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  1. Does it work good? I was looking at them but it looks like it is wobbling around with the gun in it.
  2. 75 is way too hard IMO. 70 was too hard for my VSR. 60 is sweet.
  3. Welcome. The gun is fully VSR-10 compatible, so the most upgradeable rifle ever. You can go very expensive or expensive with the upgrades if you actually want to do sniping. If you just trying it then do the DIY mods: https://www.airsoftsniperforum.com/41-vsr-rifles/10635-ultimate-guide-your-vsr-10-a.html The order of upgrading is IMO: hopup arm to a Gunsmithy one Maple leaf 60 bucking Crazy jet barrel 90 degree trigger with piston, spring guide and spring A cylinder maybe. I'm still using the original in mine and works just fine and it's been at least 6 years.
  4. That's also hard. Most of the times I've made stuff for requests without taking the money first, they disappeared once it was done. One man businesses have high risk. For me, some unforeseen life changing things affected the business, I had to shut down for a while and it was very hard to come back. I agree, communication is key, and both parties take higher risks than dealing with a company.
  5. I've been sniping for a while. You don't go for headshots but still hit the head most of the time when it happens. Youtubers edit the crosshair to be at the impact to seem more accurate and create controversial content to generate views. Don't believe what's on the internetz. Using joule creep to go above the limits is bad practice IMO and I frown upon it, but if the rule says they chrono with 0.2 then that's the rule, you can't ban someone because of JC - which this argument was about. By all means, update the rule, JC is not a new thing anymore.
  6. Why would they ban him, if the rules said that you chrono with 0.20g? If the rules said joules on the weight you play, and he still did that, then that's cheating. Otherwise it's just bad rules, but it's not cheating. Plus, we are playing airsoft so headshots are expected. You crying about it and calling him names, that's really bad in my opinion. How is this even acceptable? Context: I play in shooting glasses. Just today I got shot in the eyebrow from 1m, and blood was dripping. I didn't want to ban headshots. I shaked the guy's hand because it was a good shot.
  7. So what did you use?
  8. I got something printed on thingiverse because it was really cheap. Upload your model as private and you can get quotes. The quality was what I was paying for, but they did the job done.
  9. Don't cheat because you'll be filmed, and don't throw a hissy fit when you are shot, it'll be embarrassing on youtube. 🎣
  10. If I were you, I'd wait until I get it, take it apart, do the DIY mods as usual and check how it performs. Then upgrade what's needed. If the hopup is for example compatible with the VSR, I'd get a Gunsmithy hop arm and a maple leaf bucking.
  11. The description to the hopup you linked says: Fit AEG barrels. Fit AEG HopUp bucking. But I'm not sure the hopup fits your gun. It's for the cyma 702.
  12. Acetone vapor works only on ABS. The part will be shiny, but will loose the sharp edges too. Home 3d printers will have the lines. The part above is rough looking because it's either laser sintered, which means a laser hardens the product in nylon powder thus the final result will be porous looking but it's one of the best available 3d tech, or printed on a normal FDM printer and has some manual finishing. The resin printers Immortal mentioned are also high resolution ones but typically have small build volume. 3d printed parts, unless done on very very expensive machines are not as nice as injection molded parts, but you don't have to buy the mold for thousands of pounds and get hundreds or thousands of the same product made and sold to be worth making it.
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