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  1. Don't do this. I've bought one and it indeed seals perfectly, meaning the piston head stops way before the impact, because the front O ring traps the air. The next cycle will destroy your piston or gears. Remove the small O ring and it might work as an airbreak. I don't like sorbo, it's still not very quiet. The way I tested materials for this is that I got a hammer out and hit it on a workbench. Just a small hit with the hammer from around 20cm high. Not forceful. That's about the force and impact area of a piston. The one that absorbed the impact the best was some very dense
  2. Are you cursed with the pistols? 🤕 Nope
  3. As a rule of thumb: no two different brands of airsoft parts are completely compatible. You would enter a world of pain.
  4. You don't actually need a new hop rubber or whatnot, unless you got a lemon. It can shoot 70m nicely with the factory ones. The nozzle does stay in the rubber until it hits the thing that holds the springs, that's how it is supposed to work. It needs to stay in the barrel and on the mag until the bolt (or whatever that's cycling) is back enough. Then the spring pulls it back, once out of the barrel, so it can load the next BB.
  5. I could never unfold those lugs when I tried. I guess some special tool is required.
  6. Plus, if you choose a not so up to the task FET, it's worse to use lower capacity/voltage/C rating lipos, than higher ones. If the voltage drops under load close to the FET's opening voltage, it will easily burn.
  7. @E21A You seem to be on the opposite side of this argument than the others here. Have you stepped on an M14 lately?
  8. With lipos and not in the winter I multiply it with 1.5.
  9. The site had a talk with the guy, but no ban, because he sad it was not intentional.
  10. Actionhobbies motor clearout. I ordered one because why not and I got a blue bottom Chinese one, which is one of the best high torque motors available. So I ordered 3 more and 2 of those are blue bottom ones, one is a normal Chinese motor. http://www.actionhobbies.co.uk/Standard-AEG-Replacement-Motor-Without-Pinion-Long_A227A7.aspx?nh=281823
  11. I've ordered mine in February and got it in July from wgc. Covid and postage problems.
  12. They say a 2mm rubber is enough. Mine is bigger and made from a harder rubber thing.
  13. I have one. Played on an event with it once, so far I like it very much. Some parts of it are made of cheese. The screws for example and only after less than 100 rounds there was the big dent on the thing the hammer hits. Gluing a small rubber there is a must. Mine shoots very nice with the stock parts after a cleanup. Easy 70m torso hits on the test range. My Hi-capa couldn't reach it, only 65m. I'm trying to make it quieter with various methods. It's in progress.
  14. About every youtuber who is at least a bit "famous" got one for reviewing. They are just advertising channels for Nov and similar companies.
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