Try with the original in it. The silencioso doesn't silenciose anyway. A sorbo pad does much better job, but that takes away some volume that you would need for such long barrel.
  9. That AK is a solid choice. 7.4V lipo is fine and enough for it.
  10. Maybe the wires are reversed? Some RC batteries / guns have that.
  11. I think that AK is the pot metal one which in time will break if handled rough. Namely the block that holds the barrel and the part that holds the stock.
  12. I've signed up too. It looks like fun.
  13. F It needs a new cylinder. Don't use it like this, you will probably fuck up the receiver too.
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