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  1. Post history

    Wait, isn't this his full time job? Then where does all the moneyz go that I'm paying?
  2. cheaters (rant)

    I like when the gun hits count. In airsoft a single twig can actually protect you, so I'm okay with making it a little easier to get hit.
  3. Tokyo Marui M4 (old af)

    If you change this body to one that doesn't have these tabs you'll need to change the hopup too to a one piece (normal) one. JG made their plastic ones as an exact copy to Marui many years ago. Breaks even easier.
  4. Feeding issues

    The bucking is needed to hold the BB in place until the gun fire and keeps the rest of the BBs from feeding into barrel all at once. That is achieved by a slight resistance when the BB passes the lip of the bucking. If you drop a BB into the chamber and it just rolls into the bucking, then replace the bucking.
  5. Battery to powerful?

    It can deliver that much. Won't if the motor doesn't need it. The original battery can deliver about 25 Amps and the new one can do 250 Amps. I doubt 25A was enough for the motor so probably a significant voltage drop occurred. That won't happen with the new one. It will have higher ROF. Feeding issues, or overspin is likely.
  6. Initial Changes to the Forums and Moderation Team

    Yeah, please allow a few minutes maybe an hour of editing. I use that a lot.
  7. BB subscription service

    No no. It was BBs. You could get 1 person sized box, team sized, etc. Here is a great idea. If you post it in a cardboard box, make sure you paint a target on it. Many people use cardboard boxes for fun shooting. They will also use up a lot of BBs by shooting at it.
  8. DE M89 (UMP) Upgrade recommendations needed!

    no need. Won't be more accurate but you will need to change the cylinder to keep the same performace. Get a good inner barrel the same length as the one now. Don't throw too much money at it. It's an OK gun, but it's still a DE. Take it apart, clean up fully, replace the bushings if they are plastic, reshim, relube. Get a good hopup bucking. Put a high torque motor in it and a 7.4 lipo with high C rating for the trigger response. Weak point is the hopup adjusting. I don't know if there are aftermarket hopups for it. Use at least 0.25 or 0.28g BBs.
  9. BB subscription service

    There was already something like this about 2 years ago maybe. Wasn't a big success. IMO if you sell these the same price as ordering ourselves, you might get a couple of subscription, but most likely not enough to make it worthwhile.
  10. New Forum Layout

    While you are at it can you please make the link icon not so similar to the unread topics icon? Cheers
  11. WeaponCrates is officially gone

    Airsoft nation interviewed that guy who made weaponcrates https://www.facebook.com/airsoftnation/videos/2102604969756098/
  12. Paranoid?

    Cool. They got us worried for a second.
  13. That's also suspicious. I have some photos with my kids, some funny stuff, star wars trailers, safe things. Nothing links me to those serial killings...
  14. I don't put anything airsoft on my FB page.
  15. Galaxy MP5K trigger not returning consistently

    Sounds like something is too tight around the cutoff lever/trigger area. It's a Galaxy so it would benefit greatly from a clean up and reshim. Check where it might stick. Probably the cutoff and trigger trolley because it's only happening when it actually shoots = the cutoff moves. Yes, the long trigger pull is a feature. The v3 box has the trigger's axis way higher than the v2 but the mp5 body needs the trigger to be lower, so it's very long.