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  1. Bio BB is made of PLA. It is decomposed by the bacteria in the ground. In normal situations it takes over 100 years to decompose it. In recycling centers they keep it on 60C and feed bacteria to it, and it decomposes in 6 months. In that bottle it will decompose in 1000+ years. Still much better than non bio, which is ABS. Also, PLA is made of corn or tapioca starch while ABS is made from oil.
  2. Well, it helps on the battery side. The C rating is how many Amperes the battery can supply. Capacity times C rating. So an 1000mAh 20C battery can do 20A, which should be enough for an AEP. Low C rating results not enough current, thus a voltage drop which results low rate of fire.
  3. Yes, you need a piston too. Mine became useless in two games. Yes, less force will be needed when cocking. 45 degree trigger with strong spring is pressing the piston against the cylinder.
  4. You have to get a new cylinder set. The original one is completely useless. 😕
  5. They won't fit. I don't think I've ever seen a drop in gearbox unless it's the same brand as the body. Even then it might not fit. Of course almost everything can be modded so be ready to get the dremel out.
  6. Both geoffs and longbow are BLS. https://www.taiwangun.com/en/pellets/0,bls They have them on sale sometimes.
  7. Samurai

    TM M14 v7 gears

    If that happened the wiring was shit before changing to mosfet and changing that plus as Iceni said, removing the load from the trigger part of it sped it up.
  8. Not really. The bottleneck is the battery. Switch to a 2 cell lipo, but not to a small one. So 1000+ mAh and/or high C rates.
  9. As said before, long contact hop buckings need bigger nubs on the hop arms too. And the bucking hardness is given for fps on the weight you use, not fps measured on 0.20g, and if you play in cold areas, go one lower even.
  10. I would say a gunsmithy hop arm is very nice with a tdc. It applies the pressure directly downwards - not that it matters too much but sometimes every little bit helps. A Flamingo or the new Modify hop rubber to go with it. I don't like the AA chamber at all and the Maple leaf rubbers are a hit or miss nowadays.
  11. It is very hard to get 100m even with a bolt action when we are talking about a range when you can mostly anticipate it to hit a person and at the max field legal energy measured on the weight used. 70m for a dmr is more realistic, 90 for an upgraded boltie.
  12. This group might be able to help you too: https://www.facebook.com/groups/955717561134035/
  13. NBB is a good idea, or split slide, but that still would need to be custom made. Plus not only the slide is long, but the frame too. You and the customer will have to make big compromises. (Make sure the customer knows the price. For ambitious custom requests the customer is usually surprised that a full day of my work and materials costs more than £15.)
  14. The piston sear is worn or the other sear is bent. Does it still has the original spring? Most probably not but the original trigger box is not able to work with a strong spring. You will need a 90 degrees system eventually if you plan to use it above 400 fps.
  15. Borrow one before buying. For me it's highly uncomfortable.
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