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  1. Just don't be the n+1th generic airsofter with cameras.
  2. At least half the players have no idea what's happening or what they should be doing. 5-10% are not even aware of the most basic rules or even safety. If there is a slight chance they can screw up the designed gameplay, they will. If you don't explicitly tell them about a rule that's usually true everywhere, there will be some who assume they can do it. ie.: breaking windows, climbing roofs, trees if you don't tell them not to. You'll need to rebalance the teams during the day. You'll need to be able to lend some equipment if you want to keep them in play. Don't assume any teamplay or communication between players unless you give them the means. You think the team knows something but they are individuals and can't plan as a group. Chrono needs at least 2 ppl for one chrono, 3 for 2 chronos. It's cool to see if players are having a good time.
  3. I very much don't like speedsoft, but have no problem with them. And I must agree with the guy. If you are not good enough then it shouldn't be about restricting the ones who are. It's the same with sniping which I'm much interested in. I've spent years trying to be better and I spend quite a few hours a week to improve my gear and knowledge. The work I put in makes me a more effective player than the one who just turns up. Same with speedsofters. They are more fit, faster, have better reflexes and better aim than others, that's why they are better. Should we play one hand tied behind our backs to be on the same level as the weakest player on site? No, definitely not. But the casual players or who are just starting to put in the work should enjoy the game too, no doubt about that. IMO the sites should do their best to make games that are enjoyable for all levels of players. They should make games that have hard and easy objectives and spread the players' levels between the teams evenly. They should make an objective where the speedsofters have their fun, an objective where we can be sneaky sneaky and normal ones for normal people. It's not easy to set this up and judge the playerbase on the day to adjust to the numbers present, but this is what they are paid for.
  4. I'll have to change my motto from "It's never the gun!" to "It's never the gun except when it's a Novritsch one."
  5. In an average AEG cutting one coil reduces the fps by 15-20 in my experience. Plus the flattening of the end also practically removes a coil. You'll be around 300fps I think.
  6. I came here to comment to use soft nub but Wo1f was faster. Use a very soft nub.
  7. That was either a very good guess or you also clicked "order it printed". That came up with $65.52 which is £53. 😮
  8. @iozjik Oh, it's you. I've been looking at those on thingie for long and I must say, they are fantastic. Great job.
  9. The bucking might protrude a bit too much into the BB feed tube. Can you drop in a BB if it's upside down and the nozzle is all the way back or does it need a push to drop all the way down?
  10. OK, let's do this. The charger looks like a B6AC in a different box (WTF? I just saw the price). Anyway, let's do the basics. 9.6V or 1.2V per cell for a NiMh battery is the nominal voltage, meaning it stays at 1.2V for most of the time when being used. However, fully charged is 1.5V per cell, in your case 12V. It is considered to be discharged at 1V/cell (8V for yours). This doesn't cause problems, the gun is designed to take it if it came with that battery. Other types of batteries have the same, but the voltage values are different. The smart charger detects a voltage drop when the battery is full, it won't overcharge it. You don't need to worry about the charging voltage. The charging current of 0.05A looks way way too low. I guess you meant 0.5A or it would take days to charge it. 0.5A is still low, you can do 1-1.5A with that 1600mAh battery.
  11. No. I meant regardless of weight. If you have a high powered sniper rifle, it still shoots best around 300-320fps measured with heavy BBs in my experience. If your gun shoots 285, then get it fixed / upgraded by someone who actually knows how to.
  12. Heavier the better until a point where the gun can't apply enough hopup to it. As a rule of thumb: the FPS should be around 300-320, that's the sweet spot. Heavier BBs have lower fps in the same gun, but lighter BBs slow down in air much quicker. This results that heavier BBs get to the target quicker, are way more accurate and fly further. In a field legal AEG 0.25-0.28g BBs work the best. BBs affect accuracy and effective range of the gun more than anything else so it is imperative to buy the best quality available if not looking for the spray and pray play style.
  13. One of my favourites has now been reopened by RIFT and now it's called Redcon-2. It's near Oxford / Abingdon. Nice big ranges and plenty of ways to sneak around.
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