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  1. Samurai

    SRS sniper rifle?

    And the price.
  2. Samurai

    Converting to G-Spec

    There is a better solution now. Stock chamber with a Gunsmithy hop arm and TDC. It's very very good.
  3. When I moved here, I two toned one of my guns by painting a spare stock and foregrip bright green, thus making 51% bright green. I played the needed games with it to get my site membership / ukara, and used that to get the rest of the guns - posted by relatives.
  4. Samurai

    Converting to G-Spec

    I run my gspec with 400mm barrel and find that quite ideal.
  5. Samurai

    Does anyone train?

    Weird that people ridicule the average clueless airsofter but also ridicule training in the same post. If you see you could use training to play the game the way you wish you could then by all means do. I used to do target practice in the garden, like shooting from different positions, moving while firing, reloads, switching to secondary, etc. And with my team we did training days, even found proper instructors to teach us stuff because we aimed to be better than the average airsofter. There is nothing wrong to play airsoft as a form of socializing with a hint of sport here and there but also nothing wrong with it if you want to play it the other way around, more action, enjoying that your skills are better than the average and less about socializing. TL;DR: if you feel you need skills, you can build them with training
  6. Samurai

    Selling rifs and the VCR Act.

    1. Ask for defence 2. Believe it 3. Cross your fingers
  7. Samurai

    @Sitting Duck.

    Make sure you charge the phone for the response.
  8. Samurai

    Rushers / Speedsofters

    I absolutely hate when people rush in, trying to get one hit before they are hit out, respawn, repeat. It's too paintball-y for me. I play trying to stay alive, slice corners properly, use suppressive fire and outsmart the opposition. Having said that, it's not against the rules and we are all different, so go for it.
  9. Samurai


    It's never the gun. Edit: I'll put this in my signature.
  10. Samurai

    Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    It's a dress up thing.
  11. Samurai

    Continuous Auto Fire...

    If it has a fet, then that's dead.
  12. Samurai

    BBs won’t feed

    What Skara said.
  13. Samurai

    Obtaining small V3 G36 gearbox parts

    http://cop9gun.com/ is probably the best place for that stuff
  14. Samurai

    Running a team

    UK skirmishes are not suitable for squads. Where I come from, the games are always squad based (or CQB but I don't play CQB) and when a squad member bleeds out, the whole squad goes to respawn, so it's always in one group. We did training days where we practised movement in patrol and under fire, etc. We had training days where we invited an instructor who we learned real firearm tactics from, and training days where one of us prepared and taught a specific topic to the rest of us. But as I said, the UK is not suitable for this because skirmish.