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  1. The bottom of the motor cage is what preventing it from turning around (and the grip too). If it is lower and sits in its place, it won't be able to do it.
  2. It's too high. Shim the bevel gear lower so the motor can sit further back.
  3. My experience: 340 FPS on 0.20, with correct heavy weight BBs, reliably hits around where you aim (not lobbing): 50m good, 60m great.
  4. The best one as per my experience is my Striker. No, you can't have it.
  5. Dear Matt, It's not too much to ask for. Sincerely, Raymond Holt
  6. Is the battery that old too? Mosfets don't like low voltages. They burn. However, I don't know how exactly and how that affects the fuse. My non educated guess is that the low voltage doesn't open the mosfet enough, resulting a kind of short circuit, which then blows the fuse. TLDR: try with a good, fresh battery.
  7. I never understood printing 100%.
  8. 70m sure, 80 is rare. He's saying 70-80, which means max 70. VSR rubber won't fit an AEG. I guess he means the maple leaf AEG rubbers, which are the same colours and names as the vsr rubbers. But if it's s-hopped then it doesn't matter.
  9. At such a site I could play one game with my purpose built sub 350 sniper rifle and it immediately confused the players. The next game it was MED for any boltie. Which is weird since a dmr m4 with MED vs a normal m4 is somehow perfetly acceptable...
  10. In Hungary, my country of origin, they have 400 fps on normal stuff 500 fps DMR, 20m MED, single shot 600 fps boltie, 20m MED The engagements aren't any different than here, just everything happen about 5 meters farther. The game culture is very different. Sites are much bigger, it's always working in squads with objectives, almost always there's a side commander coordinating the squads, there are dedicated medics and most importantly at least 6 hours game days with no breaks.
  11. But mandatory chrono wouldn't stop you doing this either.
  12. Bush here. Move. It's very hard to hit a moving target at range. Use cover even if you don't see a threat. Communicate. If someone was hit then - after respawn - tell people about it. See someone get hit? Don't go and stand at the exact same spot. When you do know where the sniper is: tell others, then move quickly from cover to cover, not straight towards him and move within MED while laying down cover fire. It's not like in computer games where the sniper is far away with a nice clear view of the whole field. We are most likely in a position where we can sometimes spot a part of someone, we are laying in an awkward position, goggles fogging up because of the hot ghillie, or not seeing much because of the mesh goggles, struggling with the gun - it never works as we want - calculating wind, range, and always hitting that single blade of grass that throws off the BB. Well within the range of an average AEG too.
  13. Weaker gas? 144a might work if you get this power with green gas.
  14. 3/4 cylinder is fine. No need to overthink it.
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