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  1. Samurai

    JG Bar-10 G-Spec custom build diary

    Gspec is better. Barrel length just adds difficulty, nothing else. No, it's not more accurate and doesn't shoot further.
  2. Samurai

    Bucking recommendation

    There is zero need for flat or R hop or even a maple leaf bucking for 0.25. These won't make your gun more accurate. These allow the gun to hop heavier BBs than it can hop now. Heavy BBs make your gun more accurate.
  3. Samurai

    Greetings from Malahide.ie

    Welcome. I would have thought you don't just throw a loaded mp7 in your boot, unsecured if you are police. Wow. Get a TM, or KJW 1911 though. WE is bad.
  4. Samurai

    Starting DMR

    Since it's your first aeg, get a red dot instead. You will be outgunned because you won't be able to line them up in your sights by the time they already shot you. Speaking from experience here. The guys are right here with the barrel length. Doesn't add accuracy even if installed correctly and if you don't adjust the cylinder volume to it, it will actually decrease both fps and accuracy.
  5. Samurai

    TM MK23 Socom - Mini red dot

    I have a very similar one that works fine. That has some markings on the side, so different make. Indeed, it's a gamble.
  6. It was too late even before the deadline, or it is just low priority because we don't have it migrated either. The admins just sit on their big fat paychecks, cocktails in hand on a sunny beach somewhere.
  7. Samurai

    Trying not to destroy my gun

    Don't bother with it, there's absolutely no difference between 330 and 355. If it doesn't shoot properly, then it's something else. M110 can get the fps around 400 in a good gun. As for the fps/range physics. A good, 300fps MK23 shoots 60m accurately and can make aimed shots at 80+. This can not be said for an average AEG with 350-400 fps. There are many many things affecting usable range more than the fps.
  8. Samurai


    40 Mikes are not allowed on many sites. Co2 ones are for countries where you can't use blanks.
  9. Samurai

    A Farewell To BBs

    Turn the gun upside down for the mag change.
  10. Samurai

    Starting DMR

    395fps on 0.20. Have you chronoed it with heavy BBs too? Gas guns joule creep a lot. Power is not giving you range. But if both guns have the same quality hopup then higher power allows you to use heavier BBs, and that gives the useful range.
  11. Samurai

    Off spec lower reciever or off spec V2 gearbox?

    Different make lower won't fit the upper 99%.
  12. Samurai

    Airsoft tournaments and competitions

    It doesn't hurt more and aren't more injuries than with 350. Maybe it's psychological. Like when people do contact sports sparring, like kickboxing with or without shinguards and headguards. With protective gear people hit harder but without it, they are way more careful so it's actually hurts less when not wearing protection.
  13. Samurai

    Airsoft tournaments and competitions

    It's not any worse than with 350.
  14. Samurai

    This NUT is STUCK

    If you do get it apart, you should probably replace anything rubber in there because those don't like WD40. Good luck with it.