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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi everyone, for sale is my JG Sig 552 - electric blowback version comes with 5 mid-cap magazines and stubby foregrip. Handguard and both upper and lower receiver are metal; original plastic recievers are included. reason for sale; I prefer my Evo or my LMG. £110 including postage 07947195742


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    For sale 2x Glock 18 extended magazine 1 leaks 1 gas tight believe them to KWA / KSC as they do NOT fit either of my WE glocks, my TM Glock 17 or my AAP-01 £25 for both inc postage


    - GB

  3. Time Left: 1 day and 23 hours

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    hi everyone; guarder MP5 swat handguard; recieved as part of a deal. £30 inc postage


  4. Time Left: 3 days and 21 hours

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    Hi Everyone. for sale today is my TM Sig P226 E2 stainless. it comes with 3 gas tight magazines, a laylax nineball Under mount base ( makes it a lot safer to mount torches.. it’s never fun when you draw your pistol from your holster and send your torch flying) Guarder grips; the benefit of these is that it allows for the use of a safety lanyard, an absolute must for woodland and outdoor game play. ( original grips also included) even comes with the original BBs. a great pistol, good range and accuracy, used it half a dozen times and even got a couple of kills. minimal wear and tear; just a few marks from where it’s been drawn from the holster. reason for sale; I favour my TM Hk45 tactical, TM Glock 17 or AAP-01 and need the money to fund the upcoming bill from Negative Airsoft for the work he’s going to be doing on my MC51. £130 including postage ( PF48hr) and PayPal fees RRP TM Sig £140 2x spare magazine £46 laylax under mount £37 Guarder grips £26 Total £249 saving £119 + postage from which ever shop you’d buy it from. if you’re looking for a new secondary that stands out from the crowd a bit then this is the perfect piece for you. other gear for sale ( some not currently advertised): JG Sig 552 ( metal body, metal ris handguard, electric blow back, 5 mid cap magazines) G&G M14 EBR KWA/ KSC extended Glock magazine x2 ASG Evo High cap magazine x2 Guarder MP5 Swat handguard boneyard ICS MP5 A5 sportline WE Glock 18 WE Glock 34 happy hunting. Matt 07947195742


  5. That’s a very good idea. thank you , never heard of it until now. Does look very nice and you’re right it is ambidextrous which suits my needs.
  6. Hi everyone. Ive been into airsoft for about 13 years now and finally think I’m ready to venture into the world of sniping; the question is which rifle should I get? Currently torn between a VSR style or an Ares striker. I know the vsr has a ridiculous amount of upgrade parts available which is a definite positive but should I get an actual TM VSR and upgrade that? a cheap replica and save some pennies instead of the real thing? should I buy an Action Army AAC 10 / 11? Compatible with everything VSR but look more cool Should I build one from the ground up? Maybe with an M40 style stock should I buy an ares striker AS-02 or even an AS-03 and run it alongside my Evo to cover all bases? Or maybe my LMG but that might just be overkill. temptation from an AS-02 is to build something like below. Or should I push the boat out and get an SRS? plot twist….. I’m left handed so it needs to be able to be converted. the VSR has proper conversion kits, there are Ares mods and the is left handed versions of the srs. Thanks in advance for all advice 2BBD8104-10A1-46CA-9D60-0DC0EB439616.webp
  7. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    price drop ( now £90 inc postage) For Sale TM M&P9 V-Custom 3 magazines ( 2 leak) pistol case ( not the case seen in photograph but can provide photos if you’re interested) £90 inc postage postage via PF48hr service


  8. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi everyone, for sale is my TM Glock 17 Micro Roni. fantastic bit of kit and is a definite head Turner. TM Glock 17; fully working. 3 standard magazines, 2 gas tight, 1 leaks £120 Guarder enhanced Recoil spring £5 Crazy jet barrel, Maple leaf hop unit £25 extended magazine ( gas tight) £25 CAA micro roni Kit £120 Purchase everything; £260 ( inc postage) RRP: TM Glock £135 2 standard magazines £52 extended magazine £36 recoil spring £13 Maple leaf hop + crazy jet £42.50 Roni kit £170 Total new £448.50 reason for sale; I used to attend a site which did GBB only nights but since moving house I only attend woodland sites and this is not suited to that style of gameplay. 07947195742


  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi everyone, for sale is my S&T M203 launcher, never been used. does NOT come with any 40mm. reason for sale; I don’t use it, I bought it for a Lone Survivor Danny Deitz style loadout but ended up converting my M4 to a DMR. £40 including postage ( PF48hr) 07947195742


  10. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    For Sale TM Night Warrior (1911) 3 magazines ( all gas tight) ( 2 standard, 1 extended) upgraded recoil spring pistol case left handed holster ( modified to reduce chances of it accidentally bumping the magazine release button) ( lower rail needs to be removed in order to use it but easily done) £130 (excluding postage and fees) postage via PF48hr service


  11. Matt.2504

    Umarex H8R

    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    For Sale umarex H8R CO2 powered revolver 5 wheel magazines ( 10 shots in each) hammer has been bobbed to assist in drawing from holster if collected can include 7 CO2 cartridges £50 ( excluding postage and fees) postage via PF48hr service


  12. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Right handed Multi-cam universal pistol holster good quality dual pistol magazine pouch ( coyote) £33 all in ( inc postage and fees)


    York - GB


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    Hi guys, im looking for some G&G M14 Magazines if anyone has any going spare? ideally mid-caps but will consider high cap or low cap cheers Matt.


    York - GB

  14. Thank you everyone for your responses. I’m glad it will take the aftermarket parts because I’m probably going to upgrade pretty much every part. I just don’t have the confidence to build one from scratch.
  15. Hi guys does anyone know if the Hi-kick government model is still compatible with all regular TM hi capa aftermarket parts? cheers Matt
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