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  1. The G36 hop unit is fine, you will not see better performace with the airosftpro one except maybe some incompatibility issues. The newer JG g36s have special spring guides that allow you to adjust the fps with a turn of a screw. I'd go for a somewhat shorter barrel. Around 430mm should be the best. The rest is okay. Just for safety, don't choose metal piston head and cylinder head. Less stress with high performance plastic there. +Big 7,4V lipo. No need for 11.1 with high torque motor.
  2. No. The nozzle probably moves enough, but it looks weird for the untrained eye. Turn the gun upside down, without a mag, drop a BB in the feeding tube and fire it still upside down. Then tell us what happened.
  3. Chronoing an AEG with 0.45+ can result negative joule creep, so the ones using 0.2 or even 0.23-25 might be hot. And those are many more than ppl being hot with their heavy BBs when chronoing with light. 0.32 or 0.36 would be the middle ground, that's what I'm campaigning for.
  4. Depends on your style. If you go full auto, shooting in the general direction of the opponent, then adjust as the BBs fly, then you don't even need sights. But that means the first 5-10 BBs won't hit. I play single shots only when playing with the AEG. Red dot is zeroed and using a red dot is much faster and more natural for me to aim than iron sights.
  5. Try different mags and BBs.
  6. I like to go light on resources, so wouldn't introduce a bunch of onclicks and hidden overflow fields. I'd cap the character limit to enough for 1 or 2 rows, with ellipsis if there's more text and have the full fields on the profile.
  7. I agree that there is a huge and unnecessary increase of people with bolt action rifles and I blame the youtubers for it. They romanticise sniping. I don't agree with saying we snipers don't take our hits. It's the same as with people with any gun. Many don't take hits that the shooter thinks is a hit, nothing special about snipers there.
  8. B&T is probably Classic Army. Go for a 7.4V lipo and you don't need a mosfet.
  9. This is not the forum to spread hate. This is a place to build the community.
  10. Round is red normally. There was one brand many years ago who put them on as on your photo, but the standard in airsoft is red is the round one. Switch to deans or XT60.
  11. The KJW Mk1 or 2 (or ruger mk1 or 2) can be quiet but can't be accurate. There is no alternative to the MK23 unfortunately.
  12. Good to see you @Sitting Duck. Best of luck with the crap.
  13. I don't remember seeing one like that in it.
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