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  1. The problem is with going to work. I don't see how the arm holds the tensioner in place. Maybe it slipped too forward. Or back. I'm just guessing here. I just read on FB that ares is copying its design and soon releases their own dual bore. Hopefully cheaper.
  2. I've just upgraded mine. It's beautiful. Don't do airbreak in a striker unless it's an edgi bigger volume cylinder. The normal size doesn't have enough volume for it.
  3. A real good hop arm is gunsmithy's. It uses an SRS nub or similar. I have one and can't complain. I also have an E S custom works piston, which is really well made even though it could be a bit heavier to be perfect.
  4. Careful, we will be playing laser tag instead of airsoft at this rate. Maybe not even that. Laser melts snowflakes.
  5. No one would watch average joe's average airsoft games. Youtubers create controversial content on purpose. Look at this thread, we are talking about a video, that's exactly what they are going for. They are not like that in real life, the audience, you form them to what you want to see. So I think it's not the youtubers who influence the players to be like that, it's the other way around. Mustang moves crosshairs to the head, chooses titles and thumbnails that can be triggering, etc because that's what people want. Even the ones hating him. He's very good at creating good content from normal game days.
  6. Oh, I hate those with passion. They get sticky and bundle up and are very unpleasant to touch after some use. Jack Pyke tough camo tape is what works for me. I had the Chinese cheap and thin version too and they are shit.
  7. Two months ago full thrust was the future. Are we there yet?
  8. I'm a senior web dev. I saw the site maps come and die. I don't think it can work like that but I wish best of luck for it.
  9. It's the maintenance of the data that's about impossible. The collecting of it is just very very hard.
  10. The dilemma: if you save them from injury you hurt their feelings by reminding them of being forgetful / their eye gets shot. Don't be afraid to hurt their feelings, you are doing the right thing by shouting eye pro to get them safe as soon as possible. If there is a firefight around then throw yourself in his face too as Tommikka said.
  11. There is a significant difference between an original TM or god forbid JG M4 and an Evo, SRS, or even a G&G polymer body. Definitely a selling point.
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