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  1. 2-3 years ago I've played with a guy who was then 69.
  2. That butchered front grip. 😢
  3. What do you mean by "whining post cycle"? It's not a good idea running a normal AEG on 11.1V because it will burn the contacts on the trigger switch. Make a simple MOSFET circuit that protects it, then it should be fine. However if there are weird sounds when using it, there is probably something else is going on with the gun. High torque motor will only make it cycle faster and possibly double feeding, plus since it will draw much higher current, it will burn the switch much faster. All in all, if it is a backup gun, you might be better off with a 7.4V lipo and not modifying the gun itself.
  4. Don't worry. In the UK half the players would faint hearing the first blank shot and the next day youtube would be full of videos of "REAL STEEL GUN SHOT MADE MY EAR BLEED".
  5. For years you will perform the same with a good working £100 AEG and a good working £400 one. If all the skills and gear are sorted, that's when you will be able to use the quality difference, if at all. Ranges: reliably hitting targets at 50m is good for an AEG, 60m is very good. DMR-ing adds a few meters, +10 maybe. Tuned 500fps sniper rifles hit in the 70-90m range.
  6. Advanced topics: Heavier BBs will fly further than light ones if fired with the same energy. We are talking about normal BB weights and site legal energies. Heavier BBs fired from the same gun will have more energy than lighter ones if the gas volume is matching the barrel for the heavy one. BB fired with hop on will have way more energy than with hop off. In VSR style guns. Meaning there's so much more than simple ballistics affecting an airsoft gun that it looks like at first. It's a very very complex system. Tests and observations get us further than speculating on a subset of physics laws in effect.
  7. But ballistic calculators don't incorporate backspin, because real steel bullets don't do that. They can not give you anything remotely accurate results for airsoft. It affects range and trajectory for BBs more than anything else. This is ballistic: https://gfycat.com/calmmammothatlanticridleyturtle This is with backspin (Magnus effect) https://gfycat.com/greatvillainouslabradorretriever You are correct about weights, etc, but that's not the whole picture.
  8. Those seem to be some soft metal slugs. My guess is that it works like a bullet, and expands into the rifling. The more pressure it has behind it, the more it expands, creating more friction and slowing down the slug.
  9. Airsoft BBs have backspin that greatly affect the trajectory. Most of them at least. There's an indoor sniping thing in Japan where they have very precisely built rifles with no hopup to shoot coin sized targets in close, 10-20m ranges. No hopup because that makes them less accurate. Only my empirical evidence, but I will try to look it up, because I've read it somewhere first. And it changed my life.
  10. Bucking hardness is for the fps measured with the weight used. Not with what the fps would be with 0.20g.
  11. If you are using heavy BBs (which you should), use a hardness 50-60 houpup rubber. They are the best for about 330-350 fps which you should aim for. If you use light bbs (you shouldn't), so the fps is around 450, then use a hard rubber. So it is not x fps measured with 0.20g, but the actual fps you measure with the weight you use.
  12. You can sell the parts. Even if they make up a complete gun, because manufacturing a RIF is an offence when they want to assemble them. And that's on them, not on you.
  13. I had a few lipos go puffy because I stored them fully charged.
  14. Nice concept. The trigger guard looks very small though.
  15. There's Reforger at Watford that might be within range. Nice woodland site.
  16. The bottom of the motor cage is what preventing it from turning around (and the grip too). If it is lower and sits in its place, it won't be able to do it.
  17. It's too high. Shim the bevel gear lower so the motor can sit further back.
  18. My experience: 340 FPS on 0.20, with correct heavy weight BBs, reliably hits around where you aim (not lobbing): 50m good, 60m great.
  19. The best one as per my experience is my Striker. No, you can't have it.
  20. Dear Matt, It's not too much to ask for. Sincerely, Raymond Holt
  21. Is the battery that old too? Mosfets don't like low voltages. They burn. However, I don't know how exactly and how that affects the fuse. My non educated guess is that the low voltage doesn't open the mosfet enough, resulting a kind of short circuit, which then blows the fuse. TLDR: try with a good, fresh battery.
  22. I never understood printing 100%.
  23. 70m sure, 80 is rare. He's saying 70-80, which means max 70. VSR rubber won't fit an AEG. I guess he means the maple leaf AEG rubbers, which are the same colours and names as the vsr rubbers. But if it's s-hopped then it doesn't matter.
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