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  1. I prefer a soft holster that protects the gun. I lay on it or crawl sometimes. Also, it's closer to the body.
  2. https://cop9gun.com/ecop9/en/22-jinggong-spares?SubmitCurrency=1&id_currency=1&q=Primarily+designed+for-AEG--AUG
  3. If you are shooting heavy balls, you'll need the softest rubber you can find and if you can put something soft between the bucking and the hop arm, that helps too. 1J gun would need 50 hardness bucking even with 0.2g bbs. Heavier ones would like it even softer.
  4. Fuck. Now you've ruined it for me.
  5. There's two large screws, looking from the top, that you must undo. The whole upper part separates and there is where the battery goes.
  6. It's not worth investing in it. Do the DIY mods and enjoy some mediocre sniping with it. It's APS2 compatible, but with some crucial proprietary parts, like the cylinder, trigger unit, mags.
  7. The armband can give away a sniper's position, but if that's the rule then everyone must stick to it. It makes our task harder, but not impossible. If the rules are too much to follow then don't play in ghillie or don't play there at all. Automatic HPA ghillie players should be burned with fire though.
  8. Before the last update there was no dialogue box. I preferred that. (And before that update there was one and before that there wasn't, so it's always changing.)
  9. Forget the AA unit, You'll get better results with a proper hop arm. Cheap scope is a fixed 4x40 one. I used mine for years and I got it for £6 new. Now I'm using the same brand 6x40 that costed £12. They have better picture than any variable scope I tried, including expensive ones. I'd agree with @Skara about sniping is not (much) harder but very different, but he said leaf suits are shit so he is my enemy now. Success is measured with different metrics in sniping. If you count the kills then it's "harder" to snipe than AEGing. Different mindset, different goals.
  10. It's an unfair move. But. In real life people do pretend to be dead and surprise the enemy. So much in fact that in the armies (not UK) they are taught to shoot seemingly dead people when they are clearing a building.
  11. It's still on there. Just clean the surfaces with alcohol and use some nice superglue, like loctite.
  12. Oh no, the confirmation popup for Mark forum as read is back.
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